Presenting: Carl Lorusso Jr from Toronto!

Close your eyes, visit no wait, the other way around... type in the site first THEN close your eyes before the page loads, DON'T LOOK AT THE PICTURE, and then with your eyes closed try to find the PLAY button with your mouse... no no no, that won't work, ummmm, how about go to the myspace and just DON'T LOOK AT THE PICTURE, and listen to the music, and then try to guess how old this dude is.
Are you still there? I didn't lose you did I?
Are you listening?
Now how old do you think he is?
30? 25?
Between 25-30 would probably be my guess. At least...
This goddamn kid is only 18 years old.

Which is crazy, unless he's like that "kid" off of Hannah Montana, Hannah's brother, who is a 16 year old teen who is played by a man well over 30. SERIOUSLY, I can't remember his name, but the brother... looks, acts, talks like he's actually 16-18 but is over 30 in real life.
Anyway, don't call them on Carl Lorusso (unless he is an old man playing a young man).
It's mighty impressive the music that he's making, both regardless of and because of his age.
It's fairly laid back bluesy acoustic rock and the final product makes Carl sound wise beyond his years.
It's charming singer/songwriter material that sounds like it's backed by a lot more experience than it probably is, although he seems to have experience with UNDERAGE DRINKING..... How are you Underage Drinking, other than ILLEGAL!?
Haha, kidding Carl, we all know you're actually 30.
I'm really looking forward to hearing more and coming out to see him in Toronto one night in the hopefully near future.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.