Would It Kill You to listen to Hellogoodbye?

I thought I’d grown out of Hellogoodbye, a band who occupied my daily routine about 4 years ago when Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! had first come out and I was still into that lame ass poppy emo guppy music.
I was wrong.
Hellogoodbye surprised me with their latest release Would It Kill You? by growing up along with me, with my current music tastes seemingly in mind.
They’re still super cutesy, no surprise there, but they’ve developed a less emo-pop and more indie-edge to their sound while still keeping the hooky ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s but somehow sounding much more grown up about it.
This album is an incredible follow-up that takes into consideration the 2010 era of music that it was released in by dropping a lot of the Nintendo sounding gimmicks they found influence from when they first started out.
This album sounds less like you’re living in a video game and more like an uplifting daydream lullaby for the indie rocker.

Check out the full stream on their myspace by clicking here.

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