Why don't we turn it up, and the radio can sing us home...

This is one dude can do no wrong in my ears.
He is one of my favourite men alive when it comes to music these days, and he's just stepped out of his Loved One's comfort zone to release a solo album called Resolutions. It's quite similar to his full band stuff, I mean you can tell he is who he is by listening, but it's a little bit lighter with piano threaded throughout... not to mention done with an acoustic guitar and slightly folkier perhaps?
Despite these slight differences he continues to rule my heart through his vocals and lyrics in particular, which is what super-glues me to every Loved One's song I hear.
His voice makes every line sound heartfelt, like he's experiencing each emotion every time he belts out the words, and the lyrics are enough to make me extremely jealous of his writing talent... each slew of words is above and beyond anything I could ever come up with and that both pisses me off and forces me to bow down before him, praising him from my knees.
Resolutions feels as if he's using my heart to strum his acoustic and singing into the pit of my stomach instead of a mic.
With each song I feel like I've died in the arms of his music and completely at peace with my life's end.
Front to back it's a throbbing hard on worthy of the hottest women alive, be it Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Alba, etc... it's even worthy of an orgy with every last one of them.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Chixdiggit! ... YEAH WE DO!

It's been like 6 long years since Chixdiggit! released Pink Razors, so first of all IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME.
That said, after 13 years of kicking major pop-punk-sprinkled-with-surf derriere they're STILL obsess-worthy good, and just hearing their latest album Safeways Here We Come has propelled me into a nonstop Chixdiggit kind of day.
The vocals are as sexy as ever, with typically great backups when needed, and the steady beat of the drum met with the signature grumbling bass in each song makes me smile from my ears right down to my heart. Or vag, but what's the difference. And I can't forget the guitar when it comes a-solo'ing onto the scene just as badass as ever.
They aren't lacking in hilarity either singing songs about having a dog and losing your friends because of it; being hot and horny in Calgary; hating basketball ETC.
My only beef is the short 7 tracks... GIVE US MORE DAMMIT.
They better tour through Canada with this one at least, I mean, considering they're from here they really like to toture us by never coming around.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Dustin Edge - Calm

The title of the EP pretty much explains it all, what more can I do but thesaurus the shit out of Calm for more ways to describe this album!?
Main Entry: calm
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: peaceful, quiet (inanimate)
Synonyms: at a standstill, at peace, bland, breathless, breezeless, bucolic, cool, halcyon, harmonious, hushed, in order, inactive, low-key, mild, motionless, pacific, pastoral, placid, quiescent, reposeful, reposing, restful, rural, serene, slow, smooth, soothing, still, stormless, tranquil, undisturbed, unruffled, waveless, windless
Just kidding!
I listened to some of Dustin Edge's older stuff before throwing on Calm and I can tell already that this latest EP is for sure my favourite.
His voice has really developed through his discography and I feel it's at its highest point thus far with this release.
I probably shouldn't be listening to it at work because it's making me feel sleepy and I was already sleepy to begin with. Luckily it's not a boring sleepy, it's a soothing, thumb in my mouth, snuggly kind of sleepy full of enjoyment.
The album is slightly folky but more mellow pop rock, something that would fit right in on an easy listening station as well as a top 40 one.
The 3rd track is a cute instrumental followed by a short folkier song next that is as far as Dustin gets from the 'calm' description in this album. Me likey a lot-y.
I feel pretty fulfilled after listening to it. I give it a thumbs way up... and possibly in my mouth, but definitely NOT in my butt.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Delinquint's VIDEO RELEASE SHOW at Lee's Palace!

Okay, so it's a long weekend and this is my last piece of work I have to get done before I am FREE of everything for the next few days.... that said I'm totally going to slack on this, so I apologize, but I'm in a horrible mood and just want to get out of my house to start drinking like, now.

Last night was The Delinquint's video release party at Lee's Palace in Toronto, and it was pretty fucking epic from what I remember.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't drink tequila when you want to recall your night the next day.

Luckily I took notes. And here they are...

