Answering Avril's Questions So She'll Shut It And I Won't Have To Hear That Song Anymore...

I'm sure most of you have heard Avril Lavigne's single "I'm With You" by now... well seeing how it's old and I don't listen to crappy music I thought I had heard the last of it when I left HMV... until today when I suffered the incredible injustice of having to sit through it at work with no escape.
It's such a terrible song and I don't think I can ever sit through it again.
I started brainstorming ways that I could avoid it entirely for the rest of my life, and the only thing I could come up with was to answer all the whiny questions she poses in the song and hope that she retracts it from the airwaves.
Horrible plan, I know, but I'm also bored and I don't hear you coming up with any ideas!
Here goes:
Dear Avril:
No. Nobody is trying to find you. Nobody wants to come take you home. Just do it your damn self, you're a grown woman for pete's sake! I'm not taking your hand, you'll probably never let it go you clingy bitch, I'm glad you don't know who I am, now get away from me. I repeat, there is absolutely noone here that you know, you loser, now I would like to be alone please... Once again, NOBODY is looking for you, why can't you get that through your big mouthed head. Nobody gives a damn if you get home or not. Everything is confusing because you aren't listening, whore, you are totally out of your mind. Keep your cootie filled hands away from me and find someone new to harass. I am NOT with you, that would be embarrassing. For the last fucking time, we are not together. SHUT UP!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.