The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

Well, it's not emo.... really. I mean, at one point in this new album they sing something along the lines of 'you could break my ARM' when I totally expected them to say 'heart". Clearly they've progressed!
Hehe, I kid. 'ish.
I have to admit, I always really enjoyed The Get Up Kids, but I was never huuuuge into them or anything. I listened to The New Amsterdam's more frequently but still neither were a constant on my playlist.
I don't know if it's just me but I wouldn't have even recognized There Are Rules to be them if I hadn't been told already.. All but the vocals are basically unrecognizable to me (and maybe the drums) but again I'm kind of an un-fanatic-fan.
This new stuff is this spacey dance pop/rock mixture.
Colour me confused.
I guess it takes a few songs to get used to, but about half way through "Keith Case" I started to get really into it all. Unfortunately I was listening to it on random so I'm not sure at which point this was throughout the album or what songs I had heard previous... oops. As usual I was busy trying to multitask aka drink and listen at the same time.
What I really like about it is that it has a lot of really good beats underneath all the weird Dance Cave (Toronto reference, sorry) additions they've made to their sound.
"Regent's Court" started to really pull me into this new vibe they're pushin' and, although sounding all too familiar, it got me dancing quite a little bit. So, congrats to that song! Unless dancing isn't what they were going for with it, in which case avoidance-of-dance-FAIL!
"Rememorable" takes the cake (OH OH OH fyi No Frills is currently having a $1 sale and practically every cake is uno bucko!) and is definitely my favourite track.
Honestly, at first I wasn't too sure about this album but it has really cemented a spot on my 'likey' list, skepticism free! It's no wonder really why they are such an influence to so many goddamn bands out there right now in the punk world and I'm sure well beyond that.
I'd just like to end this by calling out a brilliant song ending in "The Widow Paris", which just HAS to be noted.
Fuck yes. Get up, Kids.

(yup, I went there. Sarah FAIL)

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