-I like the video, it's simple and Brit like and entertaining
-Loved their performance after the video...the bassist especially!!!
-Kick ass live band
-Crowd SUPER into it
-Can't hear lead guitar which sets apart fair observation
-Songs like drink drank punk meets misfits!!!!! Love both. Just not super original.
-A girl with real nice tits hit the stage holllaaaa
-Song with tortilla flats dude the best ever, loved it, but don't get the whole he's awesome cause he works on queen street thing in his t.flats shirt on stage
-Misfits meets anti-flag meets pennywise
-Johnny cash cover... love love love

wow I'm pretty bad at this eh.

Here's the video:


Sarah OUT.


I’m a pretty happy person.
Most of the time…
This trait is often reflected in the music that I tend to like… all happy, upbeat, or at least so hard it makes me happy (heh heh heh that’s what she said).
That said, it’s no surprise that I don’t really ‘do’ the whole doom rock/noise scene.
Frankly I just don’t get it.
This band Godstopper from Toronto asked me to review their Empty Crawlspace EP which falls under said doom rock industrial metal noise whatever music.
If you can call that music.
I’d rather call it a headache.

I’m trying really hard to like it, or at least understand it, but the entire time listening I just keep thinking to myself ‘what is the fucking point of this’.
They aren’t really showcasing any evidence of talent through their instruments.
The vocals are just creepy.
And I just don’t see what the fuss is about/why people listen, or better yet why people want to make this crap… Err… noise.
How do bands like this happen? ‘Hey bud, I have a lot of angst I need to get out, you want to pick up some instruments and just mash the same low notes together over and over while I sing/cry/growl my turmoil little heart out off key and out of tune?’
Who says yes to that!!!!!?
I always picture the people in these bands to be the self-loathing, Hot Topic-loving, black-spikes-wearing lame-o’s who don’t get enough sun and would rather cry to their internet forums instead of get out of the house and smile with friends once in a while.
Sorry guys, I just can’t dig it.
But if that shoe fits you, listen to Godstopper HERE.

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!


Hahaha so punk rock.
Seriously it's fucking wicked. Check it out.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The High Kings of Irish Awesomeness!

I can't for the life of me find out who sent me this album to review it.
It's this Irish ballad group called The High Kings and their album Memory Lane.
Being part Irish, I think it's awesome.
I'm sure I would even if I wasn't partly Irish.
I'm no racist.
The song that really caught my attention was "On The One Road", talk about FUN!
I don't even much mind the slower ballads, they're pretty and different from what I would usually hear, therefore refreshing.
Their voices are astounding, and I feel like getting to know the songs - each and every word - and throwing an Irish party simply because I have the music for it now and I'll be able to sing along and party Irish style. and no I don't care that nobody else will because I'll be WASTED!
... ^^ that scene would be really funny during the many slow jams.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Catching up on the songs of the days I've missed.. all in one song.

I knew I would fuck up and stop doing those eventually.
oh well
What can ya do!

I can make it up to you by posting this song, which is my newest obsession. The vocals have me mesmerized, and there is harmonica.



I'm Sarah. I pay my dues.



buddy black is the new tequila gold which i am forcing myself to drink right now... but i'm not forcing myself to listen to the album, that's not why he's the new... whatever. what i mean to say is he gives me the same kind of feeling i get when i'm drunk on tg (i'm really lazy right now just warning you). a kind of edgy, subtly abrasive, slurring kind of self reflective drunk. one you get whilst drinking alone. i kind of love it.
totally aware that all i'm doing here is taking what i'm doing at the moment and saying that's what it makes me feel like... DUH.... but it does kind of work i think.
i'll make it work.
with pictures!

now look at the sexy lady and forget about what just happened.
his voice, although sometimes questionable, has this fascinating sound to it that varies throughout each verse. it makes me want to kick and scream and sob all at the same time. and the music itself makes me want to dance, "HALLELUJAH MOTHERFUCKER!" like this frantically sped up country do-si-do crap that i had to learn in like grade 3-6 because i grew up in grafton.
i'm not going to lie, i did not expect it to be THIS good.
it really toys with your emotions, by the end pretty much ripping your heart out with "you can let me down" which has my heart by the balls right now.
on a scale of flaccid to boner buddy black will happily gargle your ballz. winner!
(for those who don't get it, that's a damn compliment.)

