Showbread - Who Can Know It?

Okay. So I'm really not supposed to smoke anything in my house but it's pouring rain outside right now and I am kind of drunk and just wanted to get a lil baked while I wrote this review... Unfortunately I'm a dumbass and went from smoking my pipe which was much easier to conceal smoke-wise to rolling a joint and not taking any measures to cover it up... except opening the window, which worked to my disadvantage because the wind was strongly blowing everything back into my room.
Ay caramba!
So my upstairs dick neighbour just came racing noisily down the stairs and started ringing our doorbell angry as shit. Despite my weasle-y attempt to turn up Simon & Garfunkel (I listen to it to pump myself up) and drown out the marijuana police I ended up getting caught red-handed. Looking back on it I probably should have picked something like A Wilhelm Scream to drown out the insistent ringing of the asshole.. d'oh.
I now have the equivalent to blue balls gazing longingly at the rest of the joint I can't smoke.
I'm pissed.
I forget where this is going...
Oh yeah!
This has absolutely nothing to do with the Showbread album I'm about to talk about.

Aside from the fact that I'm now having serious concentration problems.
This is my problem lately... everything else is more interesting to me than writing reviews.. and so I think I've come up with a good way to fix it. Partly by going back to my blogger roots by talking about my personal life ^^ and in regards to the actual music I should talk about I'm going to start making little comics to describe how I felt through each album instead!
Hope you like comics, MUAHAHA!

My apologies for the spelling mistakes and other errors... like I said, I'm kind of drunk... actually since that comic took me like half an hour to make I'm that much MORE drunk now. OOPSIES!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.