Smoke Or Fire - Speak Easy

Press play on the first song… it takes a few seconds before the drums come in and when they do the unique beat sends you into instant bliss.
I’m no drummer. I love the drums as an instrument but don’t normally pick them out as my favourite part of a song… but Smoke Or Fire’s drummer I just can’t shake from my focus. I’ve listened to the first minute of track 1 about 10 times already just to hear the rolling pitter patter of my heart as it matches the beat.
There is something so concise about the way each SorF member plays their instrument which must be blamed for the euphoric grin that demands control of my lips every time I hear them. Their new album The SpeakEasy surpasses any previous reaction to the music by forcing a maniacal laugh from an even bigger grin that can only be described as ‘shit-eating’.
And I’m only on the fifth track so far.
I’m doubting how much command I will have left over my facial expression by the end of this album, and how detached from the painful reality of work I will be.
*fingers crossed for very*
Considering the fact that I call myself a writer I am actually having a very hard time describing just how incredible this new album makes me feel when I hear it.
Then again I’ve never been very good at feelings.
In fact, my greatest weakness is admitting to and expressing that I have any feelings at all.
Like Rihanna I pretend to be hard.
Which is the other main reason that I am so in love with this band - oh wait, was that just an expression of a feeling? I’m also a liar apparently. - The majority of their lyrics are about real life, worldly issue-type topics that actually mean something when you really listen… one of my favourite examples off the new album being “Monsters Among Us” about having faith in humanity which is something that I struggle with every single day along with anybody who watches or reads the news and has any sort of empathy whatsoever. There’s no way you can label these guys emo but thrown into this mix of meaningful contention are a few songs referencing personal emotions that even I can relate to without feeling like a huge loser. “Neon Light” was immediately one of them, mostly because of the "I need a drink" line and partly because whenever shit gets complicated for me I have the same reaction of just wanting to fly away.
*Sidenote: I don't know why I've thought about this so much but it might have something to do with being a huge Animorphs fan when I was younger, haha, anyway if I were able to transform into ONE animal/come back to life as an animal of my choice I would choose LOON. Seriously. Loon's have the best of all 3 worlds (take that Hannah Montana!).. they can swim for extended periods of time, they can chill out on land AND they can fly.*
Anyway, if the ENTIRE album weren’t so outrageously good I would just be listening to that one track ("Neon Light") on repeat for the rest of the day.
Instead I’m going to be looping the whole thing for weeks to come probably.

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