Frantic is this Weeks word of the Day. Pee-Wee okay'd it.

If you like frantic, the word or the meaning or anything about it really, meet Darko.
It was very fitting when the band contacted me after reading the A Wilhelm Scream interview because they have the same Frantic sounding layered hardcore with killer attention-grabbing lead guitar driving each song to intense levels of awesome.
It's fast, it's Frantic and it's just fucking delicious.
At times melodic but without losing any of their balls, they remind me a lot of old (good) Thrice.... just with a much more badass approach to their music.
The end of "Yet We Breath" (breathe?) they throw in some gang vocals as the drums roll in and it's quite possibly my favourite point of the album, it's just tops, my heart skyrocket's through my chest when I hear it.
The 6 song EP is worth your attention without a doubt.
Grab it HERE:

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