The Not-So-Unconventional-Dora Alexander EP

I was asked to review yet another Toronto artsy-indie rock band, Dora Alexander, and while doing my research I kept reading about how unconventional the band is...
And then I listened to the new EP, Travelers.
I don't really get where the 'unconventional' comes in... they just sound like a typical hipster band, and I hate hipsters.
I don't really hate this EP/band though. Conventional isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the EP just tends to blend in with all the other artsy bands of this sort that I've been asked to talk about lately. Nothing really stands out and I ended up skipping through most of the songs because they were too long, too boring, and too artsy. I just don't get it. Take the title track "Travelers" for example.. a whopping 7+ minutes with absolutely no excitement for the first 5. Unnecessary.
Also, isn't 'travelers' spelt 'travellers' ? Is this an artsy way to spell it? Are these the type of people who change their name from 'Devon' to 'Devyn' so that they look cooler?
Whatever, aside from the boring parts the EP is filled with stirring melodies and soothing vocals (sometimes taking on a Neil Young quality to them which is uber cool) that drive you through the album as if you're driving through subtle yet breathtaking scenery.
Don't let my hipster hate cloud your judgement of it... take a listen for yourself here.

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