merry 2011

This is probably going to be my last post of 2011
whoaaa nelly, hold on to yo grillz

two things:
happy fucking holidaysizz.
i will not be bothering with caps in this post. caps are on vacation, along with my brain. sack tit.

let's talk about 2011, because everybody is doing it.

without a doubt the best show i saw in the past year was the jim jones revue at the horseshoe.

the worst show i saw was breaching vista also at the horseshoe.

way to go horseshoe, lovin' tha varietay !

some of my favourite albums of 2011, judging only by the reviews on this site, have been:
the decemberists - the king is dead
the acb's - stone rosa
arpline - travel book
black lips - arabia mountain
junior battles - idol ages
poison control center - stranger ballet
king louie's missing monuments - painted white

my favourite comeback was by the mommyheads with their new album delicate friction.

the saddest news of 2011 was that the roman line broke up... :(

and i've got to mention spitfist somewhere in here because boy did they blow up over the past year... i mean... from parts and labour to opening for the headstones at sound academy... holy shit!

i remember developing a huge obsession with this song for a super long time.

catchiest song of 2011

however, this remix gives that song a run for it's bling

shout out to this song thoz.

and the band NOT from 2011 who got the most plays apparently since the beginning of the year who i haven't ever mentioned... the kills.

i'm sarah i do what i want

Young Rival at Garrison... The Musical Centipede.

The Young Rival show last night at The Garrison was fucking awesome.
I wasn't sure if I'd end up staying long enough to see them, even though I missed them the last time they were here because the prospect of FREE LIQUOR at another bar obviously won me over. This time I was a the show to see The Coppertone (great fucking band, check them out) for werk purposes and I was sick and exhausted and still unable to feel the effects of liquor - #immunity , #detoxinorder - and therefore in a generally 'whatever' sort of mood about the whole being out at a show thing. It wasn't until they began to play that I realized that my feet were planted and I wasn't going anywhere.
How could I?
I must have forgotten how good they were when I was debating leaving.. Srrrriously stupid of me.
I am entirely glad I didn't, even if I'm that much more exhausted this morning. At least my sickness seems to have stepped aside... must have been the tequila. What doesn't get you drunk, makes you healthier.
Anyway, Young Rival were kind of like Portugal. The Man -the singers voice sounded so much like the Portugal. singer but ONLY when heard from the bathroom....not that I spent a lot of time there or anything #worstbladderinlife- and The Black Lips, if their music was people...and these people were abducted by that crazy German man who likes to sew ones face(mouth) to anothers buttocks. The food that is fed through the first mouth, digested, and passed through via bunghole to the next mouth, and repeated, would be Young Rival.
And if you think I'm comparing Young Rival to shit you're wrong. You clearly just don't get the brilliance of my statement.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Mark Sultan / Strange Attractor / Dustin Bentall / Catl

What a weekend! Toronto pretty much rocks sometimes tho eh.
Mark Sultan with Strange Attractor on Friday, Dustin Bentall AND Catl on Saturday.
And lots and lots of w*** and w***. (pssst, one of those is 'wine' and the other is NOT wizz, although there was probably a lot of that too because of the wine.)

First of all, Mark Sultan for $5 at P&L. Talk about dealz, amiright?
He was goddamn awesome, despite the fact that I couldn't see him even on my tippiest of toes, and the place was so packed that if the people on either side of you were dancing - which they were - then you had no choice but to dance too, but without expelling any effort of your own. The only downfall was that I wasn't quite drunk enough compared to most of the people in the crowd, and when you can't see anything happening on stage it's imperative that you drink your way into blind dance mode... especially when the music is that of Mr. Mark Sultan... and unfortunately for me I have been having troubles getting legit drunk lately (DAMN YOU SUPER HIGH TOLERANCE, I'D BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU!) and because my budget didn't allow 5 more shots of jager it just wasn't going to happen for me that night.
Needless to say Sultan killed it regardless, but it was Strange Attractor who played first who actually blew my fucking mind, sinking the battle ship of my brain in one fucking shot. THEY WERE SO SO SO GOOD. Punk rock mofo's. Holy cow, man. My apologies for having nothing more to say about how fucking amazing they were, one of the w*** 's took it's toll on my memory of this performance and I'm left with only bits and pieces of the pure awesomeness that was their set.

On Saturday Dustin Bentall played for FREE at Cameron House. I never thought I'd get a chance to see him let alone for FREE and it pretty much made my life, even if I didn't stay too long because the place filled up like a crack whore's veins when the welfare cheques go out. Oh snap.

Catl played at the Silver Dollar as well on Saturday making it one hell of a twangy night for which I couldn't have been more pleased (that's the Cobourg in me talking!). This is the first time I've seen them since that epic Halloween show a couple years ago at the Garrison when I was introduced to them. That was such an amazing experience that I was a little bit nervous that seeing them in normal attire headlining wouldn't live up to the memory I have of them in costume between sets that magical night. BUT they did. They lived up to the memory and ended up impressing me more than ever without any Halloween gimmicks, just straight up bluesy rock n country. I mean, it says a LOT about a band who can entertain the shit out of a crowd with 2/3rds of them sitting. The drummer sitting is a given, but with the front man stationary for most of the performance yet still more exciting to watch than many bands I've seen with their singers constantly moving. The chick on the keys was the most fun to watch though as she slammed her instrument in such an encouraging way that even I was imagining her, myself, and a different kind of slamming going on after the show... me and every guy in the room I'm sure.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality... totally forgot my camera at home, WHOMP.

PS. Check out this army of misfit toys... totally going to come to life and kill us all. AHH!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CHILDISH GAMBINO, The Joke's On WHO? + Raz Fresco, The Next Big Thing.

I don't get it.
He's a comedian. He's not retarded. Yet.... his music...
My bf and I are certain that he's pulling everyone's legs, yanking their chains, tugging on their dicks... however, not a single person I have talked to about this agrees.
I think maybe they just don't get/appreciate Danny Glover's true humour enough to understand the JOKE OF ALL JOKES which is his "serious" rap career.
OR Maybe we give him too much credit based on his character in Community, and maybe in real life he just IS as lame and dumb as his rap persona makes him appear (okay okay so I know that he's got a million die hard Lil Wayne/Drake loving fans who think he's the hottest shit to hit the commercial hip hop toilet since, well, Drake and Lil Wayne, but they're all retarded anyway so their opinions are nul) BUT COME ON.
He can't be serious, he just can't be, I stand by the fact that he's way too smart for that, and that he's just a comedic genius proving how stupid this style of music (DRAKE) is and how easy it is to spit rhymes that make no sense and get popular.

Here are 10 of the MANY lines that I believe back me up.
1. And my clique make that dinero, so it's time to meet the fuckers (this reasoning is suffice..)

2. Are there Asian girls here? Minority Report ('here' is def not China, or Japan, or Thailand, or Korea... ETC ETC ETC)

3. I got some pussy that was insane, so insane, it's an enemy of Batman (this screams Community)

4. It's Monster shit, you dude's are the opposite of Lochnesses (what IS the opposite of A REGULAR FISH? TUNA?)

5. Respond to this, we can squash the beef right now like sausages (I would have gone with hamburgers but okay)

6. So she don't get embarrassed, my dick is made of carrots (say what?)

7. In the back of the bush, like Gavin Rossdale's drummer (hahahahaha clever)

8. Took the G out your waffle, all you got left is your ego (huh?)

9. An elephant never forgets, so my dick remembers everything (brainz)

10. clique should be cancelled, Freaks and Geeks (OH SNAP)

On to some rappers with real potential.
Raz Fresco is a Toronto MC/Producer that's rocking the shit out of the whole Odd Future style without all the bullshit media hype games, and at only 15 too. My buddy showed me a few of his videos the other day and it's quite obvious that he's going to be huge. Just wait for it.

Check it out.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

What boy band did YOU like best?

I came to the conclusion this morning as I reminisced at the top of my lungs to 5ive that the boy bands you listened to as a pre-teen probably had a lot more effect on your music taste now than you think.

Example. This was my favourite 5ive song. It involves horns, a good beat (haha), and a bit of rapping. Plus many beautiful harmonies. Some attitude, and a whole lot of pop.


I am bored of this post already. Really I just wanted a semi-legit reason to post that song and still maintain SOME credit. Hehehe.

