Song of the Day: Weekend n Shit!!

Fuck yeah it's Friday!

This first song is keeping my mood up while I wait for this damn work day to be over. It's super fun and cute and awesome and shit. And of course it's kind of country, since that's all I've been listening to lately. The artist is Cory Branan and he is a constant boner encourager with every song he releases.

Cory Branan - "Jolene"

Saturday's song is something a friend showed me last night, you may remember them from such movies as Prince's Purple Rain... The Time. I watched their super old performance on SNL and it's probably the coolest thing ever. Check it.

The Time - "Jerk Out"

Annnnd last but not least is a song by Ima Robot that I'm totally gay for. That's pretty much all that needs to be said. It rocks.

Ima Robot - "Creeps Me Out"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

ACB's - Stona Rosa = WOWZA!

I can't tell you (but I will try for a while) just how pleasantly surprised I was to hear this ACB's album I was sent. I feel like I've been a negative nancy about most new music lately but this just restores my faith in indie rock - which is one of my least favourite kinds of rock to begin with on it's own (hard rock is the WORST!) - although there is definitely some 60's style pop energy helping out the indie. It's got one of those vibes that just make you happy deep down to your pelvis and there's even a bit of a folk-y-ness in "Be Professional", the simple kind of cute clappy folk thing that I've been dying for lately.
You, my bandfriend, are cool beans.

I'm thinking of creating a new rating scale based on one of my favourite lines I wrote myself (lol) so from now on if my memory serves me well (which it won't) I'll start rating things ...
In this case, based on that scale I have a chubby the size of Roseanne's ass cheek.
Hot stuff.

And I just have to point out that they have a song called "Street Fighter II"
God bless them.
(I'm talking to you Alanis)

They are so freakin' groovy that they make me think dirty thoughts, but at the same time so happy and fun that my dirty thoughts turn into me dancing on all these music notes in space... but naked.

Oh man I just want to say fuck it and gush about them, may I?
I love everything about them. The cover of their album, all the different kinds of styles they can combine ... each new sound I hear from them... JUST EVERYTHING.


Now you listen, bitches.

I'm Sarah. Bitchin'.

Song of the Day: Wednesday January 26th, 2011

Talk about REAL music.

So many instruments.
So many singers (aka more than one!)

I love.
Just listen to the bass...
MMmmmmmmm nothing could please me more than this kind of music.

I love me my folky country songs.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - "Home"


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Bird Names - Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun

To be honest I listened to this album basically by just continually skipping ahead 15 seconds at a time through each song.
It's very weird.
Not negatively weird per say.. but most of it is like music-less-noise-music in a completely artsy indie kind of pop way and I'm not so much an artsy gal. The more music-filled-songs I kind of enjoyed, like a really new age Doors combined with a very 50/60's driven Black Lips type band.
A little too experimental for every day listen, but I could see myself putting it on as background music while smoking a joint and closing my eyes/chewing some shrooms and staring at the wall.
Nonetheless I still find it pretty cool... I'll look forward to that day where I'm in the right mood to hear it in full.

Download the single "Phantoms and Fortunes" here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Tuesday January 25th, 2011

This is sincerely the BEST written song ever.
Or... one of anyway.
I mean, listen to it.

In the words of GOB:

Just read these lyrics:
I'm 'trolling food court for girls
Yeah, it's the best job in the world
They know they're safe with me
They love my little mustache
They love a man in uniform

With my sunglass they can't
See what I'm really looking at
And as they're walking by
I whisper through my doughnut
Hey baby, baby light that ass on fire

How long must this day go on?
I got to stand here two more hours till I
Punch the clock
How long must this day go on?

No kid, they don't give me a gun
I don't get paid enough to run
So you can call me what you want
I'll be hanging at the check out
Checking out your girlfriend
Figure out how she's going to fit all of that
Butt into that underwear - yeah

Hey girl if you can't recall
Where you parked your daddy's car
Then I could help you out
All alone in this
Great big mall

How long must this day go on?
I got to stand here two more hours
Till it's Miller Time
How long must this day go on?
Whoa oh oh, oh oh

I'm 'trolling food court for girls

I whisper through my doughnut
I whisper through my doughnut
I whisper through my doughnut
Hey baby baby, hey baby baby baby
Light that
Light that ass on fire

Alright, that's good

Ben Folds Five - "Rent-A-Cop"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Verse The End... What does that even mean?

