The Black String Theory EP

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Coldplay and Smashing Pumpkins were to engage in a sensual fuckfest?
Well the answer lies within The Black String Theory's 4 song EP of the same name.
Their melodramatic indie rock can be aesthetically pleasing to the ears when the songs actually start to pick up (and not all of them do, even after 4+ minutes) but the slower moments drag on longer than the Lord of the Rings.
It would have been the perfect album to bring Frank Costanza his serenity, now! Somebody call up Larry David.
All in all despite the fact that some parts were hard to get through, and the fact that I've already forgotten what any of it sounded like, I still am intrigued to hear what comes next... at the very least that must count for something.
Check them out here.

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