The Painted Lady Ruins Lives. (Or rather just bands if I lose the dramatic)

Seriously fuck that place. I fucking hate it.
I knew going there to see Carlo Meriano last night would be a bad idea. But Carlo's coolness acted as swift kick in the butt forceful enough that I actually entered the dreaded hipster hell hole. And I was excited about it until I realized that the band hadn't even hit the stage yet though I showed up at the exact time they were supposed to start. Granted technical difficulties were rumoured to have prolonged the band before from playing their set on time, which happens. However, a hole fucking hour later in that disgusting shoe box of a venue squished up against a pile of coats taking up a horribly placed chair seemed like a ridiculously long time to wait for a guy who was started off his set solo. Finally he hit the stage and my mood struggled to improve as the thick framed moustached crowd surged forward around me into the NO SPACE that was precariously strewn around a few unnecessary tables right in front of the stage. Stop having shows there, aside from low key cafe style solo artists performing not to a crowd at the front but to a busy bar, seriously, and if you insist on it then move those fucking tables so that you can fit more than 3 people in a damn row. GAWWWWHHHDDD. Short people have no business being in that place during a show, for realz.
ANYHOO, as if the whole venue+crowd+waiting wasn't bad enough Carlo's brother got on stage and wasted more time talking about shit that only friends of him or his bro would give a shit about instead of just playing some damn music, and when he finished I was bombarded with an annoying Christmas cover to start the set. EW. Enough is enough. By this time my attention was fully lost on this performance and zero'd in on falafel, but I reminded myself just how fucking awesome his album was when I reviewed it and literally FORCED myself to stand still for 2 more songs, the second which was actually pretty cute but slightly boring without the rest of the band, and the third being another stupid Christmas song that I might actually have appreciated if I was happy at the show or at least in a better venue. I couldn't take anymore at that point and when that song finished and gave way to more talking I knew I had to get out of there. The end. And by the way I didn't get my falafel because of how late it was on a Sunday. DAMN YOU PAINTED LADY, DAMMMNNN YOUUUUUU.

Now look. None of this is a reflection of Carlo Meriano, I still think he's damn good and am going to see him at Sneaky Dee's where the people AND the venue are far superior to this dirty ditch of a bar, and I will ACTUALLY review it then. For now, fuck the Painted Lady. See a summary of my thoughts below.

Picture of legs and BUTT: Awesome.
Tits: Awesome.
Door guy: Awesome.
Bartender: Awesome.
Carlo Meriano: Awesome.
Christmas songs he played: Not Awesome. - Although may have been awesome elsewhere.
Carlo's Bro: Not Awesome.
Set Up Time: Not Awesome.


Then play (hey hey! look at me rhyming away! I should be a rapprrr, h'okay!) Belle & Sebastian's album The Life Pursuit and despite the fact that it's raining, and you're exhausted, and TTC blows an ocean sized load all over every Torontonian's face every single Doggdamn morning. All that will wash away, as soon as you play, this album, h'okay?

I'm Sarah, I do what I want today.

Tupper Ware Remix Party at Bovine!

I went to see the "intergalactic electro dance metal" (according to their FACEBOOK) band Tupper Ware Remix Party last night at the Bovine where they have a weekly Wednesday night residency, and holy shit.
They were awesome.
Go see them.
AND it was free. So like, what the fuck are you waiting for.
They are the perfect combination of heavy Iron Maiden rock for the dudes and MDMA influenced danceable electro for the ladies. If you're looking for a cheap date idea take them bitches to Bovine for this show - a fuck fest is guaranteed if you do.
Unfortunately last night the huge crowd thinned out unexpectedly before the end of their set... I guess some people just can’t appreciate flawlessly good music without being able to sing along to something. For me the costumes and the stage gimmicks were enough to satisfy my short attention span. To those who left - you're all retarded. Stop pretending to be into music. Do your friends a favour and admit to loving JBiebs and go jump off a bridge. Baby baby baby AWWWW shat the fack ap.

Tupper Ware Remix Party rule. That is all.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Drones, not to be confused with The Drones, who I indeed confused them with.

No bother, both Drones bands are good. Very different, but good.
This Drones (sans the 'The') is a punk band from somewhere in England.
They sound like a an orgy of Anti-Flag, Pennywise and Strike Anywhere.
All bands I love.
All bands I've heard soooo many times.
Which gives Drones a one up on all of them because they're fresh. And somehow the combination of all my favourite bands becomes new favourite band potential... which may sound like an obvious conclusion to some but more often than not when your sound consists of a bunch of other bands sounds who are as epic as the 3 I just listed your sound just can't compare.
I can't believe how well these guys pull it off though.
They've got a ton more comparisons all of which I can link back to my list of top 20 favourite bands. And still the more I listen to Drones the more I want to pass on listening to any single one of my favs in exchange for only hearing this one album, maybe not for ever but for a very long time.
Impeccable punk rock of 2011.
I can't believe it.

Check them out here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Christien Summers, Psychic Disco Pop Extraordinaire!

Okay, weird. I threw on this Christien Summers EP Cloud One, poured myself a drank and sat down just in time to hear her sexysweet voice tell me to "have a drink" and let myself unwind.
The title of this EP speaks for itself.. fuck Bryan Adams all the way over there on cloud nine, we're on cloud one with Christien Summers, and we're dreaming in disco.
Electro pop combined with the sounds of the 70's, and layered with the perfect female vocals to bind the two styles effortlessly into one new, remarkable sound.
I love it.
Now excuse me while I pick out some loud clothes in awkward combinations.

Download the Cloud One EP for FREE here.

*NOTE: I've now listened to it 7 times in a row.*

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Gimme Gimme More (Carlo Meriano) Gimme More (Carlo Meriano) Gimme Gimme More (Carlo Meriano)

I had a huge fight with my space-less computer while trying to transfer this album (Carlo Meriano - Sticka Ikebana) into my Itunes.
The gloves were close to coming off, I had to delete my Back To The Future game progress in order to convince the son of a bitch to let me move some shit'rrund. (I am mac illiterate, fyi.) Luckily that worked (guess I was pretty far harr harr) otherwise it would have gotten violent. And although my computer may have more smrtz than me, it's still limbless... muahaha. fists.
*picture this picture that I am far too shitty at life to make: a computer dressed as Little Red Riding Hood in the scene with the Wolf dressed up as the grandma, only in this case it's not a wolf it's ME, and my arms, and Little Red Riding Hood Computer spots my arms and there's a speech bubble with her saying "My what big arms you have" and the wolf replies "The better to beat you with" and then beats LMRH's screen to pieces and throws her against the wall.

I have no idea what I'm doing or saying.

Carlo Meriano. Fucking awesome.
I'm glad I didn't eat my computer, hearing the album now is worth all the trouble it took to get it to my ears.
I would attempt to describe it in some failure of a way but I just stumbled upon their facebook page and read this, the best description ever:
Carlo Meriano sings like a sci-fi novel, with a cadence combining barroom-spoken word and black-tie pop. With a musical itinerary that travels from the twilight zone, to truck drivers, to an impending alien invasion; these sounds ask you to stay awhile, drink another round, let them invade your dreams, which still hold the taste for rich fare... Ikebana offers a gratification that lingers and grows.
Dude. Twilight Zone. 'Nuff said. I couldn't have said it better myself although I wish I did.
(Also) influenced by Elliot Smith, Moldy Peaches, Johnny Cash, Magnetic Fields and often featuring a ukulele, harmonica, lap steel, violin, banjo and glockenspiel it almost creates an obvious mathematical explanation as to where this twangy indie rock band got their sound.... the sum of all influences divided by the sum of all instruments, multiplied by the percentage of random in the Twilight Zone equals Carlo Meriano.

Makes sense to me.
The album has this sort of haunting enthusiasm to each song which makes my stomach knot up with an obsessed hunger for as much Carlo Meriano as I can get my hands on.
Now I know what B Spears was talking about in her "gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more" song, NOT dick or drugs, but perhaps Carlo Meriano?

It rhymes. Nuff said pt 2.

Check out Carlo Meriano HERE.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Gabrielle Papillon + Me = Love.

I can't get enough of this folky singer songwriter Gabrielle Papillon and her album The Currency of Poetry. She's like one half of Tegan & Sara (either half) thrown together with Ani Difranco or Joni Mitchell. It's cute, sometimes heart wrenching, always gorgeous.
She's like the rum ham to my Frank and Mac.
I'm hooked.

Mmmm rum ham.

I'm Sarah, I do what I want.

Crushing the grapes of my heart with your feet.

Ivan & Alyosha are the musical equivalent to a full bodied red wine.
Filled with the various instrumental fruits including fresh juicy piano, the more you hear it the happier you become, and I couldn't picture anything better than settling down each evening to a plate full of red meat and some I&A.
Just listening to them I feel classier, smarter, more prestigious.
Gentle melodies, soft build ups and a simple beauty are the aromas that inhibit this short EP Fathers Be Kind and as always the bottle is empty before you know it.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Dan Webb and the Spiders

They're hairy.
Combined they have 8 legs.
And 8 eyes.
They call themselves Dan Webb and the Spiders.
And it's surprising that I even gave them a chance with such terrifying attributes.
Yet I'm happy I did.
They're probably the only 'spiders' I've ever liked.
So they're lucky, I won't squish the shit out of them.
The music is basically made up out of as many genres/sub genres as there are hairy legs, all of which blend into a hazily labeled rock band.

Despite the confusing genre mash up the music somehow remains unobtrusive and sounds almost uninterested in itself, just like the quiet confidence of a spider with 8 balls and 4 dicks. It's when you really concentrate do you realize the true effort put forth to perfectly spin the web that is their new album Much Obliged


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Hellooooooooo Nurses!

