I Quit! ... Right after I review Kuf Knotz!

I think I'm starting to hate writing reviews!
It's ruining my love for music to HAVE to write about a certain band or artist.
I guess I could always say no, but I never do..
But I am all out of ideas and words.
Hence my blogging nature as of late.
I miss the constant lists I used to make in the old days...
I never have time to do them anymore between my pile of albums to reviews and all the interviews I've been doing lately.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I actually have a full time Monday to Friday 9-5 job, and I rack up enough hours at shows or talking about them/doing interviews/writing reviews to equal another 30 hours at least on top of that.... not including the time spent 'off the record' honestly reviewing work that bands and labels like to send me just for personal feedback... no joke. Weird, right? Who the fuck am I... haha
Oh yeah, and I also put on shows on the side and promote them.
And I'm hellbent on writing a country song. I'm not sure why.
To top it off a friend and I just started a brand new website @ www.dirtycans.wordpress.com (not joking.).
So yeah. Hi, I'm Sarah, this is the most you've learned about me in like 3 years. This is why I'm a bitch! JK
Luckily this week has been really slow due to being sick and I've been able to catch up and do some fun stuff.
I miss talking about the music I'm actually excited to find, and also miss talking smack about bands like Nickelback (easy target).
I'm sick of writing about all the bands I'm sent in between (no offense to any of you, I usually like it but it's just not the same).
I think I'm going to lessen the amount of albums I review and start just rambling about all my daily song/album obsessions instead.
Moral of the story?
But not to everything, not when I get sent an album like Kuf Knotz's Boombox Logic, which is exactly the reason I'm grateful to have people sending me new music constantly.
I would not have wanted to miss out on this guy.
A mere THIRTY seconds into track numero uno and I had the biggest ear-boner's I've ever experienced!
Jokes on me too because the first track was only 42 seconds long!!!
Face - On, but red.
I'm going to call it right now, track three(ve), that this album is going to be huge.
If it's not I will actually eat my own butt.
I mean, he mentions TMZ, it's clearly going to get famous as soon as they catch on.
I fucking love that show by the way, I could care less about most of the celebs but the editing is HI-larious.
But regardless, Kuf (can I call you Kuf?) throws down some serious beats throughout this album with spine tingling female vocals accompanying him, not to mention a trumpet here, a guitar (electric AND acoustic) there and flawless flow featuring lyrical content that actually interests me ... By song 5 I still haven't found flaw and in fact once the chorus hit as I wrote that I heard George Standford, G. Love and a girl by the name of Dana Alexandra come into it and both my ears exploded with pleasure, and a waxy release.
Holy rusted metal Batman, even when this guy is talking about his shoes I still find it completely enlightening to listen to.
That requires talent. Or humour. In this case though it's totally talent.
GODDAMN is it ever! Excuse me while I'm blown away here but I'm more than halfway through the quite lengthy 14 song album and I am pretty sure every track is better than the last. It's like on How I Met Your Mother, first season New Years Eve episode where Barney makes a pump up mix album that's ALL RISE and no fall. This album is truly ALL RISE!
Barney would be proud, if he were a real life person.
I know I joke about getting turned on by most of the music I review but what I'm experiencing right now while listening is the closest to truth that joke has ever gotten. I mean... I want to fuck this album.
There I said it.
It's fucking phenomenal.


I'm Sarah. I finally showered!