I always feel bad when the people who approach me for reviews are super nice and I go on to bash their product... *ahem*... but unfortunately Max Reede wished me honest for an entire lifetime (Fletcher had it easy!) and so here we are.
I found myself trying to put Verse The End's EP Heavy Hearts & Counterparts *cough*lametitle*uncough* on for review many many times over the span of today and each time (except this time) lost concentration and just zoned out..
I mean, up until just now I didn't even realize there were only 4 tracks!

yowzers :s
It doesn't have much to offer my attention span, aside from the persistent drum rolls that kind of stick out like a sore thumb under the bland emo-based post-punk rock, somewhere between a Four Year Strong, Senses Fail and Amber Pacific.
It sounds like somebody threw metal, hardcore, piano based pop rock and emo punk together in a blender but didn't leave it on long enough. There are still some massive chunks floating around that I just can't swallow.

AT LEAST they do this genre mashing attempt a lot better than Abandon All Ships.

I'm Sarah. FUCK Abandon Your Shits.

Song of the Day: Monday January 24th, 2011

Strings are the way to my heart.

That's all I have to say here.

Trampled By Turtles - "Wait So Long"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Weekend Edition!

Not quite sure what it is about this song by The Cave Singers but listening to it makes me want to get dirrrrty, like roll-in-the-mud dirty. It's so good I'd let it S my D any day. I mean, be the S of my D....
The Cave Singers - "Dancing On Our Graves"

As much as I FUCKING HATE PITCHFORK I must link them right now because they are featuring the new I'm From Barcelona single and it's pretty great. On a scale of flaccid to boner I have an erection.
I'm From Barcelona - "Get In Line"

Okay, it should come as no surprise that I like Middle Brother... Dawes + Deer Tick + Delta Spirit... nuff said. They only have one song up on their Myspace right now off the album they plan to put out sometime relatively soon... CANNOT WAIT.
Middle Brother - "Me Me Me"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Thursday January 20th, 2011

I haven't exactly made up my mind about this band yet, but they definitely interest me.

Therefore, they win the S of the D today.

Cold Cave - "Love Comes Close"

I'm Sarah. I already wrote this post but somehow deleted it.. hence my laziness, fack off.




Incase you can’t tell, this is a good thing.
That brain is rocked-the-fuck-out, man.
This is an uncontrollable side effect when listening to Seditius' new EP Carne Da Macello (out tomorrow!).
Heavy punk-infused-hardcore-rock-bordering-metal-kinda with punkworthy vocals to boot.
This band has made my radar in a really memorable way, and I suggest you go check them out if you like to get down and dirty with it.
ROCK ON with Seditius here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Aquabats = Hi-Five Soup !!! Delicious.

In the words of Inspector Gadget.... WOWZERS!
If I had to pick just one solitary word to sum up the new Aquabats album, that would be it.
Right off the (aqua)BAT(s) I love Hi-Five Soup. It's all jokes, and full out HIlarious.
It's almost as if my heart wants to do The Aquabats while I'm listening, which is pretty freakin' hot.
Heart love.
It could be considered less ska, but definitely not less fun.
The single with Biz Markie is still my ultimate fav, but the rest of the album (especially the song about hugs) is all rum'n'tits too.
A guaranteed good time = much like that girl in school who would give head to every guy who asked her out.
Some parts that stick out on this album were the ironic auto-tuning at the end of a song, the vocals near the end of "Food Fight on the Moon" that sound like The Blood Brothers and the last track with it's electropop sound that despite my cynicalness (fack off) I absolutely love.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Wednesday January 19th, 2011

Like I said in my previous entry, I'm sick.
So I'm just going to jump straight to the damn point.
(Don't hate!)

Wolf Parade - "Kissing the Beehive"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

My Thoughts as I listen to ONLY SON - SEARCHLIGHT

I'm sick, so give me a break... my head doesn't want to think in full sentences so this review is going to be my thoughts exactly as they cross through my brain. ENJOY!

Unconventional when you're expecting the obvious before returning to a somewhat average dazed indie sound - on the surface, it's a different story when you pay attention.

Makes me think of floating and clouds and cotton candy and the movie Little Nemo (NOT Finding Nemo) in the happy parts when they're flying through the sky.. and then dipping lower over a big blue ocean and using the cloud as a lazy boy churr. (that didn't happen in the movie, that's happening in my brain).