Hmmm. I seem to have exited out of my latest pop punk phase and entered a total electro dance party phase. How 'bout that!
The synth pop retro-electro dance-party-in-da-house phase has fully taken over the ticklage of my na na and I barely even noticed until I started listening to Nurses new album Dracula for this review.
They fall into the psych-pop-dance-retro range, reminding me of some band from the 70's/80's.. resurrected from the dead just in time for Halloween to perform at some fall county fair.
I'm into it.
It's pretty obscure, a little raunchy, and it makes me want to dance some weird artsy interpretive stoner dance around my living room, ceremonially offering my neck blood to their Dracula.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Mommyheads keep Mommyhead'in!

Wow. The Mommyheads are only a year younger than I am.
Well, minus a decade when they were on hiatus though, so technically 11 years younger than I am. Which no longer seems like a big deal, D'OH!
What IS a big deal tho is the entire 90's decade.
And the bringing-back-of-it in this new Mommyheads album Delicate Friction.
Tho it's a clear call back to the music of my youth they somehow use their jazz and R&B elements to sound completely modern and indie. Only the technical aspects speak to their age through tightness and genius construction. It's simply impossible to mistake this album for a band of this era solely based on years of experience exuding thru each song.
For me this album is the type that boggles my mind with how good it really is, and how perfectly it fits in the hand of all of my current musical obsessions.

I'm cursing the fact that i have to go grocery shopping and can't continue sitting on my fat ass just flushing my face with coffee and bowlz (not toilet) listening to this album over and over.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Neon Indian @ Lee's Palace

Fresh from a rainy cottage getaway my omgbfomg and I headed to Lee's Palace to check out the Neon Indian show.
We couldn't have picked a bigger musical contrast to the tv-less rustic-on-the-lake experience than the smoookey (smokey+spooky) sold out electro 'dance-me-a-river' party that was Lee's Palace to end the vacation.
What I expected was some head boppin', stoner-vibin' electronic to sway along and trip ballz to.
What I got was a shit ton of fog, lights, hips and hands in the urrr.
Full on dance party.
And surprisingly?
I loved it.
The singer reminded me of Danny Zuko meets Michael Jackson, but with a hint of zombie (from MJ presumably), and at some points during the show it sounded like he may have taken over as frontman of Yeasayer... a band who hasn't left my ITunes playlist since seeing them back in wheneverthefucktheywereherelast.
The dance-your-butt-off attitude each song demanded was right on par with the mix I made for the long drive home that allowed me too many 'Sarah dance in ma seat' moments. Let's just say I am thankful to have had more time to get that girly energy out of my system for now!
Funny enough, my omfgbfomfg who is a much bigger fan than I am wasn't nearly as impressed by the show as moi.
I think that might say more about the show than anything.

*was forbidden to take pictures, wah!*

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Vacation Anticipation!

Guess who's on vacation as of 5pm today!
And before I go I have a couple neat EP's to tell you about.

The first is by a band called Beside Myself from California. They're this alt-rock-punk outfit and their vocals are my all-time favourite. Each voice has that punk rock edge to it that tweaks my heart with each drawn out line. Instrumentally everything about the band makes me happy too, especially the punky bass. If you've heard of The Regime, or read about them on this 'ol thang, you'll probably like this new band with a couple of The Regime members. The two bands definitely vary in sound a bit but as far as the boner scale goes they're both full on stiffys. The only negative thing I have to say is this EP is WAY too short. Can't wait for more!

Next up is a band called Trails with their self-titled EP. These guys have a more technical post-alt-rock-punk with some dance vibes thrown in. They sound like Minus the Bear picked up Bloc Party at a bar one night, got it drunk, threw it in, Bloc Party got preggo and decided to keep the baby. Minus the Bear clearly acted like a real man, accepted responsibility for the child and had a huge hand in raising it in todays music scene - judging by their sound anyway. I approve of this child and how it was raised. I think this lil guy is going to make a big mark someday soon. SEXcuse my perversion in talking about boners and babies, but this one really hardens my wood, yeah.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Catching up with Swim Agency - Villa Rosa and Mayda Reviewz!

I've had these emails sitting in my inbox since September 9th, OOPSIEDAISY, sorry Swim Agency! They're pimping a hip hop duo featuring Muja Messiah & Maria Isa called Villa Rosa and a poppy R&B broad named Mayda. I'm going to be a dick again (my M.O. as of late) and throw these two reviews together in a cuter, shorter, lazier package that is this one post.

Villa Rosa impress me easily with Muja's peanut-butter-smooth flow and good-enough-for-K-OS beats. "So Far Away" makes me think of TLC and that's cool. Some of the lyrics are high school trivial, and not the sort of high school I went to, the ones with cheerleaders and football stars that I can't relate to at all, but in these cases the music plays a bully, shoving the lyrical content to the side and demanding full attention. And I avoid the high school drama headache, thank goodness.
I particularly love the Latin touch to the music. It's like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and I used to love that soundtrack believe it or not. It makes an otherwise generic light hearted hip hop album stand out as something more, something different, something more intriguing. Sometimes the repetitive nature of the chorus' kill me, but all in all I enjoy the album.

Mayda is borderline too poppy for me at first but has this attitude about her that keeps me open minded and eventually wins me over with the end of "The Panthers" and especially "Now". She's got this new age soul sound to her, but with a lot of pop accompaniment, electronics, and a surprisingly lot of rock. There's something about the high notes she hits and how she sings that just draw me in completely to a style that I haven't appreciated since the 90's. She's a younger version of Robyn's newer style. I'm shocked to say that I think I love it. That's pretty astounding considering....

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Lucky Ones and Nothington at the Cobra Skulls Show!

So I wasn't planning on reviewing this show because I'm uber-behind as it is and I was interviewing the Cobra Skulls but when I found out The Lucky Ones were playing I decided to put in some effort and make notes, and post said notes. Why? Because the drummer is from Cobourg, gotta represent!

Lucky ones
-Cobourg drummer represent!!
-singer had a shirt that said "shut up and drink" on the back and I obliged every time he turned around.... Oh playing drinking games with yourself.
-some songs reminded me of Lars fronted Rancid songs
-entertaining singer sans instrument
-reminded me of the loved ones with davie havoc singing almost, only less vocal theatrics
-Briggs-like. love that band
-new album in a month'ish
-new songs tantalizing guitar
-very oi says Alicia from SPITFIST

-everything I ever dreamed
-drummer so into it while drumming
-drummer like family guy's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men

-singer loves fans, fist bumps, playing right among them away from mic, cheersing
-first songs all my favs, wait all are favs
-first time in Canada
-blown away that they look my age
-fucking love new songs
-had to pee so bad but couldn't leave :|
-played everything I wanted to hear
-when sweat drips from ceiling you have a successful show
-met one dude in cobra skulls van (sounds slutty) when doing interview, stoked on life!
-so happy I could puke
-fans on stage singing last song, they took over, mics moved back , welcome to Canada!!
-band left after set singer stayed on played super old song along, so cool!! Drummer too!

And let me just say that Cobra Skulls rocked my face off, check out my interview HERE.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Reveling - Tributaries

Check out The Reveling's latest album Tributaries, that is if you like any of that 90's punk rock that was, uh, COOL as opposed to today's emo crap.
So many bands nowadayz can't seem to get the 'pop' and the 'punk' to work together and end up sounding like some top 40 poppy emo baby garbage and frankly I'm really tired of it.
As soon as I heard the first track off this album I leaned back, breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and thought FINALLY no more of that ****ity (I'll get in trouble if I use that word, even if I don't mean it like that, and I don't want to offend... WELL, I do, but not in that way, even if half my friends are ***) crap.
These guys actually remind me so much of Alkaline Trio, and hints of other bands of that era. THE GOOD ERA.
Listening to the album makes me want to stand up to somebody or something, I have no idea what or why. It also immediately crushes that notion by making me feel like I would fail if I tried and just end up regretting it. Ha! As depressing as it is I LOVE IT. It makes you FEEL what they're singing about. And no matter how sad the lyrics get the album itself makes me happy happy happy, because it's good good good.
WARNING: Band may cause uncontrollable foot tapping issues.
ONLY PRESCRIPTION: Stand up and rock out.

On a scale of flaccid to boner this album begins with an immediate half chub and by the end of it you’ve splooged twice, and are in the process of jerking another one out.

Check out these cool Nervous Energies session vids.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

I put the ASS in procrASStination. (PART TWO)

Here I am again, still playing the catch up game. (see post below)
This time I'm not months (plural) behind, but only about a month (singular) - which is admittedly still pretty bad but decidedly not AS bad.
Once again though I'm super sorry to each band/PR for the delay, and sorry again for the shortness of these reviews and the fact that I'm throwing them all together in one post in order to finish them faster.
This is what you get yourself into when you email somebody whose signature states clearly that they do what they want. This also goes for 'when they want' and 'if they want'. So, like, whatever.