I'm Sarah. dlkafsdfasdg

Song of the Day: Thursday February 10th, 2011

So my emo lyric loving ways haven't left me since yesterday's S of the D, and today comes from the same grain of salt. That doesn't make sense...

This is a song about songs.
It's spectacular.
I love it.

Love it, or I'll kill you.

Old Man Markley - "Song Songs"

I'm Sarah. I won't really kill you, I'm not a murderererer.


I'm probably pretty far behind picking up on this band since it was on Rock Band and the video I'm watching right now is from 2009, but that's fine.

I'm not sure yet if I love them, or if I'll forget about them by the weekend, but playing the track "Time We Had" on drums was a crap load of fun last night and I just had to hear more from the band.
Who are The Mother Hips by the way.

Maybe it was the 40 of beer.
Maybe it was the high of rocking on easy and kicking ass.
Maybe it was because I wasn't playing the GEEturr for once (it was broken, otherwise I never would have strayed) and I discovered that I'm more talented than I thought.

Whatever it was, the band/song stuck with me all through the night and until 10am today when I decided to listen to them again.

And found this:

Fuck yes.

Rock me Amadeus.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Wednesday February 9th 2011

My oh my.
I love lyrics.

The Head and the Heart caught my ear with this one line specifically.
I thought it was so pretty and perfect.
"I'm not walking away, I'm just hearing what you say and for the first time it sounds like hallelujah!"

Okay enough of me being emo.

The Head and the Heart - "Sounds Like Hallelujah"

I'm Sarah. I'm emo today.

Song of the Day: Tuesday February 8th, 2011

Todays S of the D comes from a band who just rocked my world recently at Sneaky Dees... Hostage Calm. I have been cursed with the worst possible memory and can't remember if they played "War on a Feeling" or not when I saw them, but I hope they did. And I'm sure I enjoyed it.
Motown, don’t it hurt to know
Your best days are behind you?
But that midnight oil still burns.
Great lyrics!
I totally wage war on feelings all the time. Usually I win, lately not so much.

Hostage Calm - "War on a Feeling"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

How Dare You, another new punk rock band for the books!

They're called How Dare You.
They basically just sound like every punk band I talk about loving these days, with the slightest grizzly touch and an unmistakable Millencolin vibe in most songs, I'm not sure if it's just the vocals putting that out there or not.

If my ear was a penis it would be a happy lil more-than-half chub for this band.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

TRANSIT motherfucker!

It seems for every review I get done I get about 3 new requests.
I mean I love it, but I drink waaay too much to keep up.
Luckily, like Bowie, 'I know when to go out... I know when to stay in, get things done.' and tonight is one of those nights to stay in.
Also, it's really cold out and I have no liquor.
I should be reviewing something I'm under a little more pressure to get done but I have been itching to listen to this Transit album I was sent not long ago, so fuck it.
Plus Keep This To Yourself is kind of the perfect album to pig out to with my food court pad thai and my chocolate milk... all alone... in bed.
[The people who served my food are starting to recognize me. I think I need to learn how to cook.]
Regardless, I'm enjoying the shit out of this night right here.
With this album right hurrr.
I'm lame for Transit, big whoop.
They're my kind of emo, which is not so emo, but still kind of emo.
With the vocal play it is kind of reminding me of a nowadays Taking Back Sunday, but without being so much of a pussy about it and not quite sLITT-your-wrists-worthy.
And I absolutely love the collective vocals on the album.
It's like totally hot.
WAIT, hold up, I think they're singing to me, literally.. what's that you're singing? Did I get lost?
Why yes, yes I did... IN YOUR SEX APPEAL!
Or whatever.
I think the thai spices are making me high.
Or the weed.
... one of the two for sure.
But their music is pretty hot.
I want to rock out to it. Bob my head up and down N shit.


