Procrastination .... and smelling. Part deux.

Procrastination is a bitch.
Unfortunately it's also one of my worst habits, one that usually occurs when I need to shower.
I hate showering.
Not the showering part as much as the drying off and "doing my hair" part.
FYI: Even the low maintenance gals need to do their hair sometimes.
And it's so fucking annoying.
I refuse to take longer than 20 minutes to get ready for anything. Any more time wasted on putting a face on or my hair up is precious time that could be spent getting my ass kicked at TMNT: Tournament Fighters... and I need to fucking conquer that game if it's the last thing I do.

It's bad enough to have to take more time than that to go out somewhere, but I only shower at night and the only place I'm going after is to bed... so having to spend 20+ goddamn minutes trying to tame the wild beast that is my hair is just irritating.
Ergo, in order to motivate myself to get in there and "get 'er done" (as it says on my boobs right now thanks to the Comeback Kid hoodie I'm wearing, ha) I usually create a really random playlist that will get me pumped.
The problem is I have too much fun building The-Shower-Playlist-To-End-All-Shower-Playlists and end up delaying the actual process by another few hours.
Ah, procrastination!
So I decided to share it with you so that at least I feel like I'm being SOMEWHAT productive.

1. The Vandals - Be A Good Robot (easily the best song ever made)
2. Regina Spektor - On The Radio
3. Basement Jaxx - Good Luck
4. Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
5. Spoon - They Never Got You (I will NEVER get sick of this song. I've tried, it's impossible.)
6. Gorillaz - Ghost Train
7. Summer People - Two Hearted River (love this band.)
8. The Zolas - You Better Watch Out
9. Pour Habit - Zion (might as well just fuck me now is what this song is sayin')
10. Outkast - BOB
11. Jackson 5 - The Love You Save
12. Men, Women & Children - Dance In My Blood
13. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg & Mark Ronson - Ooh Wee
14. Rhymefest, A. Hamilton & Mark Ronson - Bout To Get Ugly
15. Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (I like showers to involve dance parties...)
16. David Bowie - Modern Love (classic)
18. The Falcon - Unicorn Odyssey
19. Flobots - Combat
20. The Game & Eminem - We Ain't
BONUS: Keller Williams - Blatant Ripoff (just an instrumental but it makes me happy!)

I literally had to stop myself there because that's already ten times longer than my shower will last.

I'm Sarah. I am going to shower...... now.

**EDIT: I didn't shower end up showering. **

Tiny Tide - MoonTalKing

BLARG. The Paintbrush program I downloaded for free for my Mac is complete gobbledygook.
(noun, informal) a letter full of legal gobbledygook.
gibberish, claptrap, nonsense, rubbish, balderdash, blather, garbage; informal mumbo-jumbo, drivel, tripe, hogwash, baloney, bilge, bull, bunk, guff, eyewash, piffle, twaddle, poppycock, phooey, hooey.
Another good word to use here would be BALONEY.
Seriously it's nothing like Paint for normal damn computers, and it doesn't even let you cut out certain pictures to make other pictures.
I have an obsession with Paint for Windows. I could doodle for hours, and lately I've been really into drawing super shitty cartoons while I'm listening to albums. Since I'm about to review a band called Tiny Tide who are almost indescribable with words I decided to whip out my Bongzilla Old English Bong and bake-a-doodle!
The only problem is that this particular CD, MoonTalKing conjures up a lot of really weird and specific images in my head that I am just WAY too lazy to draw. Instead I had the brilliant idea of googling them all only to find out that I couldn't actually
a) cut them out in any shape but a damn box, and
b) couldn't reshape them when I pasted
This among many other irritating non-features that I won't go into.
So anyway, now I'm bake-a-doodle+d and have even less of an ability to describe what the fuck this band sounds like.
Fortunately I have all the pictures saved on my desktop and will just post them instead!
Unfortunately most of you won't have the slightest clue what planet I'm from after you scroll down.
Which is fine with me because frankly I have no idea what galaxy Tiny Tide is from even.
*For the record, I like it.*

That's where your head is at when you're listening to this.

The beats = pumping.

Totally admiring the questionable content.

This just seems to fit.
If for WHATEVER reason you didn't get where I was going with those totally descriptive pictures above, let's try a video instead.
They remind me fully of the clip with "The Beatles" in Walk Hard, LSD trip included. Watch this:

That doesn't help does it?
Well fuck it, I'm stumped.
Like, I'm totally into it though.
There's guitar solo type dealies, trippy fucking moments, times when you think that it's breaking apart into two totally different songs before it fuses back together into making some sense or at least having a direction to it... the instrumentation can be quite gorgeous and serene and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like but then can just as easily turn into this Bowie-fused-Beatles mayhem of ... magic? Or black magic..
But it's pretty wicked sounding black magic if you ask me, which you kind of are if you're reading this.
Listen to it your damn self.

I'm Sarah. I am boggled. But I like it.

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns - Demon Haunted World

SENT IN BY: William Gallagher
REVIEW: EP -- Demon Haunted World
by: Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Formerly Self Made Soul

