Tiny Tide - MoonTalKing

BLARG. The Paintbrush program I downloaded for free for my Mac is complete gobbledygook.
(noun, informal) a letter full of legal gobbledygook.
gibberish, claptrap, nonsense, rubbish, balderdash, blather, garbage; informal mumbo-jumbo, drivel, tripe, hogwash, baloney, bilge, bull, bunk, guff, eyewash, piffle, twaddle, poppycock, phooey, hooey.
Another good word to use here would be BALONEY.
Seriously it's nothing like Paint for normal damn computers, and it doesn't even let you cut out certain pictures to make other pictures.
I have an obsession with Paint for Windows. I could doodle for hours, and lately I've been really into drawing super shitty cartoons while I'm listening to albums. Since I'm about to review a band called Tiny Tide who are almost indescribable with words I decided to whip out my Bongzilla Old English Bong and bake-a-doodle!
The only problem is that this particular CD, MoonTalKing conjures up a lot of really weird and specific images in my head that I am just WAY too lazy to draw. Instead I had the brilliant idea of googling them all only to find out that I couldn't actually
a) cut them out in any shape but a damn box, and
b) couldn't reshape them when I pasted
This among many other irritating non-features that I won't go into.
So anyway, now I'm bake-a-doodle+d and have even less of an ability to describe what the fuck this band sounds like.
Fortunately I have all the pictures saved on my desktop and will just post them instead!
Unfortunately most of you won't have the slightest clue what planet I'm from after you scroll down.
Which is fine with me because frankly I have no idea what galaxy Tiny Tide is from even.
*For the record, I like it.*

That's where your head is at when you're listening to this.

The beats = pumping.

Totally admiring the questionable content.

This just seems to fit.
If for WHATEVER reason you didn't get where I was going with those totally descriptive pictures above, let's try a video instead.
They remind me fully of the clip with "The Beatles" in Walk Hard, LSD trip included. Watch this:

That doesn't help does it?
Well fuck it, I'm stumped.
Like, I'm totally into it though.
There's guitar solo type dealies, trippy fucking moments, times when you think that it's breaking apart into two totally different songs before it fuses back together into making some sense or at least having a direction to it... the instrumentation can be quite gorgeous and serene and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like but then can just as easily turn into this Bowie-fused-Beatles mayhem of ... magic? Or black magic..
But it's pretty wicked sounding black magic if you ask me, which you kind of are if you're reading this.
Listen to it your damn self.

I'm Sarah. I am boggled. But I like it.