Best Halloween EVER!

Yup. The Misfit's cover bands of years past have lost their hold on my favourite Halloween memories.
What I saw last night at The Garrison was incomparable to anything I've witnessed for however long I've been going to shows.
Not only was the random lineup unexpectedly PERFECT, but the way the show was set up was the most ideal situation and exactly how I want all shows to be like from now on.
Let's set the scene.
You walk in, the main dining area/bar has a stage set up in the window and a band called catl playing...this twangy bluesy thrashy three-piece who, after their first song, became my new favourite band...
And by new favourite band I mean I am in LOVE with them like they are one person, I had about 3 wet dreams in a row about them last night alone. They knocked my socks off along with my underwear and have already replaced the need for real boys with their seductive muddy-foot stompin' boogies.
Forget waiting around and wasting money at the bar between bands, catl played a short set in the front (where it was free for those who just wanted to be broke assholes and not enter the real show) every time a band in the back left the stage. Scratch that 'wasting money at the bar' statement though, I'm pretty sure I still spent just as much as I would have if I'd been waiting for something.
Here's a really lazy video I shot of some of catl's performance... excuse the dancers!

All this alone was a pretty awesome show and I haven't even begun to touch on the real shit.
The first band to play was another I'd never heard of until this show called Burning Love, a metal-breaching hardcore band from Toronto who absolutely shocked me with how tight they were... like 'don't even bother trying to squeeze your dick in her cause it ain't gonna happen' tight. Dressed all in black with bandit masks on they really played up their evil hardcore sound and with the grimy low guitar and bass were the perfect band to kick off this Halloween madness. Despite my lazy ass pinning me to one spot I found myself having to catch my breath after each song because their set was so exhilarating to watch.
Next up in the back (hehe) was Fun As Fuck, a side project put together for this Halloween show in particular by Brian and Graham of Holy Fuck. Two keyboards stacked with all this technical stuff that I would never in a million years be able to decipher and a live drummer pumping out super dark Death From Above-like beats accompanied by what sounded like a dolphin on ketamine singing vocals. The beginning of the set started off slow and at some points reminded me of that scene in Pootie Tang where everybody was jamming to the song with no sound, only they had some sound but it was mostly noise starting out but the band was rocking out like it was an explosive beat. Instead it ended up turning into that Mott's Fruitsations song from the commercials and I'm sure if I had been on harder drugs I would have shit my pants out of love for it. Without hard drugs it was still fairly entertaining and enjoyable, but definitely the least favourite of the night. As my friend of almost the same name pointed out the dolphin/singer's stage presence kind of screamed 'douche' as he dished out more and more fucked up sea creature sounds and played up his cocky aura knowing people would love it... But hey, if it ain't broke...

Click for more pictures!

Next came a band who were not only part of my twisted wet dream(s) last night, but pretty much were the epitome of one up on stage. The Sadies: one band who I have been trying and trying to see for years and something always gets in the way. I never would have guessed that I would see them for the first time at a show like this. The dark surf-rock country is what I would expect to hear at the same show as the "house" band CATL, but alongside Fucked Up and Burning Love it was completely unfathomable until they hit the stage packing a heavier rockabilly sound and the most killer string plucking skills that got me thinking about how much I'd be willing to pay the band to get that action on my cooch. Watching them in a venue like The Garrison actually felt like a huge honour, I was blessed with their presence and not only did I get to see them finally but I got to see them in full out Mummy costumes. How cool is that?! Their entire performance can only really be summed up in one word: UNREAL. Especially when near the end the two guitarist brothers started playing each others guitars... each with one hand on either and playing without flaw. I was rendered completely jizzless by the end of their set, hopefully their costume was made of real toilet paper because they were left with quite the mess. Epic Win.
Fucked Up, who do this Halloween show every year apparently (I've never been), were last to play and started their set with a bunch of grungy 90's covers (Pearl Jam, L7, Nirvana etc), which to be honest were really freakin' bad, but not bad in a way where I hated being there and it ruined the night... actually quite the opposite. It was awesome to see, and hilarious to hear, and fun to sing along to... and although it just sounded like a drunk guitar hero session they kept the energy up all the way through it. Everybody seemed to love it regardless of how horrible the vocals sounded at times and after a short set of it they whipped out a bunch of originals to everyone's obvious pleasure (while admitting that they suck at covers, reshpeckt). The Garrison morphed at this point from a somewhat normal Toronto venue to what felt like a dirty basement in the suburbs, and a surprisingly PG shit shows ensued. The singer lost his shirt, and his pants, rolled around in cobwebs, sported a mullet, and then left the stage indefinitely to walk through and around the crowd while singing, without even having a wireless mic. Nobody got strangled, nobody seemed to get hurt at all actually, and watching Damian rome around in his ass-sweaty briefs with people pushing to get close and sing with him/at him/to him/touch him made it the unbelievable performance that it was. Not to take focus away from the band still playing on the stage, who to be honest held more of my attention than the wandering naked man with the huge areolas (just sayin'!).
It wasn't just The Sadies performance.. the entire night was simply UNREAL. I am really, really sorry if you missed it. You suck!

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