One of the coolest things about the internet is this: not only is there really good music here, and lots of it, but you can also see what other people are listening to. Hearing new music is no longer a matter of being subjected to some Little Tin DJ whose uncle is a big record company exec, or whose mommy owns the radio station. You know, like the thousands of daily schleps who only play certain tunes over and over again, because the price is right and the FCC says so. Those days are going away finally, and we do hope its forever. Independent Music is here to stay, and that is a wonderful thing.
Yes, things are really shaping up here on the net, and I sometimes compare the world wide web to a favorite bay or lagoon, where I can go and fish and listen to music, and relax and listen to music, and occasionally visit and do commerce with others, all the while listening to good new music. I have a few places I regularly throw my digital fishing line, as I angle about for stimulating sounds, and these virtual lily pads or underwater structures where the good fish hang out are my favorite spots, places which usually produce something new and interesting, even exciting, and on occasion positively delightful.
One day recently I was fishing about over at Myspace, and one of my regular fellow-listeners added some stuff to his playlists. I pay attention when he does that, because he has turned me on to some really good things in the past. I checked out a couple of his recommendations and found one I kept close. The groups name is Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, and though it was somewhat a departure for me, I was into it immediately, and loving it all the more because of its newness. The band seems really young, and their listeners too, and though I am not of the age group, the cohesion of the sounds, the intricate beginnings, and bodies filling the void with orderly completeness and melodic meat, which finalized with near perfect closure...yeah, I am into all that, and became a fan immediately. I bought the bands EP "Demon Haunted World" and its been in my personal listening stream ever since. When those songs show up I smile.
Perhaps the best thing about Myspace is that you can actually contact many of the musicians with questions or kudos. I wrote to Randy, leader and spokes person of Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, and told him I would like to review the work. Randy is not just a very talented musician but a really cool guy, and smart too. He is being kept very busy with the response from Demon Haunted World, and also with a very tight schedule. I found what I needed in the several videos done by this band, and the BTATS blog at MySpace. What you are reading is a synopsis of that information, along with my personal take on it all. What a lucky reader you are, too.
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns began as a band called Self Made Soul, which, early in its existence, had experienced a rather fluid line-up except for the two founding members, who are Randy and Alex. These two young men had met during High School, and have been performing together ever since. Randy plays lead guitar for the band, and he does it with accomplishment and a confident attitude that is a joy to hear; and Alex plays bass guitar and sings. Alex' vocals are exceptionally good sounding, and were the main vocals until the band gained Angelika who calls herself Angel. It was discovered that Angelika has quite a talent for screaming vocals, which are a growing part of modern music, and she was therefore moved to the front, with Alex as secondary vocals. Angelikas voice is signature though not restricted to just really hard screaming output: her regular, ehhhhh...shall we say "Normal" voice is very good too. The final line-up of Brighter Than A Thousand Suns fell into place with Matt on drums, and together these four people make a nice, compact, and highly mobile engine of unique and powerful music. Yes, engine. Thats the best word for it, I think. En. Gine. Power. Full. Imagine a really large motor. Or, as the Japanese are known to say: Power Plant.
The bands original name, Self Made Soul, was derived from a work of literature by Ayn Rand. The change to Brighter Than A Thousand Suns came about just recently, and in my research I see that this term has been used in Music before. The band Killing Joke, a favorite of mine, produced a CD by that name, and the band Iron Maiden had a song by that name as well. The earliest reference I came across was a book entitled Brighter Than A Thousand Suns which was a personal history of the first Atomic Scientists, published in English in 1958. Be all that as it may, this band which hails from Connecticut USA has a sound that is at least as bright as a thousand suns, so the name is apt and truly descriptive.
The self admitted high points the band Brighter Than A Thousand Suns strives for are integrity, and honesty, and this shows in their lyrics: "Take this burning home, our blood runs hot, but our hearts are cold: These blackened skies and poison seas stain our souls, yet our hands are clean...This is our legacy? Money matters most, to buy us demons, to turn us into Gods, but if money mattered most, our bottom line should buy us hope; Instead we leave you all alone, to take this burden off our fragile bones, we hand down this mess, to the heirs of our indifference, we pass this torch with shame, for you to put out the flames...." From: The Inheritance.
The information is lucid and significant, and yes it is loud. Perhaps this is why this band has had real opposition to their music. The worst setback the band has suffered, not to mention the inevitable tour gruel and hardships on the road, was when they recently had their band trailer stolen; it was loaded with their equipment and gear, and its been extremely difficult for all of them in their attempt to get back to the point where they can make their music.
Not only are Brighter Than A Thousand Suns extra adept at what they do, and appealing in a big way, but their message is one of importance and strength. They have won several awards and musical competitions, and done a lot of hard work which really comes across in their audio demeanor, their bearing. They have not lost the ability to keep it going and they remain relatively unscathed in spite of sometimes diabolical turns in events. That is the sign of their true strength, their determination and basic ability to deal with whatever it takes in order to make their music. In one of the videos by Brighter Than A Thousand Suns it is illustrated graphically how a message of great importance came to them, in a very odd way. The way does not really matter. The message does:
"How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours."
Words To Live By.
Expect great things from this band. You will not be disappointed.

Go here:
To hear Demon Haunted World

Angelika: Screams, Clean Vocals
Alex: Bass, Clean Vocals
Matt: Drums
Randy: Guitars, Programming

Some videos:
Self Made Soul - Artist Of The Week

Self Made Soul Update March 2010 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

Walls Made Of Glass

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2


Review By Bill Gallagher

EP Disease, Digital Album by Blackcentr

SENT IN BY: William Gallagher
Genre Electronica Industrial IDM
The musician contacted me on Myspace with a friend request. I had finally gotten savvy concerning the music players there, so I went and listened. Surprise Surprise, what a nice surprise. I like what I heard: I like it a lot. I punched the friend button, and promptly bought the EP Disease. It was a great deal. I am listening to it now. If I had a tail, I would be wagging it. In fact, consider it done.
The bands name is Blackcentr, and the 5 songs on Disease are some of the better musix I have heard. The song "Down" seems to be everyones favorite, and it is mine too, though "Salvation" runs a very close second, with "Disease" a nearby third. The other songs on the EP are a remix of "Disease" by DYM, and a fourth called "Misanthrope". All these songs are kicky tricks, and my hats off to Blackcentr and what they have going on. Its rare, these really good sounds. You can hear it.
Blackcentre is Johnny Bonnett, and Ryan Layne, and they list their location as Orange County USA. Thats Los Angeles ya'll. Johnny is the music, and Ryan the vocals, according to the basic Myspace website information, but there is a lot of mix and match going on in the creation of these songs, brainstorming, as it is described by Johnny in a recent interview with Cyberangels of the Netherlands
The bottom line is that Blackcentr is a collaboration between these two men, and this is a collaboration of synergy, the total being greater than the sum of its parts. Johnnys mastery of his tools is nothing less than awesome, and Ryans voice is just about perfect for the music being made. From the sounds of things, both of these guys seem to be naturals at what they do, and that probably explains a lot right there. Blackcentr is any listeners good fortune -- check it out at -- you will see.
Not too much has been said about the bands previous experience in music. Johnny started his own project after a concert where he saw KMFDM and Combichrist performing. After a few false starts he found Ryan by advertising his need for a vocalist on Craigs list.
Sometimes, Light Happens. Yes, Thankfully, Light Happens.
Blackcentr is working on new music as this is being written, and they are also planning some roadwork, though a tour schedule has not been decided on yet. For anyone who is lucky enough to hear this new good music, that can only mean one thing: get tickets. Blackcentr has also joined forces with Sigsaly Transmissions, a tight label and decent, experienced group, who may facilitate growth for this band and its musical gift.
This band has had some decent acquaintance with the industrial scene so far, decent meaning not always pretty, but definitely meaningful. Blackcentr's last singer, the one before Ryan, had a big problem with ego, and quite frankly, he blew his chance at something good. If Johnny and Ryan can avoid that pitfall of pitfalls, the ego thing, then survive the road, along with the straight-up malice derived from the petty and not-so-petty jealousy of peers and business rivals, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

By My Assessment, They Already Are.

Disease, EP
released 08 July 2010
Music: Johnny Bonnett
Vocals: Ryan Layne

Review by Bill Gallagher

Aesthetic Perfection

SENT IN BY: William Gallagher
It is not a comment on society. 
It is not a forum for philosophy. 
It is not your new voice. 
It is not a revolution.
Without form, without ego or intention,
Aesthetic Perfection is music without a cause. Influences are combined, songs composed.
Audio is recorded, edited, arranged and mixed. 
Music designed without purpose.

