The Johnstones - Through The Eyes of A Drunk

It's probably a very good thing that it was The Johnstones, a band who I've seen too many times to count in the last 10 years, who played the other night at Call the Office in London because frankly I can't remember 90% of it. According to Julian and pretty much everybody else: I was "absolutely smashed". OOPS!
At least this way I already know exactly what they are like on stage and can connect the dots of their performance left in my head and the notes and pictures I actually managed to take in my wasted state.
If 'notes' can be used to describe the following point forms I scribbled down during the show:
- Rene's hair looks gorgeous
- Ryan calling out sluts
- crowd super into it
- Ryan up front most of the show, Murph representing on drums *no shit Sarah, just like the last bunch of times you saw them*
Not much help after all.
At least I managed to take super blurry drunk pictures of their stomachs...

(click for the rest of the crappy album)

Again, not so much help.
What I do remember from the night though is that they put on another energy-filled, boner-encouraging show. Although I don't recall seeing any of their normal stage gimmicks - small stage, fair enough, also quite possibly just don't know it happened in my state - it was just as entertaining to watch.
As much as I hate talking up bands who I am real life friends with I can't help legitimately liking their music and seeing them live. Ten years is a long time to be going to see a band regularly, and I can honestly say that I have never gotten sick of their show, nor have I ever disliked a song. I'd also have no problem telling them if I hated them or anything about the show.
Lucky for them I have no negative comments! Maybe I was too wasted... Or maybe they are just that awesome. I'll be the judge of that and I'll say it's the latter.
They brought people on stage to play keyboard etc and looked like they made these kids' lives. Almost everybody around me was either singing or dancing along. Their banter was hilarious as always and I remember being disappointed when they finished.
Watching them perform is the equivalent to the auto-tuneless time of your life. And you owe it all to The Johnstones. Pay up bitches and buy their albums.

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