Blessed Feathers - From the Mouths of the Middle Class
This is the best thing to come out of my 80+ emails so far. An intricate blast of hippy-folk using both male and female vocals on top of a beautifully chosen variety of instruments used minimally to haunt the backdrop of each track. Comparable to Akron/Family and Grizzly Bear, I highly highly recommend you check them out if you are a) a hippy, b) like the new indie folky artsy movement, c) are a girl who isn't into top 40.

On a scale of flaccid to boner I just had multiple eargasms... no, no, allovergasms.

Casino - Sainte Rose EP
Non-threatening, catchy, cute and dancy indie rock band from Montreal. It's a little young for me, but the fact that I can't think of anything mean to say about them at all indicates that I don't hate them. I would probably love them about 5 years ago when I was working at HMV and was way more emo than I am now. I'm sure I'd love them if I was on E otherwise.

On a scale of flaccid to boner I'll be needing a fluffer before I'm good to go on these guys.

Boy Set Sail - We're Almost There
"You could be my one hit wonder" ... haha, love that line. Boy Set Sail are a emo progressive pop punk band following the footsteps of bands like Transit (who I'm about to talk about next), only much younger sounding. I still like a lot of elements to bands like these, especially most of the vocals, but the cute vs punk balance is tilted too much in the wrong direction for my current 'adult' tastes. Still, not bad tho.

On a scale of flaccid to boner I feel like I'm on an episode of How To Catch A Predator and this band is the bait. That doesn't make sense but I don't care. I'm on loopy meds, leave me alone!

Transit - Listen & Forgive
And here's where I bite my tongue from that last paragraph, because this Transit album sounds very similar to what I was just listening to. And yet I absolutely love it. I don't feel too old for it. It's more technical, a little darker, slightly heavier, and with a deeper angst to the vocals. Yet still full of poppy choruses and sad-but-cute lyrical content. I have played the old Transit songs so many times that I can no longer bring myself to put them on unless random selects them, in which case I still never change them. This album relieves the old of duty and give me a fresh new batch of awesome to get to know. I'm so glad this is the last album I have to talk about in this post so I can stop working and just have fun listening. Amen sista!

On a scale of flaccid to boner I just had sex with this band and album. Twice.

FINALLY! Caught up... somewhat. Now to go through about 50 more untouched emails from the past 2 days. GD.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want when I have to.

I put the ASS in procrASStination. (PART ONE)

Wow. Dear bands/PRs who I promised reviews to way back in, like, July. I AM SO SORRY! I have been busy to the power of fucked for the last couple of months, from leaving on vacation to packing to moving to unpacking to going home for my mom's birthday to getting my teeth pulled... all of which has taken up any and all weekends/week nights that I have had free. All the while juggling friends, boyfriend, new roommate fun, finally having NETFLIX for the first time ever and putting on shows to going to shows... ON TOP OF a full time job that takes everything out of me on a daily basis.
Once again though, I AM SO SORRY!!
Right now I'm on leave from work due to being loopy as fuck after getting my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago.
Yesterday I sat down to try to work on these super late reviews plus a few interviews that I NEED to write asap and ended up not quite able to focus on the screen and instead fell asleep.
It may happen again today.... :s

Anyway, I apologize again because I'm going to have to lump together a few reviews at a time in able to be able to catch up even slightly on my lengthy 'TO DO' list. And therefore these reviews won't be too long, or deep... or good. bah!

Sharks Come Cruisin' - A Past We Forget That We Need To Know
Loved them within the first 10 seconds of the first song on the album. They sound like a drunken celtic-themed pirate party (that's a celtic theme party thrown by pirates, in other words) who have drank all their meanness away and are just so full of jolly liquor that they're all joining together in song... singing some traditional tunes and some of their very own (these are talented pirates!) all with melodies to walk-the-plank for. I love it.

On a scale of flaccid to boner, mine is RRRRRR-agin' after hearing this album. (oh that was bad, so bad.)

Carmel Mikol - Creature
Carmel Mikol is a folk singer/songwriter from Cape Breton whose silky sweet voice is begging to put me to sleep in this doped up mess my mind is in, yet the rootsy guitar rock backed with some banjo/mandolin here and there is far too entertaining to let me slip into slumber, even during the slower tracks. There is something so soothing about her music, it makes me feel like I'm sitting in a rocking chair in front of her and her guitar while she sings to me intimately rocking me back and forth with her foot while she strums. Her upbeat country-infused tracks like "Made" are my favourite, reminding me of Neko Case way back in the days of The Virginian. Love!

On a scale of flaccid to boner you could use my dick as the stake in a game of horseshoes.

Machinefiend - Sick In Space
Machinefiend is a friend of mines progressive electronic solo project. He's typically an electronic producer, and generally a music genius. Seriously. He's done the whole punk band thing, hip hop thing, electronic thing AND even the whole songs about cheese thing. All of which have been awesome. My favourite though would have to be this one, Machinefiend. Despite the fact that I'm not the craziest electronic music fan I actually like this genre creation of his better than say punk which we all know I love. It's just so, HIM. It's not so much what he does best but what he does naturally. And he is naturally fucking awesome at this progressive electronic thing.
Maybe it's the drugs talking right now (this is really the best time for me to be reviewing this, heh) but this album is taking me with it on a surreal journey every time I close my eyes and just focus on it.
I'm not going to lie, that joint I just smoked is probably half responsible for that.
I just... I think it's so fucking cool, this album. Excuse my lack of electronic knowledge here, but sometimes words don't need to be big or smart-sounding to get across what you're trying to say. Again, this is COOL!
I am actually infatuated with it right now, something that is always awkward for me to say about somebody I know.
It's becoming quite an obsession for me right now, so I think I'm going to stop writing about it and just listen to it again and again and again......

On a scale of flaccid to boner, this pocket rocket is ready for launch in 5, 4, 3, 2...

I'm Sarah. I am surprised I stayed awake this long.

Deep Dark Woods / The Beauties @ Lee's Palace

Deep Dark Woods.... more like Deep Dark WOOD. As in, boner.
Which is what I would have perma-had at Lee's Palace on Saturday night if I was a dude and was sexually attracted to music, and comfortable enough to admit to getting a boner from a band of boys, which I totally would be.
What I'm trying to say is I'd be gay for Deep Dark Woods.
Their performance was like the sexy buxom studio nurse to my Yakko and Wakko. (If I had balls I would give them those nicknames for sure!)

I almost missed it for my mom's birthday in Cobourg but last minute decided to come back to the city and try to catch up on the massive work load I've accumulated lately. I never thought any good would come out of being utterly swamped, but it opened up my Saturday night to go see Deep Dark Woods with The Beauties at a venue basically across the street from my house, so THANK FREAKIN GOODNESS.
This would be my second chance at seeing the band, the first time was a much more intimate show at the Dakota Tavern. As great as they were at Lee's Palace I think I much prefer the intimacy of being level with the band instead of looking up at them on a stage. They're the type of band who you want to be close to, and feel part of while they play. Fortunately there were far fewer douche bags at this show compared to the last, so that's a point for Lee's Palace.
Since I wasn't even supposed to be there I ended up drinking too much and leaving it up to my boyfriend who I will refer to only as 'Unexpert' (wow it feels weird to let you all in on my relationship status.. too personal, eek!) to review it as if I hadn't shown up at all, so I'm just going to share with you what he thought of the show. And, just FYI, I did do SOMETHING, I took some very drunk and blurry pictures. I'm not useless at all, see!
The keyboardist was incredible, he kept doing really long solos and he would really appreciate the applause that the crowd gave him every time... and seemed pretty modest about it.
There was not enough pedal steel though.
The singer said hilarious things between songs and actually had people laughing...he described one song as "it's about stuff and suchlikes, so get ready to go" and another as "this is a song about things that happen" or something like that....he seemed passively enthusiastic to be there!
They had a lot of drawn out jams that the crowd really seemed to appreciate, new songs and old.
I'm not really sure what else to say about it, I really liked it, but they are better when it is a smaller venue. They still played an amazing set and didn't seem like assholes, they actually looked like they enjoyed themselves.

I definitely agree with all that as far as I can remember.

I wish I wasn't so wasted so I could recall some of The Beauties awesomeness also, because they were fucking phenomenal. They reminded me a lot of a band called Old Man Markley (give or take - mostly take - a few instruments) and they are my ultimate favourite kind of sound right now. I made some notes about how wicked the drummer was and about jizzing in my pants, but that's about all I can decipher from them. I also wrote 'Free Willy' down, and if anybody who was at the show has ANY idea why I would write that could you please tell me.. because I have no fucking idea what that was referring to. Mystery Willy! Oh well...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out the rest of the pictures on my MusicSheBlogged facebook page. I can't get the link to work so just search musicsheblogged . Sawwry!

