ACB's - Stona Rosa = WOWZA!

I can't tell you (but I will try for a while) just how pleasantly surprised I was to hear this ACB's album I was sent. I feel like I've been a negative nancy about most new music lately but this just restores my faith in indie rock - which is one of my least favourite kinds of rock to begin with on it's own (hard rock is the WORST!) - although there is definitely some 60's style pop energy helping out the indie. It's got one of those vibes that just make you happy deep down to your pelvis and there's even a bit of a folk-y-ness in "Be Professional", the simple kind of cute clappy folk thing that I've been dying for lately.
You, my bandfriend, are cool beans.

I'm thinking of creating a new rating scale based on one of my favourite lines I wrote myself (lol) so from now on if my memory serves me well (which it won't) I'll start rating things ...
In this case, based on that scale I have a chubby the size of Roseanne's ass cheek.
Hot stuff.

And I just have to point out that they have a song called "Street Fighter II"
God bless them.
(I'm talking to you Alanis)

They are so freakin' groovy that they make me think dirty thoughts, but at the same time so happy and fun that my dirty thoughts turn into me dancing on all these music notes in space... but naked.

Oh man I just want to say fuck it and gush about them, may I?
I love everything about them. The cover of their album, all the different kinds of styles they can combine ... each new sound I hear from them... JUST EVERYTHING.


Now you listen, bitches.

I'm Sarah. Bitchin'.