This is the worst review ever. This music is making me giddy hyper for some reason. And happy, even though it's all emo-like. I'm not even making fun of it in that statement, seriously, I love it I just can't help myself right now... and apparently don't know how to use the 'delete' button.
I think it's resorting me back to my high school mind frame, and I'm gaining high school energy points because of it.
I want to know all the words so I can sing along in the shower, or something more frequent.

Enough with this dribble.
On a scale of flaccid to boner your dick just split right through your boxers. And then you cried about it. But not THAT hard.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

I LOVE Fat Wreck!

I just got 3 albums in the mail, and all are put out by Fat.
Cobra Skulls - Bringing the War Home EP
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Go Down Under EP
Old Man Marlkey - Guts n Teeth

Best. Day. Ever.

Cobra skull's EP is bangin'. I've already listened to it 3 times over and the party is only getting better. Upbeat, legit pop punk with a hint of rockabilly and a splash of surf = the perfect COCKtail for any punk rock lover.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes read my mind with "Never Tear Us Apart" and "All Out Of Love" which have been coming up a lot in my life lately, and as usual I love the way they punk-up the songs. I just kind of wish they did "Never Tear Us Apart" a liiiiiittle bit darker and more impactful like the original. The guitars were fantastic though. It gets a little boring near the end and they could have used a bit more background vocals but that's just me...
They totally made up for it with "All Out Of Love" which gave me shivers, and the rest of the songs ruled too in true Me First fashion.

Old Man Markley came as a huge surprise after the last two punk albums, and the only thing that I could write down in my notes when I heard the first song was "holy shit holy shit holy shit" ... and that goes on for a while let me tell you.
I've been on a huge bluegrass kick for a while now and so everything about this music really pleases me, every instrument and every note plucked, but what really gets to me are the vocals... those sexy, heart stopping pretty punk vocals over this magnificent fusion of the two only genres that really matter in my life. It's transforming me back to my days of obsession with the Mad Caddies before bluegrass replaced ska as my love interest. I haven't felt this way about a band in a very long time, and I now feel as if I've found the missing puzzle piece to my heart. At the risk of sounding cliche... this band completes me.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want

Song of the Day: Monday February 7th, 2011


Sly & The Family Stone - "Dance to the Music"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Andrew Bagg aka DJ COBRA

Now I'm not usually the biggest fan of mixtapes and dancing and such but DJ Cobra caught my attention with his latest release Illionaire. From track 1 to 45 this album is packed with all the songs you want to hear when you're my age and pre-drinking for a night on the town with a few friends. It's actually one that I'd want to continue hearing throughout the night if I were the type of person to enter a club.
With his hilarious intro followed by a superb mix of great song choices including mostly rap with hidden gems of 90's awesome throughout he definitely gives Girl Talk a run for his money and had all my radio loving friends shitting their pants over it as soon as I hit play.
Front to back this mixtape of greatness scores a-straight-man's-dick-at-the-site-of-Katy-Perry-naked on the Bonometer.

I'm Sarah. and I think Katy Perry is SO hot.

After The Fall.... Not nearly as EMO as the name sounds!

Let's hope it's based off of the comic book so it's slightly less lame.. although said comic's title is prefaced with 'Angel' and is totally related to the Buffy the Vampire series, so, I'm not sure what that does for them.
Judging solely on the name After The Fall and the long scream'y intro to the first song I hated it.
Immediately I pegged them as one of those Escape the Fate or Pierce the Veil types, super emo with their 3 word name's, ____ the ______, pumping pseudo-hardcore over weeping lyrics.
As soon as the real vocals hit though my jaw was on the floor and I started to question my abilities or whatever. In the beginning it sounds like the singer took notes from Good Riddance and the song "Always" for his style of singing, and who doesn't like Good Riddance. Later on they start to take on a strong similarity to NOFX with both sound and lyrics.
And who doesn't like NOFX.
Talk about misleading.
The music itself is frantic and ADD-appeasing for me.. a little more persistent to just be punk, but with songs like "Eradication" floating around it's hard to decipher the line between hardcore and fast paced wicked punk rock.
I dig it.
I dig it like I'd dig my toes in the sand on a beach in Hawaii right now if I could...
On my patented scale of flaccid to boner I give them the dude from Growing Pains.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: THE WEEKEND!

