Aquabats = Hi-Five Soup !!! Delicious.

In the words of Inspector Gadget.... WOWZERS!
If I had to pick just one solitary word to sum up the new Aquabats album, that would be it.
Right off the (aqua)BAT(s) I love Hi-Five Soup. It's all jokes, and full out HIlarious.
It's almost as if my heart wants to do The Aquabats while I'm listening, which is pretty freakin' hot.
Heart love.
It could be considered less ska, but definitely not less fun.
The single with Biz Markie is still my ultimate fav, but the rest of the album (especially the song about hugs) is all rum'n'tits too.
A guaranteed good time = much like that girl in school who would give head to every guy who asked her out.
Some parts that stick out on this album were the ironic auto-tuning at the end of a song, the vocals near the end of "Food Fight on the Moon" that sound like The Blood Brothers and the last track with it's electropop sound that despite my cynicalness (fack off) I absolutely love.

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