Thanks a lot to Unexpert.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

"I'm going to play something more mellow, for the ladies perhaps, this one's called 'Killing Spree'" - The Jim Jones Revue

There's been something missing in my life lately.
I have felt its absence without a clue to what 'it' was.
Last night I found 'it' at The Horseshoe...
The Jim Jones Revue was IT!
Not just the band alone, but seeing them perform one of the most exhilarating live shows I have EVER been to. Standing there in the crowd I felt like I was in some sort of rock n roll vortex and was somehow watching a performance by any of the rock n roll greats... Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley (who ODDLY ENOUGH I was listening to before the show as I cleaned my room, weeeird, AND to make things weirder "Suspicious Minds" just came on over SiriusXM radio as I write this :O), or Jerry Lee Lewis.
Judging by the crowd made up of mom's and dad's everybody was experiencing the same feeling, only they had actually lived during times like this. It was almost a real life Back to the Future moment.

The band was irresistible, threatening to send me into a worship-frenzy and encouraging me to consider becoming the next Pamela Des Barres, all thanks to the singer's inSEXiable (get it, instead of insatiable..) Mick Jagger-like energy and his ability to sweet talk the crowd by swearing in their faces loudly (hilarious!).. or the bassists smooth sex-linky (get it, instead of slinky..) moves in his cowboy boots and his tat'd arms producing the most stimulating bass lines that practically picked your feet up and danced them for you.. or the guitarist decked out in leather conjuring up some of the most wicked solos so close to me that his guitar could have smoked me in the face on numerous occasions had I been any drunker/slower to react.. OR the man tickling the ivories to the side who stole my ear-hearts with every ounce of his key-hammering intensity.. OR (this is the last 'or' I promise) the drummer, there's no possible way to forget he who was the backbone to the dance floor the entire performance.
The feeling in the venue was equal to the excitement those darn kids exuded during the school dance-off in Grease. I always wished I had been alive back then specifically for dance numbers like this one, and seeing The JJR perform is probably the closest I will ever come to time traveling back to 1959.

I guess it's no wonder that the JJR were milf magnets. Never have I seen so many cougars creaming their pants together in one place. Yowza!
My favourite part was when the singer called out "I'm going to play something more mellow, for the ladies perhaps, this one's called 'Killing Spree'". One of the best songs of the night, and not more mellow at all.
To sum it up....: WOW.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The sweet sweet sounds of September 2011.

First of all my apologies to those waiting on a review - no internet at home right now means no way of downloading your album which means no review until our internet is hooked up!

This September is pretty bad ass when it comes to new releases.
You've got The Rapture, This is a Standoff, The Horrible Crowes (which, I'm sorry, just sounds like Gaslight and I'm SO SICK of Gaslight Anthem), Kevin Devine, Polar Bear Club, Chuck Ragan, Me First.., Bush, Mogwai, Nirvana (back from the dead!:O), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Wavves, Thrice, Opeth, Mastadon, Cobra Skulls, Hot Water Music, Wilco, Anti-Flag, Jane's Addiction, etc etc etc all releasing albums... not to mention the three bands I'm about to talk about.
Holy cow mang.

The ones I'm most stoked on - or at least the ones I'm most stoked on that I have found streams of already - are Saves The Day, Joey Briggs and Nothington.

It's so weird hearing Saves The Day now... it's been a while since I've listened to them and the vocals are a complete shocker compared to the deep grizzly shit I've been head over heels for lately. However, I'm immediately reminded of how much I love the band after hearing this new album. It's the same old Saves The Day but a different me. And different me still loves good old Saves The Day, even the new old Saves The Day aka this album. Huh.

Ah Joey Briggs. Hands down one of my favourite albums of 2011, and I've only heard it once so far. I thought I was a huge Briggs fan - well, I AM a huge Briggs fan, I didn't just think it - but hearing this solo venture of his just blows the Briggs love right out of the water that is my heart. KABLAMO!

NOTHINGTON!!!!! Funny, this week all I've been listening to on my new walk to work is this band, and I was planning on writing a blurb about how much I love them this morning but forgot/got lazy. Listening to their 6 new songs up on punknews I'm in my own form of heaven eventhoughimatwork and I couldn't be more impressed with their new material. It's always relatively scary being as judgemental as I am and hearing one of your favourite bands new albums because there's a good chance of disappointment... unless the band is as fucking delicious as Nothington. GODDAMN.
I want them to put their musical dick in me, or if they'd let me I'd like to put my lady dick in their music. Just the tip? Nah. The whole damn thing.

I'm Sarah Etc.

Tiny Tide Tiny Tide Tino Tids Tenny Tode Teeny Turds

First off, I'm drunk.
I haven't done a drunk review in a while!
Today is a day of 'haven't-in-a-while'sss I guess.
I feel bad for taking so damn long to do this review, and then being drunk when I finally get around to it. Oooooppppsssssss. Sorry!!
I'm kind glad I am though, it's definitely adding to the fuckedupdedness of this Tiny Tide album I'm listening to. Right now they are beautifully blending into an electro-like dancy, tribal, across the seas sort of COCKtail, and I'm really enjoying it after the movie I just watched (Battlefield Baseball, my new favourite FYI... and cue Sarah making a moviessheblogged page).
The album I'm to be reviewing is called There's A Girl That Never Goes Out, which makes me laugh because I'm drinking at home alone right now watching subtitled preposterous baseball themed movies. The album SOUNDS as if the girl is out though, and I don't remember TIny Tide to sound like that. THey were much more, uh, euro classic rock sounding when I first heard them I thought.. but as I type that I realize that this now is a natural progression into euro beats.
It's not quite beats. Forget that...
I like it though. It may have enticed me to get up on more than a few occasions during the short album and perform 1 of my 3 'sarah moves' as they'e been dubbed. How predictable.
Diggin' it.

I recall I'm supposed to be reviewing another album of theirs too? (hahaha@calling the above a review) One that happened out of nowhere in the time that I took to get around to doing this "review"... OOPPZZZ AGAINZZZ
This one is Plato's Summer Stars and within the first 40 seconds of the first track I am jizzing my bed over it. It's along the same dancy lines thus far but with this total Elton John/Billy Joel background to it, reminding me once again of their classic rock likeness.
They've got some magic ability shit to pull this album out of their ass in the short period of time my which procrastination desired.
I really like it.
It's much spacy-rrr than the one I was just rambling about, and has me bobbing around my bed all full of sarah moves without even bothering to get up.
Maybe because the music is too 'right now good', or maybe because I"m drunk. Who knows!

Ima leave you with this. It's from the first album I was mumbling about.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Light For Fire really light my fire, if you know what I mean. (in my vagina)

I haven't done this lately - talked about a band without being asked - but I can't get enough of Light For Fire and I just have to share it with as many people as possible.
They play liquor-drenched folk music reminiscent of a broken-hearted-but-still-relatively-optimistic M. Ward, Good Old War/Unlikely Cowboy, with a shot of Bob Dylan and a Conor Oberst chaser.
Trust me when I say that whiskey dick is no threat as I drink up this album. There's absolutely no stopping the boner I have for it, in fact, it's one of those wasted boners that just never end (blow).
"Where I Was Born" is such a fantastic song, and "Green Heart", and "Twisted Rose", and ... well ... all of them.
They've easily become my new favourite band (at least of this week).
Hence the 'Band of the Week' title, WHUTTUP!

You should listen to it here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Megan Heavlin Ochoa, RAWRRR!

Megan Heavlin Ochoa sounds like one feisty tamale. She's sort of like a Latin (I don't even know if she's Latino haha) KT Tunstall, and I love me some KT Tunstall. (People are genuinely surprised by this, but I attribute it to my HMV dayz.)
In turn I love everything about this Megan chick too.. love her relatable lyrics, her sexy soulful vocals and especially her sensual bluesy rock sound. She sings mostly female heartbreak stories it seems, but with some serious balls and definite sass to de-pussy the music so gals like me will like it.
I actually really want to be friends with this girl after hearing her song "Crazy". The horns just drive me wild throughout it, along with her demanding voice.

(no horns in this version unfortunately)
I even love her softer side that she shows in songs like "Swooning" and "Rosy Colored Glasses", that show this tamale's got a soul.