All Strike Anywhere. All weekend.

I ALMOST forgot about how much I can’t live without Strike Anywhere when my computer crashed and I was too lazy to re-add their older albums onto it afterwards. Luckily I had their 2009 album purchased on Itunes so it automatically added it, and last night I literally sat in bed long into the wee hours of the morning just listening the throbbing hard on that is Iron Front.
I mean, I couldn’t even give it a score on the bonometer because they are on a whole other level. If my boner could get a boner, that would be where Strike Anywhere measure up.

Strike Anywhere - Spectacular

Strike Anywhere - The Crossing

Strike Anywhere - Omega Footprint

I'm Sarah. I love Strike Anywhere.


And tits are fucking awesome.
Just not nearly as awesome as this Bronx-style punk band from Montreal!
DIG IT UP are like my favourite new awesome thing.
Above tits, above ass, above avocados and above the fudge sundae pop tarts I had for breakfast this morning.


I'm Sarah. I'm awesome.

Tiny Tide TImes Two!!

So I'm kind of obsessed with this new Tiny Tide project - Febrero.
It's quite addicting.
There's a ton of harmonica... and I'm just that easy.
Like the first album I reviewed this one is filled with some super random shite, sounding pretty much like every band of the late 60's early 70's rolled together yet somehow managing to sound completely smooth together, not ill fitting like the gloves your grandma used to knit you.
It's kind of like you're getting TIme Warped, but not with the cast of Rocky Horror, but instead with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

It's pretty kooky!
I swear in the title track "Febrero" you can hear a phone dialing in the background... and I'm assuming they're calling Ghostbusters because this shit is haunted by the past. When the piano comes in it adds a more contemporary feel to it as if they're auditioning for the Donnie Darko soundtrack with Echo & The Bunnymen.
As an added bonus each of their track titles are hilarious, "Kitty Jesus" being my favourite in both song and name, followed by "Ginger Genie", "A Song For EMI" and "BeachVolley Fields Forever".
I tried to find a good version of "Kitty Jesus" online to link to you because that song fucking kicks major A S S, but I failed so I'll just give you this instead:

***EDIT: They were nice enough to send me a link to this song, FUCK YEAH, so here you go!***
Kitty Jesus by tinytide
Each song is so intricate that I keep getting completely lost in them, but my attention never wavers from the music in the slightest.
I have a feeling this Febrero as a hole will be on for the rest of the night as I crack my next bottle of wine and get back to the real task at hand: getting whore drunk because it feels like Friday and I keep thinking I can sleep in tomorrow but it's really only Thursday so I actually have to work but I'm still getting hammered because it feels like Friday. Quite the task eh bud.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Thursday February 3rd, 2011

This S of the D is dedicated to all my friends who are huge Beavis & Butthead fans and the fact that they will be officially making a comeback.

According to an early episode these guys have no future... hahahaha

Ween - "Push th' Little Daisies"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Next Time I'll Choose The Beach Instead of You! HAHA!

I'm really happy I had time this morning to go back through the email overload that is my life and catch up on the music sent to me and forgotten about over the busy weekend.
One of the bands I've so far neglected is The Carmines, and FUCKED if I will ever be able to neglect them again after hearing the beauty that is their sound. They are RIGHT up my anus with surf-style-legit-pop-punk in the form of Teenage Bottlerocket worthy ooh's and aah's and the awesome simplicity of it all.
Hell YES.
I don't normally pass along a lot of the punk bands I hear and love to my friends because they are pop punk snobs, but this one I know they’ll appreciate so I’m spreading it around like peanut butter on a sausage McMuffin. (Seriously, it's SO good. I get peanut butter on practically any meat/egg-driven breakfast sandwich.)
On a scale of flaccid to boner I just pitched a tent big enough to fit my entire family plus 1.