Tambourine? ( "Searchlight" ) title track reminds me of something The Beatles would do in their hoo-haw days (no clue what that means) and i likes it. I mean, i'd totally 'like' it on facebook.

"It's a boy" i've heard before and already loved, despite the subject.. i dislike babies. they creep me out.

Needless to say regina spektor kicks ass so i knew i'd like this album if she was on it.

Quietly epic


I'm Sarah. I want to go back to bed.

Taylor Swift, but with balls. (literally)

On the album cover he looks like such a prepubescent little boy but as soon as you hear Skyler's deep country voice it’s like a cock slap to the ear like WHOAAA.
I did not expect to enjoy his 5 track EP Long Gone as much as I did, described as a male Taylor Swift (tots fitting) it has a much more mature, adult as opposed to high school, feeling to it.
Easy on the cheese, heavy on the country.
Hello. And now I'm turning into 'ol pervert McGee here as I hit repeat on "Any Stupid Thing" and get a little too excited over his precious vocals and lyrics each time.
New guilty pleasure?
I think yes.
Catchy, endearing, and actually GOOD.
I love it.
Now, I wonder if he'll end up dating Reece Witherspoon... or more realistically doing a duet with T-Swift.



I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Tuesday, January 18th 2011

Can you say Bob Dylan?

That's all that goes through my head when I listen to today's S of the D. This band is a fresh discovery, and one I'm uber grateful for.
Not all of their stuff reminds me of Bob so much, but this song the vocals are similar as well as the tone, and I want to jump it. The song, that is.

Blitzen Trapper - "Black River Killer"

Fuck yes.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

Well, it's not emo.... really. I mean, at one point in this new album they sing something along the lines of 'you could break my ARM' when I totally expected them to say 'heart". Clearly they've progressed!
Hehe, I kid. 'ish.
I have to admit, I always really enjoyed The Get Up Kids, but I was never huuuuge into them or anything. I listened to The New Amsterdam's more frequently but still neither were a constant on my playlist.
I don't know if it's just me but I wouldn't have even recognized There Are Rules to be them if I hadn't been told already.. All but the vocals are basically unrecognizable to me (and maybe the drums) but again I'm kind of an un-fanatic-fan.
This new stuff is this spacey dance pop/rock mixture.
Colour me confused.
I guess it takes a few songs to get used to, but about half way through "Keith Case" I started to get really into it all. Unfortunately I was listening to it on random so I'm not sure at which point this was throughout the album or what songs I had heard previous... oops. As usual I was busy trying to multitask aka drink and listen at the same time.
What I really like about it is that it has a lot of really good beats underneath all the weird Dance Cave (Toronto reference, sorry) additions they've made to their sound.
"Regent's Court" started to really pull me into this new vibe they're pushin' and, although sounding all too familiar, it got me dancing quite a little bit. So, congrats to that song! Unless dancing isn't what they were going for with it, in which case avoidance-of-dance-FAIL!
"Rememorable" takes the cake (OH OH OH fyi No Frills is currently having a $1 sale and practically every cake is uno bucko!) and is definitely my favourite track.
Honestly, at first I wasn't too sure about this album but it has really cemented a spot on my 'likey' list, skepticism free! It's no wonder really why they are such an influence to so many goddamn bands out there right now in the punk world and I'm sure well beyond that.
I'd just like to end this by calling out a brilliant song ending in "The Widow Paris", which just HAS to be noted.
Fuck yes. Get up, Kids.

(yup, I went there. Sarah FAIL)

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Monday, January 17th 2011

This is probably one of the SADDEST fucking songs I have EVER heard.
It's got lines that pack the most powerful of punches, just take this example:
"A bird with clipped wings can still sing but can't fly..."
Hits you like WHOAAA!

The man is Langhorne Slim and if you're into anything folky/country-like or just brilliant writing you'll love him.
Check out this heartbreaker...

Langhorne Slim - "I Love You, But Goodbye"

I'm Sarah and I'll cry when I want to.

S 's of the D 's Weekend Edition!

Once again I am foreshadowing not doing the S of the D over the weekend - I'm going SNOWBOARDING FINALLY... sorry, super excited - so why not do them now.

Today's song is by Republic of Wolves off of their new EP The Cartographer which is freakin' awesome. It's kind of pissing me off right now because I only have one working earbud for headphones and the song is SO GOOD to hear fully, and SUCH A COCK TEASE to only hear half.

Don't take your both-ear headphones for granted, enjoy this song with them.

