The Night The Atom Age Became INTERNATIONAL!

Word of advice: Don't pick up a bearded dragon when it's colour has turned completely black (and he's normally light yellow). Trust me. Apparently this means that they are pissed right off, and in Bill Nye's case it meant he needed to claw his way as close to my neck as dragonly possible in a frenzy... since neck heat is clearly the only way he could feel better. Of course this left mad scratches across my chest just in time for my interview with The Atom Age, leaving me looking like I had just gotten into a fight (or a rough fuck) with a midget with long arms and even longer nails.
Luckily nobody brought it up, and I managed to complete the interview without much pain... Check it out here!
The Atom Age played later on last night at the Bovine with a band called Zpitts. Pretty good name if you ask me. Theirs was one of the more interesting sets that I've seen lately, with only a drummer and a guitarist and an entire fake city set up on the stage (at the BOVINE of all places = hilarious) equipped with planes hanging from the ceiling and a blow up doll... not to mention confetti later on.
Basically a set up like this means one of two things:
1. The band is spectacular and their talent matches the elaborateness of the set in a well put-together stage show.
2. The band sucks. And need to add silly little gimmicks to hide behind in hopes that you don't notice just how much they suck.
Unfortunately for Zpitts I'd have to say the second option was more fitting.
I mean, they weren't horrible... but they weren't good enough to warrant a fake city, and since nobody fucked the doll (they only Godzilla'd a couple of the fake buildings) then I wasn't sold on the performance.
To be fair musically they were definitely impressive for only two instruments but it would have sounded about ten times better with the low end sound of the bass involved and I couldn't figure out why they would have chosen not to incorporate a third member (you ain't no White Stripes bitches). The part I had the most problem with was vocals... about 80% of the time I just could not stand the sound of that voice.. whether he was singing, yelling or what.
Talking was the exception, that I didn't mind because they were funny as shit. Actually funny enough to make me have a sort of change of heart (remember that show?) while I was writing my notes. The witty banter almost made me reconsider everything I had written, and there were even a couple songs near the end that I downright loved... but then the last song sucked, plain and simple, (would have been much better with bass, just sayin') and I decided not to have a change of heart after all. SO FUCK 'EM!
The Atom Age on the other hand, please FUCK ME! From the second they hit the stage they were already rocking harder than my grandma on coke in her rocking chair. (dumb). And they were tight as shit. And fully entertaining. And just pure fucking awesome.
The stage was full with 4 members in the front (they have a mofo'ing sax player yo) who all sang, and a drummer taking it in the back, making up for any lack of performance from the previous band without hesitation.
The sax player was my favourite pulling hilarious dance moves that included some pole dancing and perusing through the audience with his horn(s)(hehe) and because of him (with help from the rest) there was never a dull moment. The banter was even wittier this time around and had me almost pissing my pants on numerous occasions, and in the end they showcased their drummer's wicked skillz with a spotlighted solo that left me feeling like I was RAPED WITH JOY after watching their set.


I was too spent after that joy raping and didn't stay for Unbelievables. OOPS!

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