Check her out here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Last night was the amazing SPITFIST's Thanks For Nothing 7" release show at Sneaky Dee's, fuck yes.
I was banking on still being drunk and full of enthusiasm as I write this the morning after but biking to work (what, work, nah, I'm not writing this at work, silly, cough) I've lost my buzz - which took most of my leftover enthusiasm with it - and gained the hiccups instead. *hic* D'YAR! *cup*
Luckily I don't NEED to still be drunk to remain excited about the show last night.
With 5 awesome bands (and a soggy nacho precursor) it ended up being one of the best show nights I've had in a whiiiiile.
First up was Maker, a band I swore I recognized facially (hehe facial) but couldn't figure out if I've ever seen before. They were fucking awesome though and I wish they played shows more often with their grizzly vocals and catchy punk rock riffs.
The second band to hit the stage was Kosmograd, who stood out in this line up with their post-metal sound with huge intros and heavy ambient rock outs. And rack the fack aut they did. Not my favourite style but I enjoyed them technically.
A friend of mines friends band, The Get Nuns, were next and (sorry friend!) I immediately judged them to be terrible based on the horrific hair on both guitar player and bass player, and the even worse v-neck of the latter. My original plan was to only talk about how fake the guitarists hair looked in this review up until they actually started playing and I shut my judgemental mouth because they were actually fucking awesome. In a total Change Of Heart (can you believe The Game was on Change Of Heart!?!?!?!?!) I now see his fake glam mop as more of a Vince Noir style, and that's all I will say about that.
Greys were next and immediately grabbed my attention by the balls with their similarity to Refused. mmmMmMmMmmmmm Refused. They were WICKED, and although I've seen them a couple times before I have never been sober enough to be blown away like I was last night, and damn did they blow me.
SPITFIST were the stars of the night though. I've never had as much faith in a chicks ability to play great punk rock as I do after seeing this band, every single time. What started out as fun and games for these 4 HOT chicks morphed into one of the siqqqqqest, tightest Toronto bands of right meow. (meow meow meow meow). Their new even heavier songs gave me the biggest lady boner for this bunch of ladies, and propelled Spitfist into my top 5 favourite bands in the city, easily. I can't even believe how intense my love for them has grown over the last year or so, and despite how many times I've seen them already I can't FUCKING WAIT to see them again. I need their 7". YOU need their 7". Everybody needs their 7".

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Oh! Polyphony

Oh! Polyphony sound exactly how I imagine Jesse Lacey from Brand New would sound if he suddenly decided to clone himself and was able to pull off the technically unsound rapid aging seen in movies such as Star Trek III: Search for Spock, Alien: Resurrection or Starman, and then formed an acoustic band with Jesse #2.
I also imagine that somehow either or both Jesse's become Scottish in the process.
Have I lost you?
Clearly I've lost my mind.
Anyhoo, that's what Oh! Polyphony remind me of.
Genius writing that forms a vice-like grip around your heart, gently ripping it further out of your chest with each song. And all sung with divine harmonies that allow the polyphony name accuracy and the ability to depict what you're about to hear when you read it.
Some may call it math rock, others indie-folk.
Personally I call it acoustic emo.
It's probably all of the above.
And just FYI, I like it.
Not all emo is bad emo, right?
Dude's got this super soothing New Glasgow-obvious voice that carries you through each song as if on you're on that helpful flying carpet in world 1-2 of Super Mario Bros 2 sans any danger coming your way. Except for the danger of HEART BREAK!
Ooh faced!
(Cabin Fever reference, yup)

Anyway, find all his songs on the Oh! Polyphony Bandcamp! and check out this cute indie video also!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear = BEST NAME EVER !

Don't you just LOVE donation-based albums on lately.
They're like, totally awesome.
Well, when the bands are like totally awesome that is.
Ghost Robot Ninja Bear are one of those like totally awesome bands.
You should check them out.

That's all I got.
I'm on vacation in my mind already.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

If you like Sufjan Stevens or The Weeknd...

I present to you Ill Weeknd by Bobby James.
I know it's not the weekend yet, but come Saturday I want you to wake up, grab a beer (it's the weekend, AM drinking is necessary), grab your sunglasses, find a sunny place outside to sit and CRANK THIS ALBUM.

I can't wait for Saturday so I can hear the album in the sun, when it was intended to be heard. Right now I sit in a dark corner of an office dreaming of sunlight and beer and yet still thoroughly enjoying each track. I love Sufjan Stevens, and now that I'm hearing this I think I need to give The Weeknd a serious chance. The samples are done flawlessly, forming a hole new identity that is Bobby James. I know nothing about this guy, but I love him just the same. Brilliant idea, done brilliantly. Bravo!
My favourite track is "John Wayne Gacy Jr. (Killed This Beat)" both for sound and genius song title.
If you're one with Frank Costanza and forever craving SERENITY NOW, I think I've found it for you in Ill Weeknd.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Damn Volkswagen, I like your styyyyyle.

And by styyyyyle I mean the music they put in their new commercials.
EVERY single ad I've seen lately has featured a song that I immediately google and download.
Whoever is in charge of the music should be given a huge fucking raise.
If I had the money I'd probably buy a Golf right now.
Das auto.

1. The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey"

It's astounding how well this song goes with this commercial. It's got a great build up, and had me going back to rediscover The Jesus and Mary Chain.

2. Wave Machines - "Keep The Lights On"

This song is an absolute obsession of mine. Every time I hear it on this commercial it gets stuck in my head, and I still haven't gotten sick of it. It's basically in the back of my mind every day.

3. Active Child - "When Your Love Is Safe"

The lyrics to this song grabbed me right off the bat. Aside from LOVING the vocals, the words hit home "there's something that I want to tell you that I never said...sorry that I ever told you all those things I didn't mean inside my head, but you know that's just the way I am." EMO EMO EMO = ME . But whatever, I admit it, words get to me sometimes... I don't care that this time it's through a VW Golf commercial. That's just the way I am.

Now I can't forget the VW commercial from earlier this year with Star Wars music... one of my favourite commercials ever.

ANNND a shout out to Hyundai for matching VW with their one awesome commercial song.
New Pornographers - "Moves"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Have you heard of Little Dragon by now?
They're the unconventional electro band who collaborated with the Gorillaz on 2 songs off their Plastic Beach album, "Empire Ants" and "To Binge".
Those songs have since been labelled as the 2 best off the album, greatly attributed to the Little Dragon expertise.
The band just released their 3rd studio album called Ritual Union with 10 of their very own down tempo synthpop tracks.
And wow.
I'm not sure if it's because I've been in a total dance phase lately, or because those Swedes know how to work it (and by work it I mean write it), but the album is out of this world. I mean that almost literally too.
The spacey songs will enchant you into a trance where all you'll see is stars before your eyes slowly close and you start rolling your body from side to side into some form of a dance.
Each song has the power to bewitch you.
And you'll love it.
I love it.
It's low key and unimposing for electro yet impossible to ignore.
You can hear it HERE.

Check out a live performance of the album's title track.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Snakes - The Sleepover EP

Introducing comedy/hip-hop duo Snakes, well known for their work in the sketch comedy group Harvard Sailing Team.
I just so happen to be a big fan of comedic hip hop and have a lot of friends experimenting in the genre right now that remind me of this group and their new EP The Sleepover.
What I really love about this project is how surprisingly decent it is musically.
"Whole Bunch Of Chicken" is a fantastic song even when you take out the hilarious chicken talk. I can't help but dance around in my chair picturing a whole bunch of chicken legs and wings grooving around me. They've got damn good beats, and it sounds like they know what they're doing.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Chris Prescott, formerly of one of my all time favourite bands Pinback, is uh, back, with a lot more people and a lot more instruments. With the help of other former Pinbackians, as well as a few others including two who appear to be family (Carl Prescott on many horns, Marjorie Prescott on cello) Chris is putting his studies in jazz drumming to good use with this new jazzy indie rock project called The Montalban Quintet.
They aren't exactly what you'd expect to hear until you read up on Chris Prescott and his degree in Jazz Studies at UCSD. There is a faint hint of Pinback style near the beginning of the album but it mostly comes with the singing, which is sparse throughout the rest of the album. But hey, who needs vocals when you have so many instruments.
Instead of composing the rhythm out of syncopation they use more expected and on-beat phrasings of minimalist jazz to blend in with the indie rock, and even some classic rock like attributes.
And then there are the horns. **Flugaboner alert!**

I love Pinback, I love horns .. jazz fan or not I am already more than a little captivated by this album.

I received an email from the bands mailing list and I have basically convinced myself that it was one of the Pinback members who added me to it so that I can die happy knowing that I fell on their radar... be it the truth or not. I have lived with an intense Pinback obsession for as long as I can remember, relying on them to help me fall asleep each night I spent in a new apartment... so hearing this ever-so-relaxing new Pinback related product has me assured that I will sleep soundly once again.
Wait, I don't mean they're boring by that, just comforting. And pretty.
And probably wet dream-inspiring with all those horns.

You can stream / buy the whole album here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Stray Kites - Mieux

Do you remember that old nursery rhyme "10 In A Bed"?
Let me refresh your memory:

I'm not entirely sure why but Stray Kites' new album Mieux instantly reminded me of that song. Not because they sound like a nursery rhyme (well, actually they kind of do in the track "The Ghoster"), but because there is something about their music that makes me feel like I'm lying in bed with them - totally innocent - while they play their new record. To me the album is as intimate as that bed full of 10 people, and with each track I picture one person rolling out of the bed until it's down to just the band by the end of the 10 track album.
The fact that the duo recorded it entirely at home by themselves explains why their indie/folk has such a comforting feel to it.
Don't let that fool you into thinking this is simple in any way though... with foot stomping, clapping, a vibraphone, a trumpet, etc etc etc it's hard to believe that it only took 2 people to make such a profound folk album.


