Elos Arma's Good News for Bad People..

It's probably just due to the similar title, but when the first track off of Good News For Bad People by came on I immediately thought they were going to rip off Modest Mouse... right up until the vocals hit, grabbing onto this more punk-like sound that dismissed most of the Modest Mouse connection, although not all of it.
It totally began to sound like Panic At The Disco had their dick in Modest Mouse's ass, totally dominating them for control over how the album should sound. And by golly I like it!
And may or may not be a little turned on by it... that image especially ^^.
Something about the music sets this band apart from most of the lame crap of this emo-electro-pop-indie genre and it's sporadic and unpredictable music paired with strong and demanding vocals (like a man's backhand, HEYO) are so perfectly put together to tear your heart apart. I can't help sinking into the sound of the singers voice and letting it whisk me back into my ***** little emo high school self... and to be honest I don't mind getting sucked into their trippy dreamworld of emo magic.
I actually can't get enough of it.
This is an album I'll definitely have to buy, even though it's streaming on their bandcamp for free.
Right now I'm attempting to write an interview for the band at the same time as this review (multi-tasking-WHAT) and the only question that I keep coming back to is "how the fuck are you so awesome"... but that's obviously a lame question and it's not like I want to suck their dicks or anything *pulls collar*. So I'll leave that one out... Check back for the interview soon though!

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