The Dig and The Joy Formidable take over the Horseshoe (Toronto)

When I got to the Horseshoe last night The Dig had just started and with one glance to the stage I was totally DTG (down to groove). The bass was noticably deeper than it sounds online over crappy computer speakers and the keyboardist was actually juggling a guitar at the same time, rocking out on both. I also hadn't realized that there were two singers, which as you should know by now (if you fucking pay attention) is that I'm a big advocate of duel vocals. They have a lot of old school rock n roll elements to their dirty current indie, not to mention the bassist was sporting a GBH shirt which should tell you how far from douchy hipster indie these guys are... unless he got the shirt only for the 'vintage' factor, in which case.... *sigh*.
[goddammit, I just got a new tattoo and it's extremely fucking itchy right now, and so I keep getting distracted by trying to scratch it without really scratching it and totally lose my train of thought every 3 and a half minutes]
Oh my god, I can't think of anything else to write. Fack. My time is running out too, I hear the jeopardy theme playing in my head... my friends will be here any minute...
Great band, really fucking groovy live, everybody rocks the fuck out including the keyboardist... my only problem would be that after a while it sounded like he was playing the same thing over and over in each song.
Whatever the case, my drunkenness or their lack of keyboard imagination, it sounded good so I guess who the fuck cares.
[gets distracted by tattoo itching again]
When I read this back (trying to regain my train of thought) it feels like I'm downplaying how great The Dig's performance actually was by rushing, and I don't mean to. At all. Despite the fact that before I got to the show I was already so wasted that I didn't butt out my half smoke all the way and put it in my pocket with a bunch of kleenex, only to have it kind of maybe sorta catch on fire... *ahem*... I still vividly remember giving the band my full drunk attention while they were on stage and I woke up wanting to hear them all day long.
Same goes for The Joy Formidable who headlined. And who I actually wasn't a huge fan of as far as their myspace goes.
My first impression, and keeping in mind my already formed opinion, wasn't a positive one as 2/3rds of the band took the stage and started playing an intro for the female guitarist/vocalist to enter to. First thing that came to my mind was 'diva', a statement that was immediately crushed as soon as she opened her sweet mouth. I think I fell in love with her within seconds. Her lovely voice was only half of it. Not only was she clearly (or at least was while in the spotlight) one of the cutest, sexiest, shortest little adorable front-creatures but she was - more importantly - a shockingly wicked guitarist as well. And I have to say, she was wearing very sensible shoes for the amount that she rocked out... petite heels that actually looked kind of comfortable, and were something even I could walk around in (which means everybody else could dance a jig in them) and truth be told I never am one to focus on/notice that type of thing, but I do notice when people do completely unnecessarily dumb things on stage like wear stiletos.
Anyway...[itch itch itch] for the second time that night I was blown away by how heavy and rockin' the band was live.
By the end of the night they/she had me so inspired that I even passed up McDonalds in order to get home and pick up my freshly stringed guitar.
Sorry these last few sentences are really just thrown in there because I think I just heard the doorbell.
So long, and good night!

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