The Zolas are distracting!

I have turned into the worst procrastinator ever.
I have about 15+ reviews/interviews to do at this very moment... seems like EVERY time I pump 1 out I check my email only to field 3 more requests.... so this never-ending list of mine is only growing and I never make even a dent in it.
Yet here I am, trying to write a review of the new Bryan Ferry album and instead listening to The Zolas.
They are holding my attention hostage right now, so I figured maybe the ransom would be in the form of actually writing about them and being productive.
The album is Tic Toc Tic and I can't get enough of it.
And it's not even punk!
It's actually more piano (say no more) driven theatrical indie-rock featuring horns here and there.
No wonder I like it eh!
It's fantastic.
But don't listen to it when you have something to do... it's very distracting.
Especially listen to the songs "Marlaina Kamakaze". "Pyramid Scheme" and "You Better Watch Out"!

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