The Republic of Wolves - "The Dead Men Stood Together"

Fuck jokes.
Here are the S of the D's for Sat and Sun, boringz stylez.

Mad Caddies - "Leavin'"

Mad Caddies = My favourite band for so long. They. Fucking. Rule.
Still one of my throwback favourites.

Inspector Gadget Theme Song

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Thursday January 13th, 2011

I feel like death.
I've been fighting off the grim reaper of colds all week and let's just say I'm losing. Hard.

So forgive me for not giving a great intro to this S of my D.
The band is Grown Ups
They rule.
I love this song.

Now leave me alone to be ill.

Grown Ups - "Six More Weeks of Winter"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Rachael, how fucking misleading your name is!

I'm not sure if I've ever been so off when judging a band by their name before Rachael came along.
NOT what I expected.
First of all I thought girl, or pussy boys.
There seems to be nothing 'Rachael' about them.
They referred to themselves as "a Polish alternative band" which if by alternative they mean the wack'd out Bowie of this generation, whatever genre you want to call that... alternative I guess?
It's pretty dark though, almost as if Marilyn Manson was eating said version of Bowie for dinner.
That would be a cool video...
Check it out for FREE at their bandcamp.
See if it surprises you.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Wednesday January 12th, 2011

If you haven't heard of Dead To Me then you're dead to me.

I'm so clever.

These guys are an absolute riot of a punk rock band, so much fun to listen to and impossible to get sick of.
This song is capable of grabbing both your ears and fucking the wax right out of them, so make sure you've got something to clean the mess up with before you hit play.

Song of the Day:
Dead To Me - "By The Throat"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Hold Tight and JERK IT + !

A friend of mine - Corry, who has always been viewed as omniscient when it comes to punk/pop punk bands - demanded I show a band called Hold Tight! some love on here the other day.. and when it comes from Corry you have to listen.
So I listened.
Surprise surprise, they're awesome.
I have been lacking some punk rock focus in the last few months since the crash of my computer and the loss of all my punk prettys, so within seconds of hearing the insistant drums and low grubby bass of the first song I already had a chubby the size of Kentucky.
Solid fast pop punk that reminds me of a younger, more vocally-united version of Lifetime.
If such a description tickles your earbuds you should head over to their BANDCAMP where you can pay-what-you-want for their album.
Enjoy fuckers!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Tuesday January 11th, 2011

Superheroes are practically the coolest people / invention ever.
It only makes sense that songs mentioning them are equally as cool.
Especially when these songs are super well done and socially conscious to a T.

For this reason today's S of the D is by Flobots who are one of the greatest conscious hip hop groups out there right meow.
They are Superheroes of the music scene.

Song of the Day:
Flobots - "Superhero"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Monday January 10th, 2011


I fucking LOVE Rancid.


Song of the Day:
Rancid - "Fall Back Down"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Oh God, please no more auto-tune.
This review is coming a day after a discussion about how much I HATE auto-tune.
It needs to go away.
Eden Warsaw does it somewhat more tastefully, but I would prefer him without it.
It makes me question whether he can actually sing or not.
Show some real talent, which I’m sure you have, and sing for realz, yo.
Seriously, it’s really clouding my judgement of this artist.
Let’s see if I can ignore it completely and write about it…
His songs minus the auto-shit kind of remind me of O-Town if they were dedicated to singing their fans to sleep. And not the kind of sleep where you have liquid dreams (oh 90’s pop punk, so many deeper meanings than I ever realized as a child).
He’s got some nice slow beatz, and I could picture this blowing up on the radio, unfortunately more-so these days AVEC auto-poop.
Judgement still clouded.
Lose the tune and we’ll talk!

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Making Monsters by Combichrist