Daniel Graves.....Aesthetic Perfection

Far be it from me, as a listener and reviewer, to nay say the above. I am not even going to say But. Yet. Though I am going right now to look up the word confrontational. Ah here it is. I am confrontational too, I see. I think I am slightly less confrontational than I used to be though. Thats probably because I am a lot older than I used to be. OK. I will just deal with it, and be glad thats out of the way.
I have listened to a lot of crap in my life, though most times I am not so forthcoming about it. I do not want to ever foil, discourage, or Gott verbieten, even kill art. No, I would never do that. But the effort is sometimes a lot. A Lot. Its just my little cross to bear, here in this funny place where I exist, whose entrance was a vagina, of all things. I doubt if I will leave here in as good a position as when I came in, either. Too. Whatever.
Reiterating: I will never ever knowingly knock anything that even resembles art, and besides, there are many really fine artists @ Earth, its just that I listen to the really good ones so much I burn out on them. I am in the process of doing that now, with the music of Aesthetic Perfection, who is Daniel Graves, and who reminds me, as a talent, of Trent Reznor. Mostly because he is one guy, and only uses other talents live. Understand this too: when I first listened to Nine Inch Nails, it was very very different music. When I bought Reznors Pretty Hate Machine all those years ago it was a total gamble. I liked the name of the cassette (!) and I liked the name of the group, but there was no listening ahead of time, no internet, and certainly no pre-exposure by the insane clowns in mainstream media. I had to be one of the very first customers of NIN, and I was going out on a limb because there was just nowhere else to go; even back then I was totally fried on the nepotistic mediocre repititious redundant anti-intellectual BS pushed on the listening audiences of the world I lived in.
Yes that sux, it sux bad, but I fight, and I put as much effort into my fighting as I do in encouraging art. It literally takes pieces of me, gobs of flesh, to do this at times, is what I mean to say.
What else is there though? Nothing. No Thing.
Please do not confuse my reference to Nine Inch Nails here...there may be some similarities between Reznors first effort and Violent Emotion, the second CD of Daniel Graves, aka Aesthetic Perfection, yes there are a few, but Aesthetic Perfection is so new and good sounding to these tired old ears that I am sitting here writing about it. And the test of tests: I BOUGHT the cd! I do not do that much anymore. Most times I am happy tracking down the things I like, which, because of the really crappy physical media over the decades, have all gone to heaven a few times at least. Mom dumped all the vinyl years ago, my Hawkwind, my Isao Tomita, my KRAFTWERK for Gotts sake...and then of course I fell into the trap, the literal PIT which anyone my age fell into, the ever present and ever deteriorating years of cassettes and 8 track tapes. What a joke. I don't even want to think about all that. It is the most embarassing experience of my life. I sometimes pray to Gott and ask HOW AND WHY DID I GET STUCK ON THIS BACKWARD BALL OF MUD ??? Just another little cross to bear, here in the land of cruci-fiction and Fox news.
Back to Aesthetic Perfection, the band, and the CD "A VIOLENT EMOTION". I hear many oddly familiar things here too, things that were almost there 20+ years ago, but still growing: foetus, Boris Mikulic, 3 teens kill 4, Controlled Bleeding, Tones on Tail, Finitribe, SP, TKC, you get it...all the once exciting stuff which I now know verbatim; the music that has become some sort of jaded calliope, which is now just the background music in my dreams. Daniel Graves adds another twist to this, a clarity and brightness which has been a long time coming, but no less powerful for all that. He has learned his lessons thoroughly, and his ear is professional and creative. He evokes and he elicits and he knows how and he does it well.
I'd been surfing, a perfect place to hunt the kind of things I am looking for, and I was just doing the lists, giving songs 15-20 seconds to impress me. Hardly any did. Then I got an Aesthetic Perfection. I let it play. I played another, then watched the video. It was The Great Depression. Then I heard Living the Wasted Life. That was the one. I went right to I-tunes and bought the CD, didn't think twice, been listening ever since. It is bad ass, It is sick, It is the Illest, I cannot get over It. There are only two tunes I don't care for, and they are a nice contrast to the otherwise Buddha Bear Skunk Kind which is what the rest of the work reminds me of. There is just none better right now. And I know. Believe me. I know. The whole damned thing fills me with a glowing Schadenfreude I did not even realize was possible at this stage of the game. It is anti-despair. Thanks D, I don't care what it is or isn't, it is strength and you are generous. Keep Going.
Aesthetic Perfection is more than just rain in the desert, more than just food to a starving man: it is like having a friend jump into the fray as I am getting my butt kicked by 12 or 13 faceless stinking zombies all wearing nothing but puke green t-shirts emblazoned with two letters in dark purple -- FM. The only negative to Aesthetic Perfections "A Violent Emotion" is the fact that the cd glaringly highlights the...ehhhhh.....mediocrity to which my ears are generally subjected, and thats unpretty, but I am used to unpretty here in La La Land. It is the normal state of things in fact. Fortunately there are Deviations occasionally.

A Violent Emotion
1. The Violence
2. Spit it Out
3. Schadenfreude
4. The Siren
5. A Quiet Anthem
6. Living the Wasted Life
7. The Great Depression
8. Pale
9. Arsenic on the Rocks
10. The Ones

Industrial to Indie Rock, New Wave to Black Metal, Folk to Gothic,
Rock to Gansta Rap.
Sounds Like
Everyone else... but different...

