My Thoughts as I listen to ONLY SON - SEARCHLIGHT

I'm sick, so give me a break... my head doesn't want to think in full sentences so this review is going to be my thoughts exactly as they cross through my brain. ENJOY!

Unconventional when you're expecting the obvious before returning to a somewhat average dazed indie sound - on the surface, it's a different story when you pay attention.

Makes me think of floating and clouds and cotton candy and the movie Little Nemo (NOT Finding Nemo) in the happy parts when they're flying through the sky.. and then dipping lower over a big blue ocean and using the cloud as a lazy boy churr. (that didn't happen in the movie, that's happening in my brain).

Tambourine? ( "Searchlight" ) title track reminds me of something The Beatles would do in their hoo-haw days (no clue what that means) and i likes it. I mean, i'd totally 'like' it on facebook.

"It's a boy" i've heard before and already loved, despite the subject.. i dislike babies. they creep me out.

Needless to say regina spektor kicks ass so i knew i'd like this album if she was on it.

Quietly epic


I'm Sarah. I want to go back to bed.