Awesome Music To Check Out!

Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves
(Why is ‘thieves’ suddenly in every band name?)
It’s the dude from Hot Water Music and The Draft with a new slower less threatening project that kicks just as much ass.
Now that I’ve heard it I don’t think I can live without it.

The Arteries
Hello wicked punk band, so pleased to have met you.
Sexy guitars pumping out not-so-expected melodies for those who love Dillinger Four/Pulley/The Vandals etc.

Less Than Jake
They put out this TV Theme Song EP which is actually pretty hilarious, includes Hungry Hungry Hippos, Animaniacs, ETC.
Viva la ska!

Bad Books
Gorgeous folky indie rock featuring Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra. Their self titled debut album comes out tomorrow.

Gram Rabbit
Electro Pop that you normally wouldn't hear me talking up but I can't get enough of this one... New album Miracles & Metaphors out TOMORROW!

Local H
Also have an album out tomorrow.... they're like if The Offspring decided to make indie rock music as opposed to punk rock music. "California Songs" is an awesome track.

The Philistines Jr
Tomorrow release as well... experimental pop music infused with heavy instrumentation... Loves it!

Ben Weaver
Yet another new release, definitely worth a listen. Love his voice.

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