Bomb The Music Industry! Covering Weezer... RANT!

I'm sorry but I need to go on a little rant. My roommate brought this up to me and said I should make a stink about it on here, and at first I didn't mind the idea a whole lot, actually thought it was pretty clever, but the more we talked about it… and after seeing the videos of it happening… I see why he was pissed and want to bitch about it a bit.
And no, I am not on my period. Fuck off.
Bomb The Music Industry! playing Weezer's Pinkerton and Blue Album for free as a big fuck you for Weezer's expensive tickets to see them playing it themselves. Apparently they think that nobody would want to pay to see the shell of who Weezer used to be or something lame like that…. despite that it's ACTUALLY WEEZER playing their OLD STUFF FOR REAL and no new bullshit… so despite what they put out now (which I don't like and recently gave up on the band because of) that doesn't mean they don't still rock the shit out of their old songs when they do play them. And those songs are diabolically good man. DIABOLICALLY.
So, yes tickets are expensive and yes Weezer "sold out" and probably make tons of money on these tours and shit, but come on, they ARE huge to be fair, they kind of do deserve this just based on these albums alone, and I would much much rather see them playing it than stinky old Bomb The Music Industry!
As much as I like them usually their covers were mediocre at best and the whole schtick was just a little too cocky and a blatant appeal for more undeserved attention. Like it's not like they're a good punk band or anything to justify covering Weezer, they are kind of lame in that regard and although the FREE aspect gets me interested I wouldn't care whatsoever to see this band cover songs they had nothing to do with and kind of ruin them.
It was a pretty great idea though on Bomb's part. GREEEEAT press stunt.

Bomb the Music Industry! - Buddy Holly from If You Make It on Vimeo.

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