Walk Off The Earth... and into my pants?

Last night at Lee's Palace was brought to you by the jizz in Rune's pants, reggae music, and the number 2.
It was also 'brought' by Walk off the Earth. And they brought it hard (the jizz in the pants that is).
Every time I see them I ask myself why the fuck I don't listen to them on a regular basis, and every time I vow to but end up forgetting.
Not this time though, I swear!
I am listening to them as I type and not planning on stopping until I am sick of hearing it *cough*never*endcough* but as much as I'm loving their recordings right meow I am desperately wishing that I was watching them live still, because live they are just something else completely.
With one of the most ambitious stage shows that has been present every single time I've seen them so far, with -to probably quote myself from the last review at Warped Tour- KILLER choreography, tons of funny gimmicks, specials guests galore and elements from all over the ska/reggae/punk even folk and rock genres portraying a range of instruments throughout... excuse me while I jizz in my pants.
They started off with their brand new drummer getting a little showcasing time on stage before the rest of them came running in with Julian and Rene from The Johnstones accompanying them with their horns.
These guys work so well together, not to mention they can DANCE so well together! The choreography they throw into their performance just cracks me up at the same time as it makes me wonder how the hell they can pull it off and still flawlessly play their instruments. (Check out the video below for example)
And the little gimmicks they throw in on top of their dancing, like switching it up on drums with two of them banging away for a while, or 'helping' each other play guitar.. again two of them going at it together (I bet you they love DP).. it's all such good, clean fun!
And then the harmonica comes out
(and I jizzed in my pants)
Followed by the singer of Stalefish rocking out on vocals along with the harmonica
(and I jizzed in my pants)
After which they played a cover of The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" with some super badass drum beats that made me, yes, jizz in my pants again.
Their new drummer was super tight, and managed to staple himself to my memory after this cover especially.
My favourite moment of the night was definitely when they played "Julia" though. I'm not sure who it is that raps for them in this song, but he gets me every time and with the horns in place this song has every element that tickles my pink... Check out the video HERE!!!

Check out the rest of the pictures here!

All I have to say about the other bands is this... Two King Crown should be called Too Soon Crown for playing the still-new Cee Lo Green single "Fuck You". But doing it identical to the original except leaving out the N bomb even though it's part of the lyrics... how racist of them.

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