Mookie, Live!

Mookie (along with His Loyalists) played live at the Rivoli last Thursday night.
Mookie CUT HIS HAIR! Goodbye Justin Bieber bangs, hello forehead!
Mookie exceeded my expectations live.
Mookie also plays guitar.
Mookie's voice blew me away.
Except for when Mookie played said guitar, in which case I think his voice suffered slightly with less attention towards it.
Mookie likes incense to be lit on stage with him...
Did Mookie leave his deodorant at home?
Mookie must have been on drugs, by the way Mookie moved and acted.
Mookie had the jazzy hand and body motions that made Mookie seem like he was from a different decade, pulling out the Frank Sinatra and Elvis stage personality.
Mookie was baffling to watch.
Mookie's Loyalists were a badass compliment to Mookie on stage, each member telling their own story with their expressions, each killing the instrument whether it be keyboard, stand up bass, bass, guitar, drums and equally matching Mookie's vocal quality.
Mookie & His Loyalists shared incredible harmonies and me thinks fate worked it's magic on Mookie's career from the start of his CI experience because this is exactly where he needs to be, this is the band he needs to be on... I mean with.
Mookie's live show is definitely not an experience to be missed.
Except for Mookie's audience, who struck me as the people you'd hope to miss for your entire life... 80% of them were the biggest DICKS I've ever encountered in one room. (and that's saying a lot!!!).. the most disrespectful crowd who had absolutely no show etiquette.
Mookie & His Loyalists managed to overpower the roomfullofcunts with their attention grabbing performance and bemusing antics... thank fuck.
Go see Mookie.

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