Dada Thrash Collage?

So I woke up this Sunday morning at like 9:30/10am after a late show night and started my day off with an extra large coffee, and big can of Red Bull mixed with Spiced Rum. A couple of hits from my pipe and I was ready to start writing!
I'm kind of drunk, it's 1:36pm right now, and I am really getting a kick out of the fact that Dada Thrash Collage is next on my list to review in this state of mind.
It started off making me want to drink more with Scottish-like bagpipe sounding action but then it goes a little wonky and I actually started to feel way drunker than I actually am by listening to it.
It makes me want to either smoke or make myself a sandwich, I can't decide which one.
The title track, "Cool Waves_Bad Days" fits the name well with laid back surfer tones that remind me slightly of something the Black Lips would pull out, except much less rambunctious.
It's slightly artsy - no no no it's actually quite artsy - but for once I don't mind because it's not too shabbily done and still holds on to some sort of 'cool'... SHHH don't tell the hipsters I said that or they'll try to suck me into their fake glasses culture, and I need the lenses in my glasses to live!
Back to the album, which I have decided is totally BANANAS, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! "Fantastic Planet" is one of the most peculiar tracks, reminding me of some children's jungle beat for which the video probably would feature The Muppets tribal dancing around some faux jungle backdrop... and I'm imagining this all without the help of hallucinogens!
I'm not even sure how to describe DTC, perhaps psychedelic indie-art rock? Something that would be on the soundtrack if there was ever an American version of The Mighty Boosh created.
My new pet dragon, Bill Nye The Science Guy, does not like the music at all. He's chilling beside me just a'glarin at the speakers. Seems he's more of a hip hop/hardcore type, as he loves when I play The Roots and Comeback Kid. Weird, because since he's a bearded dragon I'd assume he'd be into the artsy hipster shit.
Well, Cool Waves_Bad Days passed in my books, even if it didn't grab Bill Nye's attention.
Check it out here!

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