Review by Bill Gallagher

The Schomberg Fair vs. Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz

You know how people sometimes read the paper/a magazine backwards? Last page to front page (guilty)... sometimes I like to write backwards... I know it's not the same, it would be more like somebody reading this review backwards which I doubt anybody ever would do. But I totally wrote this backwards and it feels really odd that I'm doing my whole ending spiel in the first paragraph. I feel like I'm back in school writing an essay or something. It's like the Momento of reviews, with absolutely no violence and not entertaining in the slightest (I know this because I've already written it).
So if it makes no sense at all, and I'm too lazy to fix it (which I will be) then I fail and we both move on and live happily ever after. Blah blah blah suck it.
If you haven't seen Big John Bates (& The Voodoo Dollz) live yet then baby.. *instert BTO hit song title here!* !
I'm not even joking.
I have never seen anything like it.
First off their psychobilly set up (and sound) was great, Big John on guitar, some hot chick on stand up bass and the drummer in the back... but what happened on the stage in between them all was electrifying (for your penis)!!
They had two MORE hot chicks in burlesque'y outfits dancing around, playing with fire, fighting each other and ripping each others clothes off... not to mention they 'dragged' a dude on stage to (I'm guessing here) do shots out of their tit devices?
I mean, their TITS were on FIRE at one point! And there was liquor and handcuffs and blindfolds... and DANCING! :O
I so wish my camera was better so that I could have caught all that fun stuff on film. D'OH I didn't even THINK of videotaping it while it was happening... holy shit I'm a rEhtard. Anyway it was good stuff.
The band themselves were pretty wicked as well. Except for that damn bitch on bass (love her) made me realize that I will never amount to being able to play an instrument as well as I want to. I saw her stand up bass and immediately pegged it as easy and decided I might give it a try... I mean I love the Mario level 4 Big World and so I figured the same logic applied to real life.
Only once she got going all hope I had flew out the window as I watched her delicate little hands move like magic across those strings. She hit notes when I couldn't even see her fingers touching them, and believe me I was watching. That would take me years to master, and I'm pretty lazy so I regret to inform you that I've already given up on that idea. whomp whomp.
Anyway, the set was awesome, and totally entertaining, and the best part (for those without dicks) was when they featured a crazy drum solo where dude played with 4 sticks at once, handed two off to Big John who started helping him play and was then left to man the drums himself while the real drummer went out and started drumming on the stand up bass, AS the bassist climbed ON TOP of the bass and balanced there while he played.
You have no idea how happy I am that I got to see The Schomberg Fair again.
The first time at Sneaky Dee's was LEGEN-wait for it ------------------------->DARY.
This time on a much bigger stage and a much different audience and I was once again blown away... blown to smithereens... blown right out of the water... whatever way she blew I was blown.
Picture this:
A shit load of punk kids shipped in to work in the cotton fields back in the day, singing all these old spiritual songs while working robotically in constant sorrow. And then picture later at night when they're all letting loose after a hard day of work around the campfire drinking jager and singing along with the bullfrogs... while possibly doing speed.
That's exactly what The Schomberg Fair are like.
Or whatever.
That bass of thurrs is pretty much the essence of my existence, and the drums and guitars sometimes rock out so fast that you can't even hear them anymore. Only you can and it's AWESOME.
And with absolutely no stage aids (not knocking it because that was some sweet ass shit Big John had there!) they managed to actually hold my attention every second along the way, I'd say even more so than the free titties did. (this is a case of lack of penis syndrome).
*drum roll please*
The Schomberg Fair, just as much fun to watch/hear as Big John etc but without needing all the tits and ass to do it!
(If I were a dude, or if I actually had a penis like I joke that I do, the winner clearly would have been the band with tits and me dick and balls and that would be a whole other story altogether.... one involving me running on stage...*leaves the rest to your imagination*)

Here are some pictures!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Ruby Spirit - Born Under A Veil

So The Ruby Spirit's (apparently used to be Sadie May Crash by the way) 6 song EP Born Under A Veil finally came in the mail today (yay!) with a fun envelope and poster inside (so cute) along with the cool looking packaging of the album that looks a lot more professional than I'd expect from a smaller Toronto band..

I'm going to save most of this review for next Saturday when I see them live at the Mod Club (Dec. 4) because I can already tell that these guys are going to be out of this world.. Or at least I hope they are.. No pressure guys, I'll be wasted by midnight so I'll probably think everything is 'out of this world' by then ;) !
Damn though, I'm really looking forward to the show now. I am getting pretty into their sexy bass-driven indie-dance-pop from a stage in space sound.
There is a lady marmalade-like quality to the music where I feel like I"m watching them doing some really classy burlesque dance moves in front of me while performing which just adds to the appeal of seeing them live in real life and not just in my head.
It's artsy enough for me to notice and call them out for it, but I won't because they have this punky Billy Joel quality to them that is strong enough to stop the artsy odor where it starts.. and it's 99% affective too!
Seriously though, can't wait for the show.
Hope to see you there!!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

I'M BACK! .... finally.

Mamma = me.
I didn't really go anywhere physically but the last few weeks my brain has been deep fried in too-much-music-grease.
Not that there is such a thing as TOO much music.
There totally isn't, I don't care what anybody says.
But there was a point where I couldn't listen to anything consistantly, or all the way through, or very often aside from my favourite punk rock that nobody could ever tear my ears away from. Honestly, at work I chose anything but music to pass the time and outside of work I would begrudgingly force myself to play whatever it was that I had to write about and immediately resort back to The Loved Ones and then a movie or TV after I finished.
Those days are fini.
I think my computer crashing and erasing my entire harddrive MAY have been a good thing.
As upset as I was that I lost every season of everything and every movie I hadn't even watched yet and thousands upon thousands of punk rock songs I was sent the last 3 years through the blog that I could never possibly remember to replace..(my computer was STACKED)... I think that there has been a major upside in starting over. I had high hopes that I would actually be able to fit all my music on my Iphone once again but I'm already way past the point of overload.
Which means I have to buy an Ipod, one with GB's upon GB's of room, and you have no idea how excited I am for this.
I have already replaced my library with every album from my years at HMV that I obsessed over... and this being the most intense music time in my life I treasure the sound of these records far deeper than as just music. Songs from this era make me so happy when I hear them and remind me of who I was when I was a lot more care-free and still somewhat excited about life.
Those were the days.
Anyway, imagining being able to have EVERYTHING on my computer on one portable device again is just overwhelming, and has totally gotten me back into the groove of listening to music nonstop.
Right now I am listening to Bend Sinister on repeat.
Do you ever feel that an album was written for you specifically?
Those certain albums that no matter what's happening in your life it will cheer you up, time and time again throughout different situations...
Or maybe those situations are always similar because you're like me and have the worst luck of all time that keeps coming back to haunt you.
Sometimes I think I really am haunted...
I have this eerie fuckin luck that seems entirely intentional from a third party watching me at all times, watching me for entertainment purposes... a real good laugh and some minor dumb drama.
When I say things out loud that I assume will happen or want to happen they immediately won't, and they won't in a way that it's a slap in the face because I was so sure of it. And there is never explanation. Literally the opposite of what I want (when spoken out loud) just always ends up happening.

Anyway, fuck you evil haunting spirits.
Bend Sinister has got my back right now, chasing away the bad luck ghost and putting things back into perspective with their uplifting no-drama lyrics that always make me feel better about my constant shitty life situations.
"Things will get better! It might take forever, but things will get better!"
I can't wait to see them again.

I'm Sarah. I'm also haunted.

