My Memory Serves Me Well.... NOT!

Of course I remember I'm supposed to review The Matinee the day that I take them down as Band of the Week.
So despite how hungover and exhausted I am, I'll do it now.
Forgive the inevitable shortness!
The band's 6 song apparently self-titled album is not something I mind having to listen to right now, no matter what state my head is in.
I love it, actually.
It's improving my mood with it's country meets almost surf rock guitar, the upbeat sing-a-longs and just the all-around amazing-ness of each and every song.
I guess if they weren't this awesome they wouldn't have deserved Band of the Week status, am I right or am I right? I'm right.
Still, I hadn't heard every one of the songs off this EP yet, and I can't be happier that this band was brought to my attention.
You need to check them out here.
The singer has a great and powerful, not to mention sexy voice, and it suits the background vocals and the style of music brilliantly.
Be it slow or upbeat each song about it that absolutely grabs the bottom of my stomach and twists, in a really really good feeling way.
Not an album to be overlooked, or taken out of rotation on your Ipod, like, ever.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.