None More Black - Icons... Fitting name for their new album.

Anything could have happened during their hiatus, the last few years have been hard on punk rock and even harder on the music industry in general. As much faith as I have in NMB I have to admit I was a little worried at what would come after their time off and the addition of Richard Minino on drums.
Both the band and Big Rich deserve a round of applause worthy of bruising your palms.
Icons is far from disappointing, in fact it barely sounds like they've changed at all and most definitely not for the worst.
I guess I should have known... Jason Shevchuk is a genius and has never let me down before, OF COURSE he didn't let me down this time!
Not to mention Philadelphia punk rock is where it's at. NMB once again represent the borderline-aggressive melodic sound that makes Philly punk bands number UNO in my books.
It's hard to believe that Icons is only the bands 3rd studio album based on the legacy they already hold in the scene even way up here in CanAda.
At least the legacy will live on!

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