Smoke Or Fire - Speak Easy

Press play on the first song… it takes a few seconds before the drums come in and when they do the unique beat sends you into instant bliss.
I’m no drummer. I love the drums as an instrument but don’t normally pick them out as my favourite part of a song… but Smoke Or Fire’s drummer I just can’t shake from my focus. I’ve listened to the first minute of track 1 about 10 times already just to hear the rolling pitter patter of my heart as it matches the beat.
There is something so concise about the way each SorF member plays their instrument which must be blamed for the euphoric grin that demands control of my lips every time I hear them. Their new album The SpeakEasy surpasses any previous reaction to the music by forcing a maniacal laugh from an even bigger grin that can only be described as ‘shit-eating’.
And I’m only on the fifth track so far.
I’m doubting how much command I will have left over my facial expression by the end of this album, and how detached from the painful reality of work I will be.
*fingers crossed for very*
Considering the fact that I call myself a writer I am actually having a very hard time describing just how incredible this new album makes me feel when I hear it.
Then again I’ve never been very good at feelings.
In fact, my greatest weakness is admitting to and expressing that I have any feelings at all.
Like Rihanna I pretend to be hard.
Which is the other main reason that I am so in love with this band - oh wait, was that just an expression of a feeling? I’m also a liar apparently. - The majority of their lyrics are about real life, worldly issue-type topics that actually mean something when you really listen… one of my favourite examples off the new album being “Monsters Among Us” about having faith in humanity which is something that I struggle with every single day along with anybody who watches or reads the news and has any sort of empathy whatsoever. There’s no way you can label these guys emo but thrown into this mix of meaningful contention are a few songs referencing personal emotions that even I can relate to without feeling like a huge loser. “Neon Light” was immediately one of them, mostly because of the "I need a drink" line and partly because whenever shit gets complicated for me I have the same reaction of just wanting to fly away.
*Sidenote: I don't know why I've thought about this so much but it might have something to do with being a huge Animorphs fan when I was younger, haha, anyway if I were able to transform into ONE animal/come back to life as an animal of my choice I would choose LOON. Seriously. Loon's have the best of all 3 worlds (take that Hannah Montana!).. they can swim for extended periods of time, they can chill out on land AND they can fly.*
Anyway, if the ENTIRE album weren’t so outrageously good I would just be listening to that one track ("Neon Light") on repeat for the rest of the day.
Instead I’m going to be looping the whole thing for weeks to come probably.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


I really need to shower.
I mean REALLY need to shower.
I'm sure I smell..
In fact my bed and my keyboard are probably being saturated with my dirty stench while I write this..
It's not my fault.
I should also be writing reviews.
Two albums came in the mail yesterday and they are GOOD albums.
And I still am just sitting here,
Again, not my fault.
Who's fault is it you ask?
This guy's:

Well, not the ballin' cat specifically.
This is the part where we play some pictionary:
Or charades:?
(I don't know, I'm bad at games that don't involve tongue)
-Three words.
-A band.
-Relates to the balla' above...
Give up?
[I'm aware that I'm writing to nobody]
The Cat Empire.
I can't stop listening to them!
I am sitting in my own filth and loving it because this sweet sound is coming from my speakers.
And I have no intentions of stopping until I've listened to every song on the two albums in front of me.
And by the time I finish I'll probably just be too tired to do shit and go to bed.
Ah procrastination... probably the reason why a lot of people smell bad.

Also: Is that cat (; 'petting' ;) itself?

*EDIT: It sounds like I just found this band... negative. I've heard these songs hundreds of times over, and STILL I can't stop. EVEN MORE PREPOSTEROUS, I know.*

I'm Sarah. I procrastinate.

Uplift --- Toronto Hardcore!

Shai Hulud plays the Hard Luck Bar tomorrow night in Toronto - wicked - so I decided I'd better check out the other bands so that I know what I'm getting myself into when I go...
While doing this I discovered Uplift an awesome, heavy, hardcore band from right here in the city!
I am so much more stoked for this show now.
Check them out if you like Shai Hulud etc, and come out to the show tomorrow night if you live in Toronto!


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


I just found like my new favourite band, ever.
Rowdy oldschool hardcore with not one but two Bob Saget references for fans of 90's television.
With boisterous melodies breaking up the rambunctous headbangable tunes this album is also perfect for fans with ADD/ADHD.
Maybe I should tell you who they are now...
Mother-fucking Savage Brewtality and their album The Last Slice.

More like the last slice of penis in my anus!! WHAAT!
Seriously I can't get enough.
They're streaming the album FOR FREE on so CHECK IT OUT HERE!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Elos Arma's Good News for Bad People..

It's probably just due to the similar title, but when the first track off of Good News For Bad People by came on I immediately thought they were going to rip off Modest Mouse... right up until the vocals hit, grabbing onto this more punk-like sound that dismissed most of the Modest Mouse connection, although not all of it.
It totally began to sound like Panic At The Disco had their dick in Modest Mouse's ass, totally dominating them for control over how the album should sound. And by golly I like it!
And may or may not be a little turned on by it... that image especially ^^.
Something about the music sets this band apart from most of the lame crap of this emo-electro-pop-indie genre and it's sporadic and unpredictable music paired with strong and demanding vocals (like a man's backhand, HEYO) are so perfectly put together to tear your heart apart. I can't help sinking into the sound of the singers voice and letting it whisk me back into my ***** little emo high school self... and to be honest I don't mind getting sucked into their trippy dreamworld of emo magic.
I actually can't get enough of it.
This is an album I'll definitely have to buy, even though it's streaming on their bandcamp for free.
Right now I'm attempting to write an interview for the band at the same time as this review (multi-tasking-WHAT) and the only question that I keep coming back to is "how the fuck are you so awesome"... but that's obviously a lame question and it's not like I want to suck their dicks or anything *pulls collar*. So I'll leave that one out... Check back for the interview soon though!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Night The Atom Age Became INTERNATIONAL!

Word of advice: Don't pick up a bearded dragon when it's colour has turned completely black (and he's normally light yellow). Trust me. Apparently this means that they are pissed right off, and in Bill Nye's case it meant he needed to claw his way as close to my neck as dragonly possible in a frenzy... since neck heat is clearly the only way he could feel better. Of course this left mad scratches across my chest just in time for my interview with The Atom Age, leaving me looking like I had just gotten into a fight (or a rough fuck) with a midget with long arms and even longer nails.
Luckily nobody brought it up, and I managed to complete the interview without much pain... Check it out here!
The Atom Age played later on last night at the Bovine with a band called Zpitts. Pretty good name if you ask me. Theirs was one of the more interesting sets that I've seen lately, with only a drummer and a guitarist and an entire fake city set up on the stage (at the BOVINE of all places = hilarious) equipped with planes hanging from the ceiling and a blow up doll... not to mention confetti later on.
Basically a set up like this means one of two things:
1. The band is spectacular and their talent matches the elaborateness of the set in a well put-together stage show.
2. The band sucks. And need to add silly little gimmicks to hide behind in hopes that you don't notice just how much they suck.
Unfortunately for Zpitts I'd have to say the second option was more fitting.
I mean, they weren't horrible... but they weren't good enough to warrant a fake city, and since nobody fucked the doll (they only Godzilla'd a couple of the fake buildings) then I wasn't sold on the performance.
To be fair musically they were definitely impressive for only two instruments but it would have sounded about ten times better with the low end sound of the bass involved and I couldn't figure out why they would have chosen not to incorporate a third member (you ain't no White Stripes bitches). The part I had the most problem with was vocals... about 80% of the time I just could not stand the sound of that voice.. whether he was singing, yelling or what.
Talking was the exception, that I didn't mind because they were funny as shit. Actually funny enough to make me have a sort of change of heart (remember that show?) while I was writing my notes. The witty banter almost made me reconsider everything I had written, and there were even a couple songs near the end that I downright loved... but then the last song sucked, plain and simple, (would have been much better with bass, just sayin') and I decided not to have a change of heart after all. SO FUCK 'EM!
The Atom Age on the other hand, please FUCK ME! From the second they hit the stage they were already rocking harder than my grandma on coke in her rocking chair. (dumb). And they were tight as shit. And fully entertaining. And just pure fucking awesome.
The stage was full with 4 members in the front (they have a mofo'ing sax player yo) who all sang, and a drummer taking it in the back, making up for any lack of performance from the previous band without hesitation.
The sax player was my favourite pulling hilarious dance moves that included some pole dancing and perusing through the audience with his horn(s)(hehe) and because of him (with help from the rest) there was never a dull moment. The banter was even wittier this time around and had me almost pissing my pants on numerous occasions, and in the end they showcased their drummer's wicked skillz with a spotlighted solo that left me feeling like I was RAPED WITH JOY after watching their set.


