Hold Tight and JERK IT + !

A friend of mine - Corry, who has always been viewed as omniscient when it comes to punk/pop punk bands - demanded I show a band called Hold Tight! some love on here the other day.. and when it comes from Corry you have to listen.
So I listened.
Surprise surprise, they're awesome.
I have been lacking some punk rock focus in the last few months since the crash of my computer and the loss of all my punk prettys, so within seconds of hearing the insistant drums and low grubby bass of the first song I already had a chubby the size of Kentucky.
Solid fast pop punk that reminds me of a younger, more vocally-united version of Lifetime.
If such a description tickles your earbuds you should head over to their BANDCAMP where you can pay-what-you-want for their album.
Enjoy fuckers!

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