Bird Names - Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun

To be honest I listened to this album basically by just continually skipping ahead 15 seconds at a time through each song.
It's very weird.
Not negatively weird per say.. but most of it is like music-less-noise-music in a completely artsy indie kind of pop way and I'm not so much an artsy gal. The more music-filled-songs I kind of enjoyed, like a really new age Doors combined with a very 50/60's driven Black Lips type band.
A little too experimental for every day listen, but I could see myself putting it on as background music while smoking a joint and closing my eyes/chewing some shrooms and staring at the wall.
Nonetheless I still find it pretty cool... I'll look forward to that day where I'm in the right mood to hear it in full.

Download the single "Phantoms and Fortunes" here!

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