I was too spent after that joy raping and didn't stay for Unbelievables. OOPS!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Oh oh oh oh!
New Girl Talk!
After 2 and ½ years wait, All Day has finally been released.
Or is it...
Once again his song choice is superb.
For example: My favourite track so far "This Is The Remix" features Herbie Hancock, Bananarama, Lil’ Kim, Genesis, Jackson 5, NWA, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Beastie Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Third Eye Blind (yes "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life"), LL Cool J and The Clash…
I’ve already jizzed in my pants 6 times and that’s only to name a few artists in that ONE SONG ALONE!

In another song he even adds in FUGAZI.
Enough said.



I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Showbread - Who Can Know It?

Okay. So I'm really not supposed to smoke anything in my house but it's pouring rain outside right now and I am kind of drunk and just wanted to get a lil baked while I wrote this review... Unfortunately I'm a dumbass and went from smoking my pipe which was much easier to conceal smoke-wise to rolling a joint and not taking any measures to cover it up... except opening the window, which worked to my disadvantage because the wind was strongly blowing everything back into my room.
Ay caramba!
So my upstairs dick neighbour just came racing noisily down the stairs and started ringing our doorbell angry as shit. Despite my weasle-y attempt to turn up Simon & Garfunkel (I listen to it to pump myself up) and drown out the marijuana police I ended up getting caught red-handed. Looking back on it I probably should have picked something like A Wilhelm Scream to drown out the insistent ringing of the asshole.. d'oh.
I now have the equivalent to blue balls gazing longingly at the rest of the joint I can't smoke.
I'm pissed.
I forget where this is going...
Oh yeah!
This has absolutely nothing to do with the Showbread album I'm about to talk about.

Aside from the fact that I'm now having serious concentration problems.
This is my problem lately... everything else is more interesting to me than writing reviews.. and so I think I've come up with a good way to fix it. Partly by going back to my blogger roots by talking about my personal life ^^ and in regards to the actual music I should talk about I'm going to start making little comics to describe how I felt through each album instead!
Hope you like comics, MUAHAHA!

My apologies for the spelling mistakes and other errors... like I said, I'm kind of drunk... actually since that comic took me like half an hour to make I'm that much MORE drunk now. OOPSIES!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Marie Osmond Is *EDIT: NOT* Kind Of A Cunt.

So I was doing the new release posting for this week, a little late because I – along with my computer – am a failure, but I noticed that Marie Osmond’s new album comes out tomorrow.
I don’t know if any of you watch Oprah… I mean I don’t. *cough* but it happens to be on every day in our lunch room at work … okay FINE, I admit it, if I am home I will watch Oprah. I actually started an Oprah For President campaign back when I worked at HMV and still to this day I try to pump it as much as possible whenever her name comes up…. so attention all U.S. residents:

In an “act of bravery” Marie Osmond went on Oprah to talk about her son’s suicide.
She just happened to sing “Pie Jesu” from her new album, conveniently titled I Can Do This.
--- Sidenote: How much plastic surgery did Marie have to endure to get this new face of hers AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT! ---

Is it just me or is this in the realm of the Jackson’s using Michael’s death to jumpstart their musical careers once again?
I mean, COME ON.
I get that when you’re in the public eye since you were young you probably have a much different idea of privacy and you’re used to coping with your life’s problems in front of an audience..
But, does that mean that you can USE that to get sympathy and therefore make more money on your new album? Or in the Jackson’s case a new family tour?
It’s pretty disgusting if you ask me!
Just sayin’.
Marie should change the name of her album to I Can Totally Capitalize On My Son’s Suicide Now and Use All Oprah Watching Mother’s Pity To Do It!

How rude.

***EDIT: I was just informed that all of the proceeds are going to the Children's Miracle Network (I didn't actually WATCH that episode of Oprah, only saw her performing on it at the end) SO therefore, I'm kind of the cunt! Sorry Marie! Jackson family, you are still cunts though!***

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore

SO I just received a preview of this album in my inbox from Razor & Tie, and since I appreciate this label lots I felt obligated to review it.
Otherwise might have turned it off after 30 seconds of the first song, because I’m an asshole like that when it comes to vag on the voc's.
It might be okay though, despite making me very uncomfortable with the nibble content, I don’t like that word I decided.. nibble nibble nibble… kibble… and bits?
I feel like she’s singing about dogs, licking from the bowl, yadda yadda, and this isn’t good music for dogs. Dogs are hyper creatures who need constant attention and entertainment, unless they’re sleeping which they do a lot…. No way man, Nicole Atkins is not suitable for dogs.. much too slow, and dragging, and all that nibble talk would probably just remind the dogs of kibble and make them way too hungry.
(song: “Vultures”)
By the second song "Cry Cry Cry" I've changed my mind about the album even just being okay based on her sub par lyrical content. Each line is simple and obvious, something that a child could probably come up with.
I don’t know if I can say that the album is bad, musically it’s not exactly BAD, as much as … boring… bland… bad… no wait, NOT bad not bad, ummm….. I don’t know, I can’t think while it’s playing, it’s attacking my brain, and I know this is just a case of broad ….. (wow while the music was playing I literally had no thoughts, I had to stop it to be able to figure out what word I have been trying to use here…) *ahem* broad DISCRIMINATION… am I sexist? MAYBE. I sure as hell ain’t no feminist. But no, I don’t think it can be pigeonholed as that if I couldn’t even THINK when it was in my headphones… basically I felt like my head was going to explode unless I turned it off…

