The Noble Rogues - Libatio Pro Omnis (Demo)

I saw some of the guys in The Noble Rogues when they played with a different band a while ago and at that point I was pretty far from being a fan.
When they came back to me with a new name and a new 4 song demo called Libatio Pro Omnis I should have been a little weary.. but lucky for all of us I had just asked them to open a last minute show that I put on in Toronto to rally against now-mayor Rob Ford *DOUCHEBAG* and was absolutely blown away by their new sound.
The bluesy classic-meets-90's rock n roll has the perfect balance of intricate breakdowns and simple melodies, and with this new set of pipes on the mic they could easily be in the running (after a few more albums and live shows of course) to be our decade's reinvention of Led Zeppelin.
They should probably up their drug intake now though.
I highly recommend checking them out if you like real music of any sort.
And I'm happy to be able to call myself a fan this time around.

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