Goddamn You Cat Empire!

I am trying to make a new blog (shhhh don't tell this one, she doesn't know I'm already cheating on her with drrty toilets) about name verbs... like for example, this one is about Julian who does a lot of the interviews / my roommate / from The Johnstones.
To Julian: To smoke a cigarette to the filter and hand it off to whoever you are splitting it with saying there's "at least two drags left"
way to julian that cig / aw why'd you julian it! / nah way man that's julian'd.
Were going to start a whole new language basically, one that will only be funny to people who know us... haha suckers.
Anyway, I'm also super hungry for more leftover pizza...
**SIDENOTE: Does anybody else wind up eating pizza after playing too many TMNT games? Last night a friend and were playing TMNT3 and all of a sudden we both just decided we wanted pizza and couldn't get it out of our heads... HMMMM WONDER WHY.**
... and then the random function on my Itunes really Aurora Jolie'd me (fucked me in the ass... she only does anal... it works?) and the most potent Cat Empire song came on and sucked me in. How Michelle Tanner of it.
This song will Jack Black you. (rock your socks off... Tenacious D song... I admit, it's quite a stretch)

Luckily the random button saved me this time by jumping away from Cat Empire... but it just HAD to pick a Cursive song that I hadn't actually listened to that much and realized I loved... and NOW I'm jerking the old flame I had for the band in years past by listening to this song over and over...

I understand that one can do other things, per say, while listening to music.
I normally do.
There are certain bands - clearly Cat Empire - that just immediately distract me from whatever I'm doing and remind me of what other song of theirs I should listen to or a cool video I saw of them that I want to watch again... or I just simply want to do something mindless like write this right now because I just ramble and copy/paste things while my brain focuses on singing along.

Ew, I'm getting way too into blogging.

I'm Sarah. I've said enough!

Fuck you Cat Empire!
<3 love.