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The Regime - 2011

So, I've been listening to a lot of Wugazi lately (Fugazi + Wu Tang Clan mashup album, it's wicked FYI) and so the first thing I thought of when I listened to 2011 by The Regime was the similarity they have to Fugazi (sans the Wu). Right off the bat that's a great comparison and enough to thoroughly interest me.
And throughout their 13 songs my interest never once wavered.
Each and every track really puts the 'rock' in 'punk rock' this time around for The Regime. It's a rager of an album, totally tumultuous with a raw, live feel to it.. but with the tightness of your grandma's butthole - and bands like A Wilhelm Scream who's technicality never suffers whether it's live or recorded.
Each song serves to push me further back into my high school era of punk rock when bands like Circle Jerks, Fugazi, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Paint It Back and Propagandhi (I could go on but I think you get the idea) were all constants in the cd player all of us CDCI East punkers listened to in the halls at lunch.

In other words, FUCK YEAH THE REGIME.


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(Sorry about the lack of pictures, computer problems WHOMP)

"A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt."

Beards beards beards!
Who doesn't like beards!?
I love them!
What's better than one beard?
A Band of Beards.
Awesome name. Awesome band.
Their album is called Fuerteventura and their music is this surfabilly pubescent punk rock filled with hairy bass lines, flocculent guitar solo's, and villous drum beats. Whatever that means.
They don't stop at just plain old bearded punk rock though, on top of that shaggy surfabilly they have this underlying bushy indie rock sound to them which totally reminds me of Bear Vs Shark, the vocals especially. But that's not all! In one song even throw in some fluffy ska chords... my favourite!
Their 8 track album is dingle berry-less (meaning it's got no shit attached to it's ass beard) and I strongly encourage you to pull the hair out of your ears and give it a good listen. If you like beards, that is. (not the gay kind ;))(on second thought, gay kind included).

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Bottle Rocket... in West Philadelphia, born and raised!

WOW, for a band who just formed in the spring this year they sure spit out this 6 song debut EP quick!
They are Bottle Rocket and I'd describe them as mellow, gloomy, 90's flashback drab rock.
Drab in a mood sense, not as in how I think of them. Overall the music is awesome, far from drab.
From the dreary vocals to the sombre but spectacular drums and the sensitive strumming of each note, these 6 songs are put together incredibly well, grabbing the listener by the hand and leading him/her/it through a forest built from tears of the 90's.
Don't let the down-words bring you downwards, none of them are meant negatively towards how I feel about the band. To be honest I love it. And you should listen to it:

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The Solids.... are solid.

Oh Herro Der.
Do you like Dinosaur Jr?
If you answered "yes", "maybe", "sort of" or even "never heard of them" then you should check out The Solids, a 90's rock meets 2011 indie band fresh from the oven with their debut 5 song EP titled Generic Dogs.
It's one SOLID (hehehehehehehe SEE WHAT I DID THURR) first EP, although it starts off fairly slowly before the vocals kick in and grab you in the crotch, holding tight enough that you can't get away but not tight enough to avoid getting hard.
The EP is short but sweet and unfortunately it went by too fast.
Luckily they're playing at The Bovine in Toronto on July 30th with Animal Faces and Early Transcendentals.

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Musikanto.... more like MusiKANO!

When I think of Chicago I think of blues, harmonica driven, jazz, indie rock festivals and Pitchfork.
When I listen to Musikanto it's pretty easy to assume he's from said city.
Spanning across those famous Chicago sounds and much more including lots of yummy folk, alt-country and some chamber music breakdowns this man gives you everything you need in one album.
It's music that makes me want to set out across foreign lands on foot with just a backpack and the sun at my back.
It's got some of the best travelin' twang that I've heard as of late, and those softer roots'y songs tend to remind me of bands like The Dustin Bentall Outfit or The Deep Dark Woods, and in some songs when the piano hits he totally sounds like something Bend Sinister related.
It's brilliant!
It satisfies many musical hungers and please my ADD ears all at once, kind of like eating a McDonalds value menu burger that pleases both your stomach and your wallet. (sorry, McDonalds on the brain)
I'm sitting here trying to choose a favourite song and it's near impossible... "My Heart Won't Bleed Anymore" (EMO), "Every Which Way", "False Wind", and the one below are all in contention... along with every other track. SIGH. It's almost like choosing a favourite child, which might sound creepy since this is my first listen and I'm already that close to it that I'm dropping the 'c' bomb. CREEPER!
N E WAY, enjoy this video!

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Puff the Magic Dragon lived in Honah Lee!

I hope that's where Honah Lee's name came from.
Because that's awesome.
I <3 Puff the Magic Dragon.
I don't really know what I was expecting from this band based on the name, sound-wise that is, but what came out of my speakers was far from it!
And in the right direction, that's for sure.
I guess I should have read their bio on facebook first, because it would have given me a better idea than the Puff song:
Honah Lee is a straight foward, high energy Rock n' Roll band from Trenton, NJ. Influenced by bands like the Ramones, the Replacements, and the Pixies, Honah Lee delivers a refreshing, throwback sound that you can't quite put your finger on; simple music done right! Intoxicating melodies you can't shake from your brain!!!
That part about the throwback sound that you can't put your finger on is totally true, and probably the reason I'm cheating by putting their bio in my review ;) .
Oh, and the part about intoxicating melodies you can't shake from the brain, that's also entirely true.
I smell a new Band of the Week for next week... HOLLA.
And a new Band of My Heart.... tee hee.
Na na na na na na na na na na.
Whoever Bobby is, they're dead, as the singers are politely informing me in the song rightfully titled "Bobby's Dead".
Sorry, said song is hella badass and totally distracted me from what I was saying there / totally gave me a reason to na'ner on because I had nothing to say.
oh, here's something!
This album - titled Life Won't Let Me bounces between guitar-full rock n roll to almost NOFX like hyper punk rock, and even losing itself to more crunchy 90's style rock... almost as much as it switches from emotional-driven lyrics to talking about Bobby being dead in that teasing chorus.
And magically (where's Puff?) I LOVE EVERY ITTY BIT OF IT.
And what's this I hear.... strings? Softy, but about 80% surely... at the end of "Come On, Let's Go". Wowza!
String-boner, ignite!
Ha, these guys even manage to rebel against responsibility way better than MxPx ever did in their next song, "Life Won't Wait", a much better pop punk song on the subject.
From first to last, especially the last, this album is one solid piece of gold shit. Shit used there as a slang term not literal, or in the sense that it's crap.

I could see Puff The Magic Dragon living here!

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#twitternetworkingrules! Thanks to a tweet from this band to review their album I have found new #awesomepunkrockmusic to add to my continuous playlist of #sicktracksbrah. The band is Stuck Out Here and their new album is titled Last Night, This Morning which is a #prettycoolnameforanalbum (haha that says anal). They're a pretty fucking cool sounding band too. As far as I can tell from their #facebook they just played with Junior Battles... meaning I like them immediately.
The vocals are uniquely soothing to my punk loving ears, and the harmonized shouting is probably my favourite thing to hear right now. They're #totallypartypoppunk, a band I would love to get drunk to (but hey, what don't I get drunk to).

Sorry for the shortness, but it's nice outside and now I want a drink!

Download their album here! Make sure to donate something.. they deserve it!

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Ambisonic / Low Level Flight / Bear Hands

I'm dead lazy, so I'm just posting my notes from Tuesday's FREE music night at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

- Totally not my thing usually but I smoked a bit'o'weed and loved it
- Great beats, great guitar work, live drum driven ambient / indian style rock
- Couldn't really see the screens but I'm easily distracted so that's good
- 2 guys make the stage sound so full - 3 guys? I see another head! Definitely 3
- If only I were on shrooms.. Or ecstasy
- No vocals? No problem!
- Drums make me wanna move, so good
- Big crowd for so early!!
- Love when the real guitar is in songs
- Wailed on the drums at the end of set, amazing.


Low Level Flight
- My mom would be jealous right now, she loves Ryan Malcolm
- Not a big fan of him as front man, too over the top and trying for the music,
really wants to be singled out as a good singer still instead of actually being
part of the band and music, seems pretty cocky and doesn't fit
- Musically they were better than I ever imagined
- Bassist should be the front man, looks like he wants to be
- Love the rest of band aside from ex Can Idol


Bear Hands
- So fucking good
- Danceable in all the right ways
- Super fun indie rock
- Dual drumming at times but with shakers
- Hadn't heard of them prior but they blew me away
- Dedicated song to Dinosaur Bones who were rocking out front of stage
- quote: "this is a secret show, were actually phish" = funneh.


