The Fair Weathered FREE EP!

Alright, this is going to be short and sweet, since the EP only has 2 songs on it. They are The Fair Weathered, a threesome from Ohio pumping out high school emo rock that I probably would have fallen for ten years ago... or maybe ten months ago, who am I kidding. The writing isn't blow-me-away impressive but the music has a good flow to it that reminds me of a tired October Fall (minus piano) meets Fireworks blended with some Early November maybe, or any other band of that heavier emo rock era. Thankfully not electro, which is what every other band seems to be doing now with the genre, so I give them props for that point. The vocals have a certain distinction to them that at first I wasn't sure if I liked but am starting to find extremely endearing and unique. They really compliment the sound perfectly to be honest, let's just hope they don't change when the singer hits puberty!
Just kidding... although they do look super young.
Check them out at where you can also pick up these two songs for FREE!

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