Israel Cannan-na na na na!

Mr. Israel Cannan, please Walk into my heart...
heh, get it?
Because Walk is his new album...
Walk into my heart...
Seriously, do it though.
That gorgeous voice will leave your arms wide open for him by the end of the album.
The rocky, slightly folky, slightly rootsy music feels like he's massaging you with his guitar and harmonica, working his way up your spine and over your shoulders while you listen to his calming voice.
He manages to keep it simple/not overdramatic and still get a good sense of emotion across... to be honest when I hit play I was busy multitasking about 5 things and not paying full attention to the song playing and without even realizing it I started to get all weepy-eyed over lyrics I had no idea I had even heard. I guess I was paying attention ....... WITH MY HEART.
It just goes to show you that less can be so much more sometimes.
Walk kind of reminds me of Snow Patrol or One Republic combined with the worldly aura of Jack Johnson. It has this earthy feel to it and every time I close my eyes I picture myself out in the middle of nature, far from any city lights.
WIth breathtaking melodies - some darker and some more uplifting - and hauntingly depressing background vocals to accompany them this album is perfect to smoke a joint, close your eyes and relax to.

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