Wow, I feel bad, the album isn’t even out until 2011 and here I am already hating on it. I’ll do Razor & Tie a favour because they rock and just stop, now, at track#4.
Hey, who knows what a few months time could do to my taste in music right!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Noble Rogues - Libatio Pro Omnis (Demo)

I saw some of the guys in The Noble Rogues when they played with a different band a while ago and at that point I was pretty far from being a fan.
When they came back to me with a new name and a new 4 song demo called Libatio Pro Omnis I should have been a little weary.. but lucky for all of us I had just asked them to open a last minute show that I put on in Toronto to rally against now-mayor Rob Ford *DOUCHEBAG* and was absolutely blown away by their new sound.
The bluesy classic-meets-90's rock n roll has the perfect balance of intricate breakdowns and simple melodies, and with this new set of pipes on the mic they could easily be in the running (after a few more albums and live shows of course) to be our decade's reinvention of Led Zeppelin.
They should probably up their drug intake now though.
I highly recommend checking them out if you like real music of any sort.
And I'm happy to be able to call myself a fan this time around.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Acid Overdose / The Nummies @ Velvet Underground

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Okay, first things first though.
I got to this show super late because we were doing an interview with Slim Cessna at Mitzi's Sister (stay tuned for it!) and only saw 2 1/2 songs by Acid Overdose, a cliche sounding Toronto oldschool punk band. And can I just say that as soon as I saw the bassist sporting a huge ass bandana around his face on stage I thought I had been propelled back in time to the recent Halloween show where The Johnstones dressed up as The Scenestones. I laughed pretty hard when I realized where I was again and that it wasn't a joke. From what I could tell they were fairly tight, but sounded like every other band trying to recreate that epic hardcore punk sound. To be fair I didn't get to see enough to judge that though, but what I did see didn't stand out enough after attending insane amounts of punk shows in the last decade.
What did stand out was how big that goddamn bandana was!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
This show could have been GREAT.
Too bad it wasn't promoted nearly enough, and it ended before 11pm on a Friday night.
And the sound kind of sucked, the vocals almost impossible to pick up when the music picked up speed, which it did, vigorously.
The band was fucking phenomenal though, despite the fact that the small crowd mostly consisted of the other bands and a bunch of Ottawa fans who followed them down to the show or something.
That's dedication, take it as proof of how fucking wicked The Nummies are.
A mess of brilliantly calculated noise on top of seductively uncalculated drum beats.
Old school, hardcore, punk rock in it's most epic shape. Including a mohawk!
With a TSOL cover and Misfits cover thrown into my set the only thing that suffered was my stomach as I couldn't tear myself away to get food.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Mookie, Live!

Mookie (along with His Loyalists) played live at the Rivoli last Thursday night.
Mookie CUT HIS HAIR! Goodbye Justin Bieber bangs, hello forehead!
Mookie exceeded my expectations live.
Mookie also plays guitar.
Mookie's voice blew me away.
Except for when Mookie played said guitar, in which case I think his voice suffered slightly with less attention towards it.
Mookie likes incense to be lit on stage with him...
Did Mookie leave his deodorant at home?
Mookie must have been on drugs, by the way Mookie moved and acted.
Mookie had the jazzy hand and body motions that made Mookie seem like he was from a different decade, pulling out the Frank Sinatra and Elvis stage personality.
Mookie was baffling to watch.
Mookie's Loyalists were a badass compliment to Mookie on stage, each member telling their own story with their expressions, each killing the instrument whether it be keyboard, stand up bass, bass, guitar, drums and equally matching Mookie's vocal quality.
Mookie & His Loyalists shared incredible harmonies and me thinks fate worked it's magic on Mookie's career from the start of his CI experience because this is exactly where he needs to be, this is the band he needs to be on... I mean with.
Mookie's live show is definitely not an experience to be missed.
Except for Mookie's audience, who struck me as the people you'd hope to miss for your entire life... 80% of them were the biggest DICKS I've ever encountered in one room. (and that's saying a lot!!!).. the most disrespectful crowd who had absolutely no show etiquette.
Mookie & His Loyalists managed to overpower the roomfullofcunts with their attention grabbing performance and bemusing antics... thank fuck.
Go see Mookie.

Click for the rest of the pictures.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Dig and The Joy Formidable take over the Horseshoe (Toronto)

When I got to the Horseshoe last night The Dig had just started and with one glance to the stage I was totally DTG (down to groove). The bass was noticably deeper than it sounds online over crappy computer speakers and the keyboardist was actually juggling a guitar at the same time, rocking out on both. I also hadn't realized that there were two singers, which as you should know by now (if you fucking pay attention) is that I'm a big advocate of duel vocals. They have a lot of old school rock n roll elements to their dirty current indie, not to mention the bassist was sporting a GBH shirt which should tell you how far from douchy hipster indie these guys are... unless he got the shirt only for the 'vintage' factor, in which case.... *sigh*.
[goddammit, I just got a new tattoo and it's extremely fucking itchy right now, and so I keep getting distracted by trying to scratch it without really scratching it and totally lose my train of thought every 3 and a half minutes]
Oh my god, I can't think of anything else to write. Fack. My time is running out too, I hear the jeopardy theme playing in my head... my friends will be here any minute...
Great band, really fucking groovy live, everybody rocks the fuck out including the keyboardist... my only problem would be that after a while it sounded like he was playing the same thing over and over in each song.
Whatever the case, my drunkenness or their lack of keyboard imagination, it sounded good so I guess who the fuck cares.
[gets distracted by tattoo itching again]
When I read this back (trying to regain my train of thought) it feels like I'm downplaying how great The Dig's performance actually was by rushing, and I don't mean to. At all. Despite the fact that before I got to the show I was already so wasted that I didn't butt out my half smoke all the way and put it in my pocket with a bunch of kleenex, only to have it kind of maybe sorta catch on fire... *ahem*... I still vividly remember giving the band my full drunk attention while they were on stage and I woke up wanting to hear them all day long.
Same goes for The Joy Formidable who headlined. And who I actually wasn't a huge fan of as far as their myspace goes.
My first impression, and keeping in mind my already formed opinion, wasn't a positive one as 2/3rds of the band took the stage and started playing an intro for the female guitarist/vocalist to enter to. First thing that came to my mind was 'diva', a statement that was immediately crushed as soon as she opened her sweet mouth. I think I fell in love with her within seconds. Her lovely voice was only half of it. Not only was she clearly (or at least was while in the spotlight) one of the cutest, sexiest, shortest little adorable front-creatures but she was - more importantly - a shockingly wicked guitarist as well. And I have to say, she was wearing very sensible shoes for the amount that she rocked out... petite heels that actually looked kind of comfortable, and were something even I could walk around in (which means everybody else could dance a jig in them) and truth be told I never am one to focus on/notice that type of thing, but I do notice when people do completely unnecessarily dumb things on stage like wear stiletos.
Anyway...[itch itch itch] for the second time that night I was blown away by how heavy and rockin' the band was live.
By the end of the night they/she had me so inspired that I even passed up McDonalds in order to get home and pick up my freshly stringed guitar.
Sorry these last few sentences are really just thrown in there because I think I just heard the doorbell.
So long, and good night!