For more information:

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

NOT A Song Of The Day Post!

Looks as if this page has been taken over by S of the D entries instead of actual reviews.
Holy Slacker Sarahman.
I'm super anal for the way things look appearance-wise on here, AND I finally have good headphones back at work that aren't ear buds so I can appreciate my music again instead of it frustrating me.
That said I am just going to yammer on about whatever I'm listening to today.
I started off my day with some Foals action since I noticed that they are coming to Toronto soon (YES) and moved on to check out their support act Freelance Whales.
And by golly I love them.
An air-i-er (?) kind of Postal Service style pop with great beats and cute vocals and just all around heartwarming progressions.
I can't stop listening to them now.
Hallelujah for good headphones.
On a scale of flaccid to boner I'd give them full blown morning wood.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Wednesday February 2nd, 2011

Holy FUCK it's already Wednesday!
I am in SUCH a good mood today because the city is plastered in snow.

I'm listening to The Beatnuts on repeat to keep me pumped up while I sit inside out of view of the winter wonderland.


The Beatnuts - "Watch Out Now"

I'm Sarah. I love snow.

A Grizzly Night At Sneaky Dee's.

I've got to make this quick because I'm dying my hurr. I've got exactly 25 minutes.
Last night I went to Sneaks for a drum driven grizzly punk show to see Junior Battles, Hostage Calm, O Pioneers!!! and !Attention!.
Wow, so many !'s it would almost make me sick if the bands weren't so... sick. (tick tock tick tock)
I'm not the biggest !Attention! fan but I appreciated the grizzly vocals and the drummer was wicked. The rest of it kind of bores me though, except for the last song they played where they killed it leaving a pleasant sound in my ears and effectively causing me to skip over one negative opinion statement I have from last nights notes.
Next up Hostage Calm, who I have been DYING to see since their album was streaming over at punknews. They lacked some grizz to the vox but they made up for it by their love of gay marriage and their 'way too loud' stage volume.
They fucking made my night. Aside from the sound issues and crap. I need to see them again like I need to scratch my head right now because FUCK does the dye ever make you itch.
Next was O Pioneers!!! who shocked me with the fact that they have 2 drummers who were impressively tight and impossible not to focus on.
By the end of their set I was about 50X the fan I was just based on their recordings (although for some reason I feel I have seen them before but was way too wasted to remember...)
Grizzly at it's finest. I couldn't BEAR to see them leave the stage.
(God Awful)
I was happy when Junior Battles finally came on though, I missed them last time in Toronto and have been yearning ever since that first night at Sneaks long ago where my love affair first began.
There was no foreplay when they hit the stage, jumping right into "Hotel Bibles" but morphing it into "Africa" by Toto at the end ergo making me mess in my pants with one thrust of a song into their set.
How Embarrassing.
From then on I was drawn into this drunk-and-in-awe-but-still-singing-along-because-I-know-all-the-words frenzy, just gazing from one person to the next and thinking about how they are one of my favourite local punk bands, like, ever, in every aspect. And this was all BEFORE the Simpsons reference. Meeow!
Despite the early climax they managed to top it off with another load of awesome and a new song that kicked more ass than I ever needed it to kick to love it.

Oh, time's up. Peace.

That's my spit outside Sneaks. I thought it looked cool. I spit a lot... Click for more pictures.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Song of the Day: Monday January 31st/Tuesday February 1st, 2011

Looks like I was suffering from a bad case of the 'forgots' when it came to yesterday's (and kind of today's) S of the D.

Guess I'll have to double down it today.

My roommate played this song for us last night saying it was the laziest singer ever, and he's right. And I love it. And how could I not considering it's Old Crow Medicine Show. It may be slurred, but it's so addicting that you just can't help but slur along with it. Drink up!

Old Crow Medicine Show - "CC Rider"

ANNNNND we also watched Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Time Warped last night as well, and so I decided that today's S of the D will be a bit different... Check it out.

Trey Parker - "Yepper"

Hahahahahahaha. So awesome.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.