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The Noble Rogues - Kin

For those of you who attended my Rock Against Rob Ford show in Toronto before the election you will probably remember The Noble Rogues, a gnarly rock and roll band with some serious bluesy attitudez.
Even if you weren't in attendance that night PAY ATTENTION because they're about to release a full length called Kin, coming out in Montreal on July 16th and here in Toronto on July 23rd, and trust me when I say you don't want to miss it.
Because I'm better than you - and because of this blog I guess - I have the pleasure of hearing it now and from what I've heard so far it's the type of album fit to make a grown man crap his pants out of pure excitement.
Within the first minute of the first song you experience what's only the beginning of the rippin' guitar featured throughout the album, and when the chorus hits you'll find yourself singing along immediately, it's simple yet catchy and irresistible to your vocal chords.
So goes every song thereafter, without slowing down nor letting down the listener, these guys have the ability to deliver great rock song after great rock song that will have you shaking your head in order to remind yourself that you're listening to a new album, not something that came out back when rawk N rawl was the real deal.
The Noble Rogues ARE the real deal.
Just listen to that riff in the beginning of "Incandescent".. it's the sound of an ecstatic biker, can you picture it?

What's even more impressive is when you clue in to the actual lyrics and realize that they're a lot smarter than you'd usually expect from this style of music, demanding instant respect from a writing perspective.
And it's impossible not to love the uniqueness to each singers voice, one of which can belt it out Zeppelin-stylez out of nowhere, which is amazing.
This is one of the most solid rock and roll albums I have heard come out of this generation, and I guarantee anyone who grew up with Q107 or their parents records will thoroughly appreciate it as well.
Make sure to come out to the album release party either here in Toronto or in Montreal! Click the links to see the event info.

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Junior Battles...Better than ever.

I really didn't think that I could love Junior Battles any more than I already did.
They just went from one of my favourite local bands to my favourite band.PERIOD.
This with the release of Idle Ages which came out near the end of June.
It's insanely good.
It's gush-worthy in more ways than one... like from my mouth and from my vag. Gross?
I'm actually rendered speechless when it comes to describing just how insanely good it is.
Did I mention that they are now my favourite band .period.?
This album goes above and beyond anything I've heard out of Toronto,
It's unbelievable.
It's equivalent to a virgin-tight pussy but with years of experience.
The harmonies... the vocals... the lyrics... the surprise appearance of both horns and keys... the signature Junior Battles style and sound... the drums... oh the drums... *gushes*
I'm practically dry humping my speakers right now listening to this orgy of punk rock greatness.
If you're looking to get off LISTEN (AND PURCHASE) THE ALBUM HERE!

It's the tits.

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Kim Wempe's Painting With Tides

Holy gorgeous East Coast folk music, Kim Wempe!
Her new album Painting With Tides is just spectacular.
She's got this great unique voice that makes the hair on every part of my body stand up when I hear it, and at certain times I swear she makes my heart skip a beat.
The music itself takes a backseat to the vocals in the most beautiful way possible, only really coming to life when she's not singing away, creating such a great balance between song and singer.
The beat of the drums is often capable of leaving me breathless throughout the album, and the strings are consistently chilling to hear.
It's one of those albums that just makes me really really happy, leaving me with a smile from ear to ear.
Especially considering all the great collaborations featured on it (Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift and Geoff Hillhorst of Deep Dark Woods) it's an exceptional piece of work and something that I won't soon be forgetting.

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Poison Control Center - Stranger Ballet

I think I'm getting soft.
Too many positive reviews lately.
No fun!
I wish I could hate this band just so I'd have somebody to make fun of, but they're absolutely impossible to hate.
Poison Control Center have a new album out titled Stranger Ballet and it's the perfect sunny day indie rock album with some additional theatrics to get lost in this summer.

Simply structured but with anything-but-simple instrumentation, especially those drums which are great. They remind me of the good old days in rock n roll music back in the 60's or 70's or some era that I was not privy to, dammit. No need to harp on that now though, I am privy to PCC in my lifetime and that makes up for it quite a bit actually. With their 'wowowowowowowowow's they sound like the Beach Boys are making a comeback, and I F'ing love it. Then comes the ripping guitar which is a total beach babe magnet lemmetellyou.
The album just gets better and better and better as you get through it, and my mental-hard on gets harder and harder with it.
The track "Seagull" just made my mind boner explode the first time I heard it, it's fucking awesome. Just like the rest of the album, seriously seriously fucking awesome.
I smell a new favourite band... it smells like jizz.

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I Just Can't Wait To Be King! (from the Louie King, get it, instead of Lion King...uhhh)

Please excuse the inevitable shortness of this review and each one to follow today, I have a ton on my plate and no motivation on this sunny Friday afternoon.
Thankfully I have discovered some really great new music to help pass the time, and the past 30 minutes has gone by in a flash of pop punk awesomeness.
For those of you who are familiar with King Louie - the man behind the Exploding Hearts songwriting and the one responsible for influencing Black Lips' magnificent sound - HE'S BACK with a band called Missing Monuments and a new album called Painted White.
I love love love Exploding Hearts and my feelings for Black Lips has been more than obvious throughout this blog, so it's definitely no surprise that I am now fully obsessed with this new King Louie album.
It's pop punk with a twist of rockNsurf, exactly what the doctor ordered for these hot summer days. And I can't get enough of it.
The song "Nite Fall" in particular has become my Friday anthem.
I can still hear so many of my favourite bands in King Louie's sound, showing just how influential he has been and WILL BE to many many other musicians that I love.
All hail the king!


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Teddy Thompson does Leonard Cohen, but years ago.

I just rediscovered this song today, I haven't listened to this album (I'm Your Man soundtrack) in far too long, but it's fucking awesome. and this song just killlllls it. in a good way, like a 'killing justin bieber and all pop acts like him' kind of way.

I'm Sarah. But chyall knew that.

He Is We @ El Mocambo

I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to see He Is We at the El Mocambo in Toronto last night.
I am fairly certain I had them mixed up with another girl/boy folk duo, one much much less pre-teen pop, and one that isn't uttered in the same sentence as 'Justin Bieber' by fans, EVER.

Unfortunately (for me) my error led me into the depths of young Bieber/T Swift/Disney loving hell, and it was packed wall to wall with a crowd that I normally avoid at all costs.
As much as I want to bash the show I've decided to look at it from the eyes of my 12 year old self. Except my 12 year old self had wayyyyy better taste (punk raawwwwkkk mofo's) but whatever.
Each kid seemed to be peeing their pants over He Is We's performance. And I have to admit, the vocals were quite beautiful, and aside from the superpop structure the songs were quite well written. My real problem came with trying to distinguish which was the girl and which was the boy on stage... bahahahahaha. ew.
That said, it was far from my scene and if I go on about this band I would probably lose whatever credibility I have left, and trust me I have very little.
Judging by the feedback from facebook and twitter though it was a huuge success for real He Is We fans, and that's what counts.

And for those of you who care you can download a free mp3 of the "I Wouldn't Mind" remix RIGHT HERE.

All you pre-teens who weren't there last night should probably 1)stop reading my blog and b)go see them at one of their remaining headlining tour dates:

July 6 - New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
July 7 - Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
July 8 - Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live
July 9 - West Chester, PA @ The Note
July 10 - Vienna, VA @ Jammin' Java
July 12 - Nashville, TN @ 12th & Porter
July 13 - Fayetteville, AR @ George's Majestic Lounge
July 28 - Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues *
July 29 - Austin, TX @ Stubb's *
July 30 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live *
August 1 - Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater *
August 2 - San Diego, CA @ Epicenter *
August 3 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction *
August 4 - Upland, CA @ The Wire *

^ w/ Ocean Grove and Andrew Allen
* w/ Ocean Grove and More Amore

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3 D's: Drink! Dance! Destroy!

I have to start this off by saying that I am extremely picky when it comes to female vocals, as you probably know if you've read certain reviews of mine, and when it comes to punk rock it's very rare that I get into bitches singing.
In the case of Teenage X I started off thinking that her voice was 'just alright' but I would like the music more if it were a boy singing...
Does that make me racist?
errr I mean sexist?
By the 3rd track, "Boom", I started wavering, and by the end of the album I was gung-ho on the vagina-vox!
Her voice really works with the music they play, and she spits out those lyrics in a way only a woman could.
In other words: SEXISM IS OVERRR!
Gurrrrrrrl, you slayed me.
It helps that there are male gang vocals in the background of most songs, which I appreciate lots. The mention of Steve McQueen in the 2nd song also helped, although I'm not sure why or how.. Steve McQueen is just that awesome.
The music itself spans from cute pop punk, to something you'd expect to find on a Fat Wreck compilation, all the way back to Stooges style 70's punk rawk. While many bands would just end up sounding lost and confused by such variety, Teenage X do it well and it works, and satisfies every ounce of restlessness in me.
The fast paced drumming is by far the driving force of the band and works as the glue to hold each sound together. Definitely my favourite part.
The title of the album is also great, Drink Dance Destroy, triple DDD's! It reminds me of Dolly Parton's tits.
Side story: A few years ago I dressed up as Dolly Parton for Halloween and my friend dressed up as her/my tits. THAT'S how big those puppies are, they need their own person to pull off the costume. Not sure if they're DDD's exactly but that's beside the point.
The point is I'd motorboat this album.

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