Click for more photos.

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The Black String Theory EP

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Coldplay and Smashing Pumpkins were to engage in a sensual fuckfest?
Well the answer lies within The Black String Theory's 4 song EP of the same name.
Their melodramatic indie rock can be aesthetically pleasing to the ears when the songs actually start to pick up (and not all of them do, even after 4+ minutes) but the slower moments drag on longer than the Lord of the Rings.
It would have been the perfect album to bring Frank Costanza his serenity, now! Somebody call up Larry David.
All in all despite the fact that some parts were hard to get through, and the fact that I've already forgotten what any of it sounded like, I still am intrigued to hear what comes next... at the very least that must count for something.
Check them out here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Would It Kill You to listen to Hellogoodbye?

I thought I’d grown out of Hellogoodbye, a band who occupied my daily routine about 4 years ago when Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! had first come out and I was still into that lame ass poppy emo guppy music.
I was wrong.
Hellogoodbye surprised me with their latest release Would It Kill You? by growing up along with me, with my current music tastes seemingly in mind.
They’re still super cutesy, no surprise there, but they’ve developed a less emo-pop and more indie-edge to their sound while still keeping the hooky ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s but somehow sounding much more grown up about it.
This album is an incredible follow-up that takes into consideration the 2010 era of music that it was released in by dropping a lot of the Nintendo sounding gimmicks they found influence from when they first started out.
This album sounds less like you’re living in a video game and more like an uplifting daydream lullaby for the indie rocker.

Check out the full stream on their myspace by clicking here.

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Best Halloween EVER!

Yup. The Misfit's cover bands of years past have lost their hold on my favourite Halloween memories.
What I saw last night at The Garrison was incomparable to anything I've witnessed for however long I've been going to shows.
Not only was the random lineup unexpectedly PERFECT, but the way the show was set up was the most ideal situation and exactly how I want all shows to be like from now on.
Let's set the scene.
You walk in, the main dining area/bar has a stage set up in the window and a band called catl playing...this twangy bluesy thrashy three-piece who, after their first song, became my new favourite band...
And by new favourite band I mean I am in LOVE with them like they are one person, I had about 3 wet dreams in a row about them last night alone. They knocked my socks off along with my underwear and have already replaced the need for real boys with their seductive muddy-foot stompin' boogies.
Forget waiting around and wasting money at the bar between bands, catl played a short set in the front (where it was free for those who just wanted to be broke assholes and not enter the real show) every time a band in the back left the stage. Scratch that 'wasting money at the bar' statement though, I'm pretty sure I still spent just as much as I would have if I'd been waiting for something.
Here's a really lazy video I shot of some of catl's performance... excuse the dancers!

All this alone was a pretty awesome show and I haven't even begun to touch on the real shit.
The first band to play was another I'd never heard of until this show called Burning Love, a metal-breaching hardcore band from Toronto who absolutely shocked me with how tight they were... like 'don't even bother trying to squeeze your dick in her cause it ain't gonna happen' tight. Dressed all in black with bandit masks on they really played up their evil hardcore sound and with the grimy low guitar and bass were the perfect band to kick off this Halloween madness. Despite my lazy ass pinning me to one spot I found myself having to catch my breath after each song because their set was so exhilarating to watch.
Next up in the back (hehe) was Fun As Fuck, a side project put together for this Halloween show in particular by Brian and Graham of Holy Fuck. Two keyboards stacked with all this technical stuff that I would never in a million years be able to decipher and a live drummer pumping out super dark Death From Above-like beats accompanied by what sounded like a dolphin on ketamine singing vocals. The beginning of the set started off slow and at some points reminded me of that scene in Pootie Tang where everybody was jamming to the song with no sound, only they had some sound but it was mostly noise starting out but the band was rocking out like it was an explosive beat. Instead it ended up turning into that Mott's Fruitsations song from the commercials and I'm sure if I had been on harder drugs I would have shit my pants out of love for it. Without hard drugs it was still fairly entertaining and enjoyable, but definitely the least favourite of the night. As my friend of almost the same name pointed out the dolphin/singer's stage presence kind of screamed 'douche' as he dished out more and more fucked up sea creature sounds and played up his cocky aura knowing people would love it... But hey, if it ain't broke...

Click for more pictures!

Next came a band who were not only part of my twisted wet dream(s) last night, but pretty much were the epitome of one up on stage. The Sadies: one band who I have been trying and trying to see for years and something always gets in the way. I never would have guessed that I would see them for the first time at a show like this. The dark surf-rock country is what I would expect to hear at the same show as the "house" band CATL, but alongside Fucked Up and Burning Love it was completely unfathomable until they hit the stage packing a heavier rockabilly sound and the most killer string plucking skills that got me thinking about how much I'd be willing to pay the band to get that action on my cooch. Watching them in a venue like The Garrison actually felt like a huge honour, I was blessed with their presence and not only did I get to see them finally but I got to see them in full out Mummy costumes. How cool is that?! Their entire performance can only really be summed up in one word: UNREAL. Especially when near the end the two guitarist brothers started playing each others guitars... each with one hand on either and playing without flaw. I was rendered completely jizzless by the end of their set, hopefully their costume was made of real toilet paper because they were left with quite the mess. Epic Win.
Fucked Up, who do this Halloween show every year apparently (I've never been), were last to play and started their set with a bunch of grungy 90's covers (Pearl Jam, L7, Nirvana etc), which to be honest were really freakin' bad, but not bad in a way where I hated being there and it ruined the night... actually quite the opposite. It was awesome to see, and hilarious to hear, and fun to sing along to... and although it just sounded like a drunk guitar hero session they kept the energy up all the way through it. Everybody seemed to love it regardless of how horrible the vocals sounded at times and after a short set of it they whipped out a bunch of originals to everyone's obvious pleasure (while admitting that they suck at covers, reshpeckt). The Garrison morphed at this point from a somewhat normal Toronto venue to what felt like a dirty basement in the suburbs, and a surprisingly PG shit shows ensued. The singer lost his shirt, and his pants, rolled around in cobwebs, sported a mullet, and then left the stage indefinitely to walk through and around the crowd while singing, without even having a wireless mic. Nobody got strangled, nobody seemed to get hurt at all actually, and watching Damian rome around in his ass-sweaty briefs with people pushing to get close and sing with him/at him/to him/touch him made it the unbelievable performance that it was. Not to take focus away from the band still playing on the stage, who to be honest held more of my attention than the wandering naked man with the huge areolas (just sayin'!).
It wasn't just The Sadies performance.. the entire night was simply UNREAL. I am really, really sorry if you missed it. You suck!

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