The Loved Ones are Loved… ? Whodathunkit.

At the risk of sounding redundant in many ways, I love The Loved Ones.
I guess they’ve earned the honor of being “one of my favourite bands” by now, though that list is ever changing.
No matter what else I’m listening to – and trust me my genre appreciation knows no boundaries – or what else I’m doing The Loved Ones are always my fall back band.
Tired of dancing? Put on The Loved Ones.
Just finished a review? Put on The Loved Ones.
Tired of getting in touch with my female Eminem? Put On The Loved Ones.
Stimulated the brain enough with classical for one day? Put on The Loved Ones.
Furious at the subway for making you 20 minutes late for work? Put on The Loved Ones.
Can’t crack the kink out of your neck? (happening right now) Put on The Loved Ones.
Finished the last episode of America’s Next Top Model? Put on The Loved Ones.
Not that I watch that show or anything… *cough*
So maybe it’s my guilty pleasure, and weirdly enough I usually develop a mad crush on one of the girls every season… well every season I’ve watched all the way through which is only like, one….or two.. or three.
Cycle 11, Samantha Potter.

Cycle 15, Jane Randall

They are The Loved Ones of America’s Next Top Model.
And now that I’ve embarrassed myself I will go and listen to THE Loved Ones.

I’m Sarah. I am weird.