The words “I’m going to kick you in the face” have never sounded so sexy....

Typically "I'm going to kick you in the face" would be looked at more as a threat, but in the case of The Stone Foxes and their song "Patience" off the new album Bears & Bulls I feel like it should be viewed as more of a promise.
Easily one of the most brilliantly put together rock albums of 2010, it was recorded not in a studio but live over a period of shows until perfected with surprisingly little overdubs and a hell of a lot of live integrity. With serious rock'n'roll elements intertwined with slight southern/bluesy undertones and equipped with a totally badass attitude and the sincerity of the 70's, this album has the potential to be a "classic rock" hit for the next 30+ years by the same standards as Buffalo Springfield and The Band etc.
There's not a single song on the album that I dislike, even after the hundredth listen, and I feel like after hearing it my only goal leftover in life is to see this band live on stage.
The instruments are like wandering hands, the ones that you pretend to slap away the first couple of tries so that you don't seem too easy but it's clear that you want them to keep trying, and eventually you let their sweet caresses cover your entire body and stimulate you uncontrollably ... All the while the vocals are whispering sweet nothings in your ear, reciting every line in the book and it's so convincing that you fall for every single word without regret.
Check them out on their myspace, and get especially hooked on the song "Stomp" because it's the best thing I've heard in a really long time.

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