I'm HORRIBLE At Doing Things!

So yeah I didn't shower.
I think it's because I didn't have quite enough awesome songs in my Shower-Playlist-To-End-All-Shower-Playlists (thus far), so I added more:
Ch-ch-check it.

1. Mark Ronson & Saigon - "Diduntdidunt"
2. Barenaked Ladies - "The Old Apartment" (so what, I like to sing along with it... showers are meant to be sung in, don't judge me)
3. Ben Folds Five - "Steven's Last Night In Town"
4. Brand New - "Seventy Times 7" (hahaha, whatever!)
5. The Bronx - "Heart Attack American"
6. Cadence Weapon - "Unsuccessful Club Nights"
7. Captain We're Sinking - "The Neck Romancer"
8. Carter Hulsey - "Before We Go Down" (yeah go ahead and make fun.. I like playing harmonica along to his songs :p ... not that I have it in the shower or anything.... also, I'm not condoning that hair.)
9. Kate Nash - "Pumpkin Soup"
10. Polar Bear Club - "Living Saints"
11. Set Your Goals - "Gaia Bleeds..." (judge away)
12. The Stills - "Don't Talk Down"

I'm actually going to shower tonight. And I'm going to go back to kicking major ass at Fight Night as King Shit (yup that's my player) because I actually am good at that game unlike that stupid TMNT jerk game. PRODUCTIVITY!

And I'm going to review Boombox Logic by Kuf Knotz so check that out later.


I should be out there going to shows actually, the past couple nights I have bailed on seeing some good bands to hermit and not get any work/showering done... but in my defense I was sick and am trying to get over it for the weekend, it's cold and rainy or snowy or whatever, and I'm actually flat broke until tomorrow.
So I don't feel TOO bad about it... but it feels really really weird to do nothing for days in a row... now I'm ready to get my head back in the game!


So, yeah. I'm going to get my butt in gear for that one for sure.

I'm Sarah. I'M BEING PRODUCTIVE, kinda!