Marie Osmond Is *EDIT: NOT* Kind Of A Cunt.

So I was doing the new release posting for this week, a little late because I – along with my computer – am a failure, but I noticed that Marie Osmond’s new album comes out tomorrow.
I don’t know if any of you watch Oprah… I mean I don’t. *cough* but it happens to be on every day in our lunch room at work … okay FINE, I admit it, if I am home I will watch Oprah. I actually started an Oprah For President campaign back when I worked at HMV and still to this day I try to pump it as much as possible whenever her name comes up…. so attention all U.S. residents:

In an “act of bravery” Marie Osmond went on Oprah to talk about her son’s suicide.
She just happened to sing “Pie Jesu” from her new album, conveniently titled I Can Do This.
--- Sidenote: How much plastic surgery did Marie have to endure to get this new face of hers AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT! ---

Is it just me or is this in the realm of the Jackson’s using Michael’s death to jumpstart their musical careers once again?
I mean, COME ON.
I get that when you’re in the public eye since you were young you probably have a much different idea of privacy and you’re used to coping with your life’s problems in front of an audience..
But, does that mean that you can USE that to get sympathy and therefore make more money on your new album? Or in the Jackson’s case a new family tour?
It’s pretty disgusting if you ask me!
Just sayin’.
Marie should change the name of her album to I Can Totally Capitalize On My Son’s Suicide Now and Use All Oprah Watching Mother’s Pity To Do It!

How rude.

***EDIT: I was just informed that all of the proceeds are going to the Children's Miracle Network (I didn't actually WATCH that episode of Oprah, only saw her performing on it at the end) SO therefore, I'm kind of the cunt! Sorry Marie! Jackson family, you are still cunts though!***

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