Oh God, please no more auto-tune.
This review is coming a day after a discussion about how much I HATE auto-tune.
It needs to go away.
Eden Warsaw does it somewhat more tastefully, but I would prefer him without it.
It makes me question whether he can actually sing or not.
Show some real talent, which I’m sure you have, and sing for realz, yo.
Seriously, it’s really clouding my judgement of this artist.
Let’s see if I can ignore it completely and write about it…
His songs minus the auto-shit kind of remind me of O-Town if they were dedicated to singing their fans to sleep. And not the kind of sleep where you have liquid dreams (oh 90’s pop punk, so many deeper meanings than I ever realized as a child).
He’s got some nice slow beatz, and I could picture this blowing up on the radio, unfortunately more-so these days AVEC auto-poop.
Judgement still clouded.
Lose the tune and we’ll talk!

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