I'M BACK! .... finally.

Mamma = me.
I didn't really go anywhere physically but the last few weeks my brain has been deep fried in too-much-music-grease.
Not that there is such a thing as TOO much music.
There totally isn't, I don't care what anybody says.
But there was a point where I couldn't listen to anything consistantly, or all the way through, or very often aside from my favourite punk rock that nobody could ever tear my ears away from. Honestly, at work I chose anything but music to pass the time and outside of work I would begrudgingly force myself to play whatever it was that I had to write about and immediately resort back to The Loved Ones and then a movie or TV after I finished.
Those days are fini.
I think my computer crashing and erasing my entire harddrive MAY have been a good thing.
As upset as I was that I lost every season of everything and every movie I hadn't even watched yet and thousands upon thousands of punk rock songs I was sent the last 3 years through the blog that I could never possibly remember to replace..(my computer was STACKED)... I think that there has been a major upside in starting over. I had high hopes that I would actually be able to fit all my music on my Iphone once again but I'm already way past the point of overload.
Which means I have to buy an Ipod, one with GB's upon GB's of room, and you have no idea how excited I am for this.
I have already replaced my library with every album from my years at HMV that I obsessed over... and this being the most intense music time in my life I treasure the sound of these records far deeper than as just music. Songs from this era make me so happy when I hear them and remind me of who I was when I was a lot more care-free and still somewhat excited about life.
Those were the days.
Anyway, imagining being able to have EVERYTHING on my computer on one portable device again is just overwhelming, and has totally gotten me back into the groove of listening to music nonstop.
Right now I am listening to Bend Sinister on repeat.
Do you ever feel that an album was written for you specifically?
Those certain albums that no matter what's happening in your life it will cheer you up, time and time again throughout different situations...
Or maybe those situations are always similar because you're like me and have the worst luck of all time that keeps coming back to haunt you.
Sometimes I think I really am haunted...
I have this eerie fuckin luck that seems entirely intentional from a third party watching me at all times, watching me for entertainment purposes... a real good laugh and some minor dumb drama.
When I say things out loud that I assume will happen or want to happen they immediately won't, and they won't in a way that it's a slap in the face because I was so sure of it. And there is never explanation. Literally the opposite of what I want (when spoken out loud) just always ends up happening.

Anyway, fuck you evil haunting spirits.
Bend Sinister has got my back right now, chasing away the bad luck ghost and putting things back into perspective with their uplifting no-drama lyrics that always make me feel better about my constant shitty life situations.
"Things will get better! It might take forever, but things will get better!"
I can't wait to see them again.

I'm Sarah. I'm also haunted.