Review by: William Gallagher
I like writing about Combichrist because I can say things I want to say, without worry of offending anyone. If I do happen to offend someone, which is about the slimmest possibility in the world, I don't have to apologize, I can say what I really feel, express my real feelings, as it were. Something along the lines of: Hey Buckwheat, Fuck YOU, get a fucking life.
And I can smile while I do it.
Among many other things, the music of Combichrist is liberating, and the latest compact disc by them, Making Monsters, is no exception. Making Monsters is allllllll about liberation, a very good thing, because as far as I am concerned liberation is most important in this world, especially now, with almost everyone jumping to the puppet strings of God Dollar, begging for TV and pennies. . Life is too short to do what other people want. Do what YOU want. That is the message from Combichrist, and the message is most worthy, in fact, the message is worthiest.
The first song I ever heard by Combichrist which really grabbed my head and stretched it like a rubber band was Get Your Body Beat. I sent the link to that video to a friend with the note: THIS IS ME. AS LOUD AS YOU CAN MAKE IT. THIS IS WHAT I LIKE BEST. Since then I have heard the majority, if not all of Combichrist' music, and the rest of it is also Me.
Just as loud as I can make it.
The CD Making Monsters takes all that to new levels, because it posesses a musical wholeness that I have found to be very rare. There is nothing lacking, in fact. Combichrist is what I always imagined Industrial music would be: fulfilling in a riotous sort of way; busy and intricate, smart and meaningful. I would love to take the CD Making Monsters into a nice quiet church full of misguided people praying on their knees to the tortured man, and play it loud enough to snuff all the candles, and make the statues do the fucking jitterbug. I think it would be delightful to witness the shock, and trembling awe, that a deed like this would precipitate; I imagine the annointed scurrying hurriedly away, with more than a few running around in panic stricken circles, frantically waving both hands above their heads. Frightened glances and indignant snorts would no doubt accompany this exodus, as the alarmed herd animals, imagining smoke and crackling flames, flee en masse the musical conflagration which is Combichrist.
And yes Jesus Loves me. The bible tells me so...heh heh hehhhhhhhhhhh.
My favorite song from the Making Monsters CD is "Just Like Me", though I can honestly say that all of the songs on the CD hold certain allure and definite attraction for me. There are none I dislike. I think I like "Just Like Me" because of its basic kick-ass Rock n' Roll sound; its like the greatest rockers of all time channeling their combined efforts, nuance and blatant, together, into the mind of Andy Laplegua, who is the front man, originator, song writer, and vocals for the band Combichrist.
Andy has repeatedly stated that this newest CD of his, Making Monsters, is the most personal work yet from Combichrist, most of it being written on the road, versus in the studio, and the live presentation of the band has begun to reflect a more personal facet as well. There is somewhat less dressing up like zombies, and more presenting as actual people during performances, although the show must go on, and the theme and flavor of the bands costuming seems to depend somewhat on the venue, and the type of crowd in a given area.
Either way, Andy Laplegua has major style, and though I think many of the lyrics would have to be toned down for mainstream success according to record companies and Radio Stations, I don’t know if thats in the overall Combichrist program. Everyone wants more money, but Laplegua has always held the music closer than most, its what he lives for, and I really don’t know if the mainstream definition of stardom is what he is after. In fact, I hope it is not, I hope he holds out and makes independent promotion work for himself and his band, because whoever taps that initially, really taps it, will blast way beyond the so-called mainstream and there will be large chunks of All media available, because there will be new leaders, new movers and shakers, and the world will never be the same. This will all take place rather quickly too, a tsunami of change, as the status quo unravels, and Light Happens. I can’t wait. It is starting to happen now I think. Making fucking Monsters indeed. I see this possibility more with Combichrist than any other band at this time.
The second member of the group Combichrist goes by the name of Z Marr, and he is is an industrial electronic keyboard player of almost incomparable caliber. Z Marr seems to let his music do the talking, and that works just fine. We got it man, and thanks a lot.
Also, Wes Borland, guitarist from the group Limp Bizkit, has joined Combichrist on tour and in the studio during 2010.
The other two members of Combichrist are Joe Letz, and Trevor Freidrich, both drummers extraordinaire, who are also becoming well known for their exploits on tour which are highlighted in the Combichrist blog here:

