Nooo Kitty, This Is My Suitcase! Mom, Kitty's Being A Dildo!

DAMMMN, this album is wack yo!
I mean I love it, but it's definitely wack........ yo.
I've been busting my brain for someone to compare This Is My Suitcase to for about 2 hours now and each time I rethink it and cross it off my notepad... and by cross it off my notepad I mean backspace it off my screen. The closest I can come is comparing them to the theatrical stylings of Krupke who I reviewed not too long ago. Thankfully I found this quote from an article I read about the band earlier today where Joe Camerlengos' described them best by saying "Well, it's like if the Muppets were the Flaming Lips and they were covering "Pet Sounds" and Ben Folds produced it and it was recorded in Hell."
Talk about dramatics! Each chorus to each song is epic in itself, and for some reason makes me think of an imploding penis... ?
Ouch? I couldn't tell you why that is... I don't think there's any way a penis could be happy about imploding but I totally meant that in a happy joyous imploding penis kind of way.
I have no idea what I'm talking about actually.
This album makes me happy.
It's filled with great instrumentation and background effects, and the lyrical content matches that of Conor Oberst after he's finally fallen into true love and stopped weeping, and then did some E. The way the vocals crack here and there actually really grinds my boner the right way.
It's all very quirky and cute, in the first song they have a chorus of 'meow's (purrrrrfect), in "Mean Fish" it sounds like somebody is hitting the bong in the background (that explains the album. you should probably hit the bong too to listen to it.) and so on and so on...A crazy journey through a dreamworld of magic, and although I started to get a little restless to just take it all home near the end of the album (despite smoking weed the whole time) I still ended up replaying "Rowboat" and a couple other songs immediately after it ended. So clearly I still wanted more.
Check them out here.

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