Mookie & The Loyalists ... Remember Mookie Morris? (Canadian Idol Fans Only)

I didn't at first.
Not that I am an avid fan of Canadian Idol by any means but between my mom, roommates and commercials there would be at least a few faces I think I'd recognize.
Yet the name didn't ring a bell and when I checked out pictures of him and the Loyalists I thought he was white behind that Bieber disguise.
Upon closer inspection/stalking I realized that behind the hair was the super cute Asian boy who I definitely do remember from the 'ol CI.
(A friend of mine was absolutely in love with him actually)

... at least I am almost !00% sure he's Asian...
Those pictures are misleading! Try holding up the peace sign next time or something!
Let's just say not making it as 'the next Canadian Idol' was probably the best thing to happen to Mookie.
His self-titled EP is proof enough. Easily one of the most impressive albums that has EVER come out of Canadian/American Idol. Solid as The Hulk's boner from start to finish.
Listening to him sing it's quite clear that, while doing him a favour, the judges/country/whatever made a huge mistake voting him off. But then again, fate seems to be working it's magic here because I can't possibly imagine him singing anything better than he sings these songs of his own style.
First class rock n roll that even has some folk thrown in for good measures... on top of dance-inspired indie that sounds like Beck teamed up with either The Fratellis or the Strokes to take over Canadian Idol talent.
It's fucking awesome.
I actually have to forcefully stop myself from listening to the album, Fight Club stylez... and more than a few times it's distracted me from doing other reviews that should have been done first - GET IN LINE MOOKIE! - and the more I get to know the songs the harder it is to pry myself away from the Mookie 'Play' button.
I did not expect this at all from a guy named Mookie!
Check it out here!

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