On the CD making Monsters I have detected some similarities to other music I know and like. I heard things which remind me of Skinny Puppy (Through These Eyes Of Pain), and of Nine Inch Nails (Reclamation). On the track "Trail of Blood" the bands Pantera and Sepultura come to mind, but overall these musix still definitely belong to Combichrist, again, because of the aggressive complexity and structural integrity inherent there-in. That to me is the hallmark, the real signature of this band, and most other groups, even the most popular industrial bands everyone knows, do seem somewhat lacking in comparison. Combichrist is the next level. That is plainly clear.
Though based out of Atlanta Georgia, Combichrist has had a much greater success touring in Europe, and thats probably because Europe, to their eternal credit, is more hip to certain good music, and pretty much always has been. This is witnessed in many ways, not least of which being the fact that Europe generally spurns the intellectual cadaver known collectively as Country Music. I mean country music is not real popular there in the Old World, and that says a lot about Europes overall mind set. This shunning of hillbilly shennanigans throughout most of the Eurasian continent highlights the fact that musically and perhaps socially they are a more advanced people, although this makes Americas love affair with ignorant slimy tripe that much more embarrassing.
Oh well, and yee-hah, you all.
Combichrist has been working with the group Rammstein in Europe, and their fan base there seems to be large, appreciative, and growing. They are touring Australia as this is being written, and getting ready to tour more in Europe soon. It seems Combichrist are on the cusp of breaking out large in the USA, and the fact that some of their music is finding its way into film work is a definite indication of upcoming ascendency here. That can only mean good things all the way around. Pick up the Making Monsters CD. See for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Making Monsters (Available at iTunes and from Combichrist online)
Track List:

Follow The Trail Of Blood
Never Surrender
Throat Full of Glass
Fuck Machine
Just Like Me
Slave To Machine
Through These Eyes Of Pain
Monster: Murder: Kill

Combichrist Online

By William Gallagher

My Memory Serves Me Well.... NOT!

Of course I remember I'm supposed to review The Matinee the day that I take them down as Band of the Week.
So despite how hungover and exhausted I am, I'll do it now.
Forgive the inevitable shortness!
The band's 6 song apparently self-titled album is not something I mind having to listen to right now, no matter what state my head is in.
I love it, actually.
It's improving my mood with it's country meets almost surf rock guitar, the upbeat sing-a-longs and just the all-around amazing-ness of each and every song.
I guess if they weren't this awesome they wouldn't have deserved Band of the Week status, am I right or am I right? I'm right.
Still, I hadn't heard every one of the songs off this EP yet, and I can't be happier that this band was brought to my attention.
You need to check them out here.
The singer has a great and powerful, not to mention sexy voice, and it suits the background vocals and the style of music brilliantly.
Be it slow or upbeat each song about it that absolutely grabs the bottom of my stomach and twists, in a really really good feeling way.
Not an album to be overlooked, or taken out of rotation on your Ipod, like, ever.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Johnstones - Through The Eyes of A Drunk

It's probably a very good thing that it was The Johnstones, a band who I've seen too many times to count in the last 10 years, who played the other night at Call the Office in London because frankly I can't remember 90% of it. According to Julian and pretty much everybody else: I was "absolutely smashed". OOPS!
At least this way I already know exactly what they are like on stage and can connect the dots of their performance left in my head and the notes and pictures I actually managed to take in my wasted state.
If 'notes' can be used to describe the following point forms I scribbled down during the show:
- Rene's hair looks gorgeous
- Ryan calling out sluts
- crowd super into it
- Ryan up front most of the show, Murph representing on drums *no shit Sarah, just like the last bunch of times you saw them*
Not much help after all.
At least I managed to take super blurry drunk pictures of their stomachs...

(click for the rest of the crappy album)

Again, not so much help.
What I do remember from the night though is that they put on another energy-filled, boner-encouraging show. Although I don't recall seeing any of their normal stage gimmicks - small stage, fair enough, also quite possibly just don't know it happened in my state - it was just as entertaining to watch.
As much as I hate talking up bands who I am real life friends with I can't help legitimately liking their music and seeing them live. Ten years is a long time to be going to see a band regularly, and I can honestly say that I have never gotten sick of their show, nor have I ever disliked a song. I'd also have no problem telling them if I hated them or anything about the show.
Lucky for them I have no negative comments! Maybe I was too wasted... Or maybe they are just that awesome. I'll be the judge of that and I'll say it's the latter.
They brought people on stage to play keyboard etc and looked like they made these kids' lives. Almost everybody around me was either singing or dancing along. Their banter was hilarious as always and I remember being disappointed when they finished.
Watching them perform is the equivalent to the auto-tuneless time of your life. And you owe it all to The Johnstones. Pay up bitches and buy their albums.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

A Month Late and Short On Patience, Sorry Adam Bennett

Wow. It's been almost a month since I agreed to write a review of Adam Bennett's EP titled These Machines.
Usually it's a bad sign when I don't jump on these things right away. It typically means that I have no desire to sit through the album and have absolutely nothing to say about it.
And now that I'm actually forcing myself to listen I can say that is exactly the case.
Here's the thing though, I don't mind it, it's right up my folk/punk alley, but there is absolutely nothing about it that is sticking out to me making me want to hear it for more than 30 seconds.
In order to write with passion you need to feel passionate about the artist you're writing about, and no offence to Mr. Adam Bennett but you haven't sparked any with me, which is really weird because it should based on my tastes.
Picture this: Any one of the Sex Pistols trying to pull off a Folk album. MEH.
I probably only said that because he's British. And has some rebellious angst hidden in his vocal chords.
It's alright, but my easy-to-inspire earboner is left as soft and floppy as ever, kind of like that song "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro..." yeah.. like that song...

Judge for yourself, boner or no boner? HERE.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Songs of the Next 3 Days!

Let's be honest here, yes I managed to remember this new S of the D thing I'm doing every day so far this week, but there is NO way that I will get around to it on the weekend if I tried, so instead I'll just stock up now and post Sat & Sun's songs too.

Today's song is by Deer Tick, who are my sometimes forgotten favourite band. Honestly one of the best shows I have EVER seen. This song is great, and only one of their many many many awesome songs off this one album alone.

Deer Tick - "Not So Dense"

Saturday's S of the D is by Fake Problems. This is a song of their new album that if you read this blog you'd know that I wasn't the biggest fan at first, but when I saw them live at Sneaks this new song stuck out above the rest. For some reason it's on my Ipod under 'Rancid'... nuhuh. It ain't THAT good Ipod, you dumb whore you.

Fake Problems - "Soulless"

And Sunday's S of the D is by Fitz & The Tantrums, because it's super catchy and I hear it at work all the time and forget to listen to it when I leave.

Fitz & The Tantrums - "Moneygrabber"

Happy Weekend Everybody!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I caught a boner the first time I heard today's S of the D.
(I heard that phrase this morning on The Ruins.. please ignore the fact that I'm watching old crappy MTV online)
How exactly would one catch a boner?
I'm not sure, but I like it.
Brand New's "You Won't Know" is the song that infected me with said boner and in all honesty this is probably in my top 25 favourite songs of all time, ever, in life. And there are a LOT of songs to choose from...

Do I say boner too much?

Brand New - "You Won't Know"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

R.I.P. The Roman Line

You will be seriously missed in Toronto and the great beyond.

The Republic of Wolves - The Cartographer

Call the boner police because my hard-on is RAGING uncontrollably for The Republic of Wolves new album.
It’s hauntingly intense and gorgeous and mellow all at the same time, sporting the same angst found in emo punk without all that boo hoo bull (which I’m a sucker for, by the way.). I’d almost describe it as Brand New (Devil and God/Daisy era) meets Arcade Fire, but I’m not quite sure how well I can back that statement up.

Speaking of ‘backing up’, I’ve gotta go jerk off to the rest of the album. TOOTLES!

Grab the album practically for FREE here!

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Song Of The Day: Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I love punk super groups.
One of my favourite is Banner Pilot.
They're one of those bands who jerk a smile out of your willing lips the second you hear them.
Forget ear boners, I'm talking ALL OVER boners.


Banner Pilot - "Farewell To Iron Bastards"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Poor Young Things @ The Horseshoe Tavern - And What 4 Girls Thought Of It.

First of all I'd just like to cheers the band for their name's acronym: PYT.. and the clear connection to MJ. Represent!
Secondly, I was up seriously late last night and am super tired and since my notes are actually in complete sentences, mostly, and make sense I'm just going to post them! After all, the show was free and I don't really have to talk about shit. HA!

- Nobody out on free Monday night

- This band is bizzaro everyone from Cobourg and beyond that Alyssa (squared), Jill and I know... including a Jesus lookalike.

- This band is better than this show turned out

- Holy guitarists batman. 3 of them!

- Drummer good with one hand and mouth, Heyo!!

- Alyssa 1: Brian Adams meets the Black Crowes ... and something about the Counting Crows?

- Kinda boring, love the songs on myspace though. Jesus is owning the stage with his sick guitar and I kinda am envisioning him alone ripping on it under a spotlight. Only at this show he's not ripping at all and that guitar deserves more ripping .... Of bum holes!!!

- Drummer lost a shirt but has another shirt underneath? Has he ever seen the extra features for Hot Rod? Lose THE shirt, that means every one. Is it because you have lots of chest hair?? If so just let that tussle fly for all to see!!!!

- Lead singer needs more pizzaz says Alyssa 1

- Played "Chicago Road" loved it sounded identical to recording.. this song is my fav and there is ripping guitar in it! Loved hearing it live.

- Still, all in all, pretty boring performance. The most memorable part in my mind was laughing about how Alyssa 1 and Jill wanted to fight these annoying dudes beside us, and how one of them was wearing a striped shirt like mine... there was clearly only room enough for one striped shirt in the venue. MINE.

- Loved the Neil young cover "Rockin' In The Free World", the singer actually did a really great job vocally and they sped it up at the end and managed to badify it. The singer got down an somebody stood on the bass drum... Good way to end the set!

Afterwards though we ended up falling asleep on the sidewalk... and I decided that this picture will sum up what we thought of the performance.

Check out the rest of the reactions/album/band shots!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Hey look, I didn't forget!
My memory span is at LEAST a full 24 hours long, HUZZAH.
Today's S of the D is by Jeff Rowe and it's called "Kate".
Now don't go thinking all these songs are going to be cutesy and emo, but I couldn't NOT choose this track after it came on my Ipod this morning.
Just listen to the beat creeping up through the entire song, the build up, the way it keeps growing in size, like a penis being rubbed slowly against my thigh.


Jeff Rowe - "Kate"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Darko, starting 2011 off right with their new digital 7"!

You can mold your new year into the best year possible too by downloading the "Never Coming Home/Chewbacca Defence" 7" for greasy cheap at
For those of you who read my last Darko review, these two tracks are slightly more kickass and definitely more than worth the few pennies they cost... still keeping up with the sexy A Wilhelm Scream comparisons without disappointment.
For those of you who DIDN'T read the last post on the band, or did read it and didn't check it out, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!
hehe, kidding... kinda.
But seriously, to redeem yourself go pick up this 7", and then all will be forgiven.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Answering Avril's Questions So She'll Shut It And I Won't Have To Hear That Song Anymore...

I'm sure most of you have heard Avril Lavigne's single "I'm With You" by now... well seeing how it's old and I don't listen to crappy music I thought I had heard the last of it when I left HMV... until today when I suffered the incredible injustice of having to sit through it at work with no escape.
It's such a terrible song and I don't think I can ever sit through it again.
I started brainstorming ways that I could avoid it entirely for the rest of my life, and the only thing I could come up with was to answer all the whiny questions she poses in the song and hope that she retracts it from the airwaves.
Horrible plan, I know, but I'm also bored and I don't hear you coming up with any ideas!
Here goes:
Dear Avril:
No. Nobody is trying to find you. Nobody wants to come take you home. Just do it your damn self, you're a grown woman for pete's sake! I'm not taking your hand, you'll probably never let it go you clingy bitch, I'm glad you don't know who I am, now get away from me. I repeat, there is absolutely noone here that you know, you loser, now I would like to be alone please... Once again, NOBODY is looking for you, why can't you get that through your big mouthed head. Nobody gives a damn if you get home or not. Everything is confusing because you aren't listening, whore, you are totally out of your mind. Keep your cootie filled hands away from me and find someone new to harass. I am NOT with you, that would be embarrassing. For the last fucking time, we are not together. SHUT UP!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Decemberists - The King Is Dead

It's pretty much a given that the new Decemberists album is good.
What surprised me about The King Is Dead though is the short amount of time in which I was convinced that it's to be one of my favourite albums of 2011. I mean it's only January 3rd, this is the first new album I've listened to of the year and I'm still only on track #1.
It basically comes down to one word:
HARMONICA - a helluva lot of it.
... and I'm in harmonica heaven.
... and deeply in love with this new album.
The Decemberists can do no wrong, clearly, but I'd actually go as far as to say this is their best album to date.
... and I'm only on track #4.
Unless the remaining songs crash and burn I'm reserving a spot on the 2011 Year End - Best Of list for the album already...
It's THAT good.

Check out a stream of the album here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I probably shouldn't bother starting this since I'm going to forget to keep it up as soon as tomorrow.. but what the hay, let's do a Song of the Day!
(it rhymes, which usually means it's true.)

I used to be obsessed with this song back when it came out but completely forgot about it until I heard it in Chapters yesterday.
It's hella cute, and makes me smile when I hear it right now.

I hear the movie sucked though (Dear John), but luckily I didn't even THINK about seeing it because I'm not retarded... although I did really enjoy Nicholas Sparks as a teen.

Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - "Paperweight"

LE (happy) SIGH.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.