Fake Problems/Flatliners/Menzingers @ Sneaky Dee's - THE ENCORE All Ages Edition!

I never thought I'd ever utter these words but.... If I see another plate of Sneaky Dee's nachos right now I'm going to puke.
Actually my body is ruined enough right now that I might puke anyway, and when I do guess what I'll be puking back up?
Sneaky Dee's nachos.
Nachos is just what has to happen when you're at Sneaky Dee's on a Sunday for a super early awesome punk rock show.
(and for 3am the night before but let's not get into that one)
For the second night in one weekend The Flatliners, Fake Problems, The Menzingers and Mockingbird Wish Me Luck all graced Sneaks upstairs for another nearly (if not actually) sold out show, this time ridden with underage hormone soaked sweaty kids accounting for over half of the turnout.
For those of us over 19 the 7pm start time was impossibly early on a weekend so close to Christmas and thanks to hours of semi-last-minute shopping during the day my friends and I ended up missing the first two bands.
Missing The Menzingers was immediately upsetting, that band fucking rules live and I was really looking forward to seeing them again. Missing Mockingbird on the other hand didn't really upset me at first since I had never actually heard them before and always judged by their gay name that I wasn't missing out. NOW, however, I'm listening to their myspace page and absolutely kicking myself in the butt because it's right down my alley of lumberjackpunk that I would have automatically loved.

Luckily the 50% of the show I did catch was more than enough for my exhausted body to handle... well, actually more like 40% but we'll get to that in a minute.
Fake Problems hit the stage when we got there and left me on the fence about them by the time they finished. At one point these guys were one of my favourite bands but lately I've been sick of listening to the older songs and for whatever reason haven't been able to get into their new album. When I watched them last night the old gems were suddenly my favourite songs again but the new stuff continued to leave me impartial. In some cases the into-it vocals were the only thing salvaging them in my head until they whipped out an amazing theatrical version of "Diamond Rings" which reminded me of why I loved them live to begin with. There was something slightly different about the band too that was affecting my ability to enjoy them the way I used to... I think their heads looked bigger or something... Just me? At one point they introduced what was supposed to be some sort of crazy guitar solo which turned out to be a dud of a guitar SCHMOLO. I really hope it was meant as a joke... otherwise... FAIL!
The Flatliners made up for everything, as usual, by tearing the stage apart from the second they stepped onto it. Go-Go-Gadget-Rock-My-Face-Off! (face - OFF!) By far one of the most entertaining bands to watch, they have the ability to transport you to a dreamworld of awesome where it's just you and them - the all ages twats don't exist...hehehe...nah, it was actually pretty epic with all the young ones singing along every word, verse and chorus. They sang loud and they sang proud at least which added to the experience... And I'm 12 again. Welcome back to puberty!
Unfortunately my night was cut short as I ventured alone to the bathroom because when I came out some ASSHOLE *cough*Branko*uncough* was randomly dressed head to toe in a huge COW outfit. This might not sound like a night-ender to anybody else but I have an insane fear of things in full costume like that where I can't see human parts... puppets and such creep me out too... I'm not the only one, I looked it up and it's an actual phobia:
What Is Pupaphobia?
Pupaphobia is an overwhelming, irrational fear of puppets. The person coping with this phobia may also fear marionettes and team mascots. Perhaps the pupaphobic person fears the puppet’s exaggerated features or its disjointed, bizarre movements. In extreme cases of Pupaphobia, the person may avoid any situation that may involve performances for children because of their morbid fear of puppets.
Read more: http://healthmad.com/mental-health/pupaphobia-the-fear-of-puppets/#ixzz18fF8gzff
Anyway, the fact that I was alone didn't help things, and as he walked by I froze and started to seriously freak out, waiting in hopes that he would keep walking and disappear from my sight.. but instead he ended up stopping and standing WAY WAY WAY too close to me and I got so uncomfortable that I booked it out the door and had to call my friends saying I couldn't come back inside.
Apparently I only missed about 3 or 4 songs though and I've seen them enough this year already to know that I TOTALLY MISSED OUT.

I'm Sarah. I suffer from pupaphobia. Suck it.