Fuck The Princess Bride!

First off I'd like to know if Miracle Max got their name from The Princess Bride.
I don't know why everybody loves that movie so much to be honest… I fucking hate it.
I'm trying really hard not to let that affect my opinion of the band…*ahem*
With a name possibly from a movie like that you can probably tell already that they are pretty fucking emo.
Seattle pop punk accompanied by what sounds like effects that I used to come up with as a joke on the keyboard at work.
Aside from that bit their sound doesn't make me want to gag like most emo bands lately (I really hope I don't have any followers from back when I was into this kind of stuff haha) and I can understand why they've shared the stage with bands like The Ataris, Rufio, Broadway Calls, The Swellers and Fireworks (according to their myspace.)
The vocals are solid (secret word of the week!) and to me they sound like a younger, fresher 2010 version of New Found Glory who I definitely used to get an emo kick from back in high school.
There are certain breakdowns in most of the songs that come completely unexpected and are actually quite appealing to my asshole ears, knocking me off the fence onto the soft green grass of 'I like it' territory.
Now excuse me while I go listen to "Hit or Miss".

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