Move Forward - The Cost Of Living

At first when the vocals hit I thought the singer might have down syndrome or something (I hope he doesn't actually, otherwise sorry for calling you out?) but after the song kicked in and the vocals picked up a bit they started sounding just like my favourite kind of raspy yelling, kind of talking, and every so often singing kind of vocals and I started falling for the band instantly.
They are Move Forward, a melodic hardcore punk band from Phoenix, AZ and I'm talking about their Cost of Living EP here, keep up will you!
They're right up my alley with their lumberjack coated punk rock similar to O Pioneers!!!, and if you're not convinced yet just listen to the title track off the EP because it's frantically awesome and will make you determined to hear more than just the 3 songs they provide you with.
Check them out on their myspace here.

Great cover!

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