I really need to shower.
I mean REALLY need to shower.
I'm sure I smell..
In fact my bed and my keyboard are probably being saturated with my dirty stench while I write this..
It's not my fault.
I should also be writing reviews.
Two albums came in the mail yesterday and they are GOOD albums.
And I still am just sitting here,
Again, not my fault.
Who's fault is it you ask?
This guy's:

Well, not the ballin' cat specifically.
This is the part where we play some pictionary:
Or charades:?
(I don't know, I'm bad at games that don't involve tongue)
-Three words.
-A band.
-Relates to the balla' above...
Give up?
[I'm aware that I'm writing to nobody]
The Cat Empire.
I can't stop listening to them!
I am sitting in my own filth and loving it because this sweet sound is coming from my speakers.
And I have no intentions of stopping until I've listened to every song on the two albums in front of me.
And by the time I finish I'll probably just be too tired to do shit and go to bed.
Ah procrastination... probably the reason why a lot of people smell bad.

Also: Is that cat (; 'petting' ;) itself?

*EDIT: It sounds like I just found this band... negative. I've heard these songs hundreds of times over, and STILL I can't stop. EVEN MORE PREPOSTEROUS, I know.*

I'm Sarah. I procrastinate.