Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus!

If my wild imagination suddenly morphed into reality then this is what you would have heard emitted from The Horseshoe on Friday night... thunderous clapping hand in hand with high praise in the form of the repeated chant of "Zeus! Zeus! Zeus!"
The band may not have chosen the name in the cocksure way of thought comparing them to a greek god (or THE greek god rather) but in the world of music their modest denial of a parallel between them and God is both endearing, and completely redundant.
Last Friday on stage they WERE gods, and I don't think a single person in the crowd would oppose to me saying that the name fits in whichever way you want to look at it.
Had they been the type of people to arrogantly label themselves the band of all bands it would have been slightly harder to accept them as rightful owners of the title but you still would, begrudgingly, after catching even a glimpse of them on stage.
The fact that they seem like the last people to identify themselves in that way only adds to their godliness and allows you to willingly point out the ironic correlation.
Which is exactly what my perhaps-not-so-wh-hild imagination was doing Friday night as I watched them for the first time.
Based on the ridiculous notes I took during their set I'd like to think that my mind was so far blown by the performance that my ability to make sense was just entirely overruled by how awesomely beyond words Zeus really were.... but we all know by now that it was probably just the liquor causing my inability to write comprehensively....
Observe, my complete notes from the night:
- nice tits
- I wear my sunglasses at bight (yup, that spelling error has whiskey written all over it)
- Thought on cd same singer bit no (there it is again)
- I want sun
- Guitar
- New Song
- Hurricane
- Frank Zappa and Cat Stevens
I really have no clue what I was supposed to take from any of that, except that I was actually surprised to find out that the vocals were done by more than one person and that sparked my memory of each member switching instruments like a whore switches from ass to mouth (you never go ass to mouth!) to vagina to ear or wherever else.
Oh, and one of them was wearing sunglasses, and it was bighttime ... errr nighttime.
Other than that I have NO idea why I wrote any of the other stuff.
I am certain the 'nice tits' part was actually for the band before, Amos The Transparent, because damn the girl in the band had great titties. Grade A pieces of meat right thurr.
Unfortunately the rest of my dumb clues fall to my foggy whiskey memory only to never make sense again.
What I do remember, no thanks to my note taking, was that I could barely peal my eyes off the stage in front of me during their set and by the end of it fully believed that Zeus was indeed the god of all gods (